Monday, August 24, 2020

Weekend in the Scrap Lane!

I am getting down to the count for these babies!

When I first started the appliqueing of English paper pieced hexie stars on top of fun and funky string blocks – I thought I must be NUTS.

“That’s going to be a really busy quilt!” said the brain.

“Just the way I like it!”  replied the heart.

And in my mind I could see just what it is I want to do with these – I mean, when you make up the rules yourself (All along the way, knowing they are ALWAYS subject to interpretation and change) you get to really listen to what YOU like, for whatever reason.

It doesn’t matter what the current “style” of the day is.  It doesn’t matter the genre “repro civl war” “mid century modern”  “art quilt”  Those are all just labels that mean NOTHING to the project you are making.

I appliqued two on Saturday night while we started in watching New Tricks on Hulu, a British comedy about a bunch of retired “old guy” cops who are invited to form a task force solving cold cases.  We are really enjoying it!  it ran for 12 seasons and there are over 100 episodes, so our binge is good for a while yet.

Last night I completed ANOTHER two – leaving me only 5 or 6 left in the queue to stitch in the evenings.

I’ll start the layout at that point, and determine if I need to make any more hexie stars to round out the number.

More of these also happened!

I am only one block short of the number needed for a project that will remain behind the scenes for a while yet. Pumpkin flavored everything – and they feel so cozy!

Japanese Steakhouse on the Blackstone flattop grill!

Filet mignon, broccoli and cauliflower, fried rice – and the shrimp are yet to be added in this photo – I just wish it came with “smell o vision”  Because it was SO SO SO good!

And just like that, Sunday slipped away into evening time, and then to bed.  Days and weeks and months are running together.

20 year old Emmy Lou -

Has no clue that Ivy is in the basement!

Ivy and Zoey – just hanging out.

And sometimes they are just like this -

So  maybe Ivy wasn’t meant to be a companion for Lola.  it was for Zoey all along, and I am watching this friendship blossom and smiling to myself at how the universe works itself out.

And if it can do that for Ivy and Zoey – I think we will be okay too.

The entries for the August Quilty Box are coming in hot and heavy!

Did you enter to win yet?  NO!?  Then head on over to THAT POST.  You’ve gotta be in it to win it!  Drawing to happen on Thursday – so hurry!

Also on THAT POST you will find the info to take advantage of EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION for HollyAnne Knight’s Free Motion Quilting Academy.

Debi P.

“I’m still amazed at the quilting I was confident in doing after such a short time. HollyAnne Knight’s video are easy to follow along and I found her soft spoken deliverance of the material relaxing. I believe this is what eased my nervousness allowing me to build my quilting FM skills and new motifs.”

And here is the special deal -

FMQA Early Bird Tuition is $175 USD from Friday, August 21-Sunday August 23.  That’s RIGHT NOW!FMQA Full Tuition is $197 USD from Monday, August 24-Saturday, August 29.
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Take advantage of the many LIVE sessions for Q&A inside the course Facebook group during the 12 weeks of the course - receiving help in overcoming any hurdles you may encounter along the way.

Let’s face it: You need a free motion quilting class that lasts longer than a few hours, shows you how to use your machine not just a fancy dealer machine, allows you to practice at your own pace and on your own time, and gives you an ongoing way to ask questions and get help when you get stuck.

Free Motion Quilting Academy isn’t “JUST” a class - it is a journey and an adventure to realizing that you are more creative and capable than you’ve allowed yourself to believe.

Yes, you’ll learn the nitty gritty of setting up your machine and adjusting your tension, how to baste a quilt, and how to stitch over two dozen free motion quilting motifs.
But even more than that, you’ll have a specific, guided, step by step outline for not only learning motifs but also going from a quilt top to a complete and beautiful quilt, including learning how to decide what to quilt where.

In the end: Your free motion quilting will be beautiful, but you’ll also enjoy the process of completing your quilts.

Learn more about Free Motion Quilting Academy on Saturday’s Post!

And with that – into Monday we go.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The days are running together, the weeks pass by, and humor keeps me moving forward

My creativity is fueled by scraps and I am on a mission to make a dent today!

PS.....I was just joking about the clown.


  1. I feel like I'm in a time warp - things moving SOOO slowly. And today I found a pattern for a quilt I want to make in a magazine from 1979! Back in the pre-rotary cutter days, instructions and diagrams in tiny, tiny print.

    1. Isn't it fun when what is old is new again. The great part of quilting is that the traditional patterns never go out of style!

  2. Emmy Lou is looking so good for a 20 year old cat. I remember the time she went missing for months and you found her quite by chance.

  3. You have inspired me! I have some EEP blocks I have been working on when we travel for several years now. I have a few more to make and then I have an idea for adding some string triangles to them. Stay tuned! Thanks Bonnie!

  4. Anonymous10:45 AM EDT

    So happy about Zoey and Ivy. Perfect buddies. Thank you for turning us on to HollyAnn Knight and FMQA. I'm signed up. $175 = one online order of the hubby's supplies, or as HollyAnn says, one quilt to the longarmer. I'm excited to do something that is more than a one day class. Thank you.

  5. Days meld together some weeks. I have now 3 quilts to bind and one to go off to the long arm quilter who is a friend. She is in lock down so we will make the transfer - not in person. School starts today and my 2 grandsons are being home schooled by their Mom. There is a small retreat in my future so I am looking for what to take to that. Smaller projects after finishing a King Size Log Cabin.

    1. FYI a delay on said King Size Log Cabin. Sadly just found out my long arm quilter friend has tested positive for COVID. So sorry to hear she is ill as well as her husband.

  6. That's a beautiful close up shot of Emmy! I too love watching the friendship bloom between Zoey and Ivy 🐕🐈 Have a beautiful day Bonnie!❤

  7. May sound crazy, but I'm not going back to my old normal. I have found a peace being at home more and don't miss running around with my hair on fire.

    1. Good for you! Too many of us forget to stop and smell the roses and then later wonder why we didn't.

  8. We loved New Tricks. My problem with British shows (which I love) is that I have to pay attention so can’t do handwork. I really need to WATCH the show!

  9. It's cool to see Ivy & Zoey as best buds! The blocks are looking great and I can't wait to see how you set them. On the show New Tricks....I loved the show!! We had originally watched it on PBS.

  10. Bonnie, your clown comment made me laugh! And thank you for the freedom to quilt the way that feels good to me. You and your quilting is, as always, a breath of fresh air.

  11. I LOVE the hexi/strings, I have been wanting to learn how to make hexis and these make my heart sing.

  12. I have also seen the New Tricks series on PBS and loved the characters. It is always fun to see them in guest spots on other programs... Was once surprised to see Martin Clunes in an early Inspector Morse, as a son of a lord of a manor...

  13. I love new tricks, the earlier ones were the best. Google the lead actress and read about the horrible accident she had when young. I really like her.

  14. I love clowns and mimes and feel badly for so many folks who don't - including my two adult sons who still fear them. Thanks for the quote!

  15. My daughter just got the same flat top yesterday. Any tips I can pass along to her?

  16. Fun quote, love clowns! The days seem long and the weeks fly.

  17. Loved NEW TRICKS. I am now watching on BritBox DALZIEL & PASCOE, it's really good. Love the quote, do not like any type of face coverings, clowns included.

  18. I loved "New Tricks." I watched it on PBS. Had surgery a couple of weeks ago. My soon added BritBox for me to help recuperation. Have been enjoying that. Just finished watching a series called "Mum." I loved that. Just started watching Ruth Rendell series. I love reading and watching British mysteries. Have also become addicted to the blocks in your current challenge. I know it's supposed to be leaders and enders, but I already have about 130 blocks made. It's just fun using up these scraps and discovering even a two inch by four inch scrap can be usable. I'm supposed to be working on baby quilts, but keep putting them off. I've been sitting there watching BritBox and piecing my scrap blocks - mindless, but relaxing. Much better than watching regular TV with bad news and tons of political junk.

  19. At this point I'd go into the woods with a clown! I'm not afraid of clowns! I'm not afraid of the woods either. Don't know how I'd feel about being in the woods with a clown at night! Nevermind ... I'll stay home and work on a new project with my "the Ghastlies" fabric. That should be exciting enough.

  20. Where can I find the episodes of the British comedy you Mentioned? I would love to watch some old curmudgeons solve cold cases. I can see in my mind how funny it would be to see them arguing and solving cases.

  21. Loving your diamond stars think this is going to be such a beautiful quilt, and a special one with all the Han work you’ve put in.
    ZoeyJo and Ivy are just beautiful and their friendship is lovely, they were meant to be together.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  22. Zoey and Ivy have figured out the secret to life- in August it is cooler on the floor!


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