Sunday, August 23, 2020

Who (Or What??) Hijacked my Saturday!

You all know how this goes -

You’ve been there!

Saturday was pre-destined to be my CLEAN THE STUDIO day.

I can see you – you are nodding your head, knowing just how this went, right?

Well – it started out simple enough.  Music on, turned out loud – my whole Pandora channel list placed on shuffle for some good variety.

My second cup of something steamy at my side to ease me into the job -

Cleaning up the strips on the cutting table, dealing with short ends of things and then WAMMO!

It’s as if some unknown force just took over my brain and before I knew it I was…..well!!

Deep into the spicy colors of autumn!

It all starts simply enough with just orange bin:

“Go on, you know you wanna – get sewing!”

And before I knew it I had grabbed some golds, some rusts, some deep reds and browns to add to the mix and I just couldn’t stop myself.

The cleaning didn’t happen. 

I threw myself into dinner with eagerness to get back to my project.

Roasted asparagus.  Steamed potatoes with parsley.  BBQ chicken thighs on the grill.

Oh, I wish you could smell this!  YUMMY!

And all through the food prep and eating time I had those autumnal strings on my brain.

Zoey thinks *I* am goofy!

Well, it takes one to know one.

Downward Dog with a twist, all while squawking her squeaky chicken. Who is calling who goofy?

Ivy is settling in as if she’s always been here.

She took to meowing last evening at the bottom of the basement stairs.  She so far has not come UP the stairs to the door – but when she wants attention and company she is learning to exercise her tiny voice.

Do I dare attempt that studio cleaning thing again?  Or do I just give it up and spend more time in the autumn string bucket now that I’ve got a good mix in there?

However you spend your Sunday, I hope you have time to flip to yesterday’s post and enter the August 2020 Quilty Box Gift-Away! This box was curated by Giucy Giuce and the fabric is fabulous.  We’ll be drawing for that on Thursday morning.

Also in yesterday’s post – All of the needed links for the FREE free motion quilting MASTER CLASS with HollyAnne Knight.

Before you invest your money and time, join HollyAnne for the Free Master Class, “Your Free Motion Quilting Secret Sauce!” live on Facebook. She will guide you through all you need to know about the Free Motion Quilting Academy so you can get a taste of the larger class and of your future Quilting Rockstar success!

The Free Master Class runs tomorrow, so you’ll need to get your registration in today.

And here is the other special deal -

FMQA Early Bird Tuition is $175 USD from Friday, August 21-Sunday August 23.  That’s RIGHT NOW!

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Deb Brown and her gorgeous Transformation quilt!

“One of the biggest challenges I've had in sewing is free motion quilting. I would see people move their quilts under the needle with such ease and precision, and knew I wanted to feel that same sense of accomplishment, but it never happened...Until Free Motion Quilting Academy.

HollyAnne's presentation added a sensibility I could relate to. The formatting of the class was easy and she was always there with a healthy dose of, "You can do this Rockstar!" 

I loved having access to the lessons anytime, and I have learned to love doodling :).

I was even able to complete a few small projects before graduating because my practice motifs gave me the confidence to try. and the proof that I could do it!! 

Thank you HollyAnne. Because of FMQA I know I will continue this quilting journey and am equipped to finish the quilts that I start!”

New Student orientation happens August 31st.  The course extends for 12 weeks, running from August 31st to December 5th. And you have access to the instructional videos for LIFE! You have access forever, to watch and re-watch as often as you want or need.

Take advantage of the many LIVE sessions for Q&A inside the course Facebook group during the 12 weeks of the course - receiving help in overcoming any hurdles you may encounter along the way.

As I said – hit up Yesterday’s Post for more info. I don’t want to spend time and space reposting it all here – those string blocks are calling me!

If you are still on the fence – get in to the FREE master class to decide if Free Motion Quilting Academy is right for you.  And then follow through.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Once, while passing through Fancy Gap, VA I read this sign in regards to fishing.

I believe it applies to quilting, too! Yes, yes – I am lucky enough and I know it!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


  1. Happy Sunday to all. Remember to breathe deeply and rest.

  2. Fall is my favorite season. You have some "crazy" orange scraps. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  3. I can sew relate to your cleaning dilemma! But as long as there is fabric involved I can be happy. It is my addiction for sure.

  4. Love Leverings Orchard just outside Fancy Gap, VA.This is apple season with lots of apple varieties. Late springtime/early summer is cherry picking season and there are other varieties of fruit during summer.When we first moved to WS,NC in 1979, we spent our first summer visiting this orchard to pick cherries.We were always grateful that they didn't weigh us on the way into the cherry trees because a person could try out the flavor of the cherries before picking from that tree.At home that 1st night, my husband ate most of an entire pail full and we all decided that he had to go with us next time.We went there 5 times for cherry picking that first week!Thank goodness we have an old fashioned cherry pitter.
    Hope your day continues to be filled with joy and happinessand lots of sewing!

  5. just to say ‘Thank you’ for 2019 Mystery Quilt. Just put the final stitches in this afternoon ( Sunday). It is 1/4 size (half size pieces) so there were quite a few small pieces to deal with. Need to find a project for the 1/2 square triangles I didn’t use.

  6. Beautiful Sunday here in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. I brought my sewing machine out on the deck. I'm putting Arkansas Crossroads blocks together.

  7. Watching the Greates Spectacule in Racing from Indianapolis and doing some cleaning. It is Race Day!

  8. Yesterday I got the backing done for the gift of a king size log cabin I finished for my granddaughters pitching coach. Off to the Long Armer this week.
    Then I got binding sewn on 3 finished quilts, 1 charity, 1 Halloween and 1 fall Spice Garden quilt. Ready now to do some sewing while hubby and I watch TV. Feels so good to have a few things done.

  9. So pretty, I know exactly what you mean I really must start decorating my sewing room but that means no sewing for a few days and that is hell!
    But I do need to sort out this mess in time for the new mystery
    Love how Ivy is all sorted and happy she is such a little cutie pie, I’m so pleased you found each other .
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  10. Oh! You wouldn't think that that spicy, mostly-orange palette would look so good with cool gray, but it's gorgeous! Pinky, tangerine/coral, summery oranges definitely do, but it might never have occurred to me to try the pumpkin-y, fiery, bittersweet autumn oranges with gray. What a neat idea! I look forward to seeing where you go with this project.

    Zoey, you are a character.

  11. I love that you are creating! The cleaning will always be there but the mojo comes and goes.Happy Sunday, and hugs to ZJ and Ivy and Lola.

  12. Oh Honey, I know how that goes! SQUIRREL!

  13. I had planned to put some binding on three small quilts needing to be finished. But I have had a migraine today, usually sewing helps me when I feel like this. But after about 30 minutes it was time to stop. I might try later tonight. But I love the orange colors, I need to do some. But that is one color I don't seem to have a lot of in my fabrics.

  14. cleaning is ALWAYS there. But sewing is sanity time. Life is short do what you enjoy most (as long as the basic life stuff gets done, food, hugs, etc).

  15. I signed up over the weekend for Holly Anne's FMQA. I know I need it & appreciate your recommendation. I love your blog. Thanks from Bedford VA

  16. If you're putting those strips into a quilt project, that should technically count as tidying up the studio.

  17. I vote sticking with the fall colored strips! Silly you for even thinking otherwise :)


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