Saturday, August 22, 2020

August 2020 Quilty Box Gift-Away!

Saturday just got a whole lot better and brighter!

My August Quilty Box arrived just a couple of days ago - featuring Giuseppe Ribaudo (AKA Giucy Giuce) who learned to sew from his grandmother at a young age.

In 2008 he began quilting and has never looked back. Not only a pattern designer and quilt instructor, he is also the multimedia manager at Andover Fabrics.

Giuseppe resides just outside of NYC in Queens and is an avid modern traditionalist quilter with a great passion for simple design in bright colors.

I have loved his previous collections for Quilty Box, and am really excited about the FQ bundle found in our August 2020 box!

What is a Quilty Box?

Here are some highlights to keep in mind:

  • Quilty Box is a monthly subscription box of fun quilting supplies. We offer plans from $44-48/mo.
  • 5% of the profits of multi-month subscriptions are donated to Quilts for Kids - a non-profit which donates quilts for children in need
  • Each month we have 4 or more products (fabric, patterns, thread, or notions)
  • Our retail value of the products in the box is always more than $60
  • We will be using the hashtags #QuiltyBox and #GetQuilty

Cool sea glass colors!

(though they come in red hot, too!)

A full artist’s palette!

Giuseppe’s quilt Seaglass from his Prism fabric line.

On the cover of the Bundles of Inspiration Magazine, full pattern contained within!

Other goodies in the box include:

Custom Seaglass template

Seam Gauge

Slice Precision cutter

(Anxious to try this one!)

Beautiful Wonderfil thread.

(Keep it away from Zoey or she will chew it up!)

I’ve also enjoyed learning more about Giuseppe and how his Giucy Giuce brand has grown over his past collections – with more to come!

Would you like a chance to win this Quilty Box?

We will draw for our winner on Thursday morning, August 27th!

And while I have your attention here -

Here is ANOTHER something I am REALLY excited about!

Free Motion Quilting Academy Early Bird Registration is NOW OPEN!

You are a Quilting Rockstar. YOU can finish your own quilts-- bee-yoo-tee-fully-- right at home on your domestic sewing machine.
  • Finishing your own quilts saves you money
  • Sending quilts out may allow you to skip the “complicated” steps of basting and quilting, but if you’re a quick piecer, those long-arming bills add up fast
  • Finishing your own quilts saves you time
  • No more waiting for your quilts to arrive home again. When you’re ready to wrap up a project to clear space in the sewing room, give an amazing gift, or get something fresh on your bed, you have the awesome sauce skills to get ‘er done
  • Finishing your own quilts gives you creative control
  • Ever had a vision for a quilt but felt like you had to settle for something else because of time, skill, money, or communication challenges? When you are the piecer and the quilter, you have amazing creative freedom to execute your dreams exactly as you dreamed them
  • Finishing your own quilts is fun

I love cutting up fabric and sewing it back together to see all that mix and match piecing magic, but doing the quilting too means even more time with those gorgeous fabrics PLUS getting to see the whole thing come to life as the FMQ adds texture and movement.

Excited to learn how to finish your own quilts? Fabulous! Because I’m excited to invite you to the Free Motion Quilting Academy with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story!

A few words from Denise G:
This was a fabulous experience! HollyAnne truly instills confidence in her students to try new motifs, building on previously learned skills. I could see my free motion quilting skills grow every week. I highly recommend it.
For the cost of sending a quilt to a long-armer, I now feel confident to quilt all my quilts myself. HollyAnne has an infectious energetic personality and has built a safe supportive community of quilters.The support of fellow cohort students is a big plus.

Why take this online course?

FMQ Academy isn’t so much a class as an adventurous journey of realizing that you are more creative and capable than you’ve allowed yourself to believe.

Yes, you’ll learn the nitty gritty of setting up your machine and adjusting your tension, how to baste a quilt, and how to stitch over two dozen free motion quilting motifs. But even more than that, you’ll have a specific, guided, step by step outline for not only learning motifs but also going from a quilt top to a complete and beautiful quilt, including learning how to decide what to quilt where.

In the end: your free motion quilting will be beautiful, but you’ll also enjoy the process of completing your quilts.

In fact – we’ve got something extra special to help those fence sitters get off the fence. Join HollyAnne for the free MASTER CLASS!

Before you invest your money and time, join HollyAnne for the Free Master Class, “Your Free Motion Quilting Secret Sauce!” live on Facebook. She will guide you through all you need to know about the Free Motion Quilting Academy so you can get a taste of the larger class and of your future Quilting Rockstar success!

And here is the special deal -

FMQA Early Bird Tuition is $175 USD from Friday, August 21-Sunday August 23.  That’s RIGHT NOW!FMQA Full Tuition is $197 USD from Monday, August 24-Saturday, August 29.

New Student orientation happens August 31st.  The course extends for 12 weeks, running from August 31st to December 5th. And you have access to the instructional videos for LIFE! You have access forever, to watch and re-watch as often as you want or need.

Take advantage of the many LIVE sessions for Q&A inside the course Facebook group during the 12 weeks of the course - receiving help in overcoming any hurdles you may encounter along the way.

Let’s face it: You need a free motion quilting class that lasts longer than a few hours, shows you how to use your machine not just a fancy dealer machine, allows you to practice at your own pace and on your own time, and gives you an ongoing way to ask questions and get help when you get stuck.

Free Motion Quilting Academy isn’t “JUST” a class - it is a journey and an adventure to realizing that you are more creative and capable than you’ve allowed yourself to believe.
Yes, you’ll learn the nitty gritty of setting up your machine and adjusting your tension, how to baste a quilt, and how to stitch over two dozen free motion quilting motifs.

But even more than that, you’ll have a specific, guided, step by step outline for not only learning motifs but also going from a quilt top to a complete and beautiful quilt, including learning how to decide what to quilt where.

In the end: Your free motion quilting will be beautiful, but you’ll also enjoy the process of completing your quilts.
Ready to dive in?  Register for the
FREE Master Class and then Enroll in Free Motion Quilting Academy.

How I’m spending my Saturday!

I am dying for some autumn colored stitching.  Out comes the trusty orange/gold string and strip bin only to have Lola claim it has her happy place while she watches me sew.

She is her old sweet self.  Ivy is content with Zoey at the cabin, living in my basement studio space there.

Cat juggling indeed!  As long as everyone is happy – I am happy!

Anything fun going on for your weekend ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt shared by Kevin the Quilter.

Throughout the past 6 months this has been driven home to me many times.

Perhaps this slowing down is a way to rest and restore.

Perhaps the inability to do things now as we would like to gives us the opportunity to really appreciate the things we can do.

Perhaps sheltering with those we love strengthens our relationships and gives us back the gift of time.

I realized this morning that I have not had to awake to an alarm clock since February. I never thought that would be a gift! But it is! Sleeping in just a bit longer has creativity benefits!

What are some discoveries you've made about yourself since lock down began in March?


  1. Wow! I love this Quilty Box! Here's hoping! Thank you for the chance to win it!

  2. Since I am retired, the stay-at-home has not been an issue for me. Being concerned and troubled by this pandemic and its global effects is always on my mind. I am able to maintain my calm by resisting viewing the constant bad news, stay occupied with quilting & reading, and taking time to speak my gratitude. So many blessings found in each and every day - beginning with waking up. Your posts are one of the highlights of my day. I'm glad to see that Ivy and Zoey are getting along so well. Lola can be the Queen of the QPO. I've challenged myself to be creatively productive each day, which only adds to the calmness and happiness. Feeling very fortunate during these strange times. Take Care - have a great weekend

    1. Kay, you are exactly right. I am also retired and have turned off the news. Right now I have two quilts and several cross stitch pieces in the works. There is always another one or two in my mind to start. Happy thoughts to you and stay well.

    2. I'm "semi-retired". I have a longarm machine and do a few quilts for friends. I'm addicted to the 24 hour news, especially now. I've only recently gotten back into stitching for me. Bonnie, your blog gives me a place to relax every day.

  3. I registered for Holly’s course yesterday. I had registered and gone thru her “launch”. I love her enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to learning and accomplishing a lot.

    1. So glad to hear of another RockStar in the making! You will enjoy it so much. I love being more confident in my quilting and knowing that I can now quilt something more than meandering or hand quilting.

  4. Since the "lockdown" I am realizing more and more to take one day at a time, to work to be truly in the moment, not so much looking ahead as seeing fully what is now. I am enjoying the small things more & more. Watching the territorial hummingbirds at the feeder is amazing. I am discovering that I can do with so much less than I thought. I am so grateful to be retired in a small, modest town home without debt. I am more aware of my blessings and hopefully will take them for granted less. Bonnie, I so enjoy hearing the cat & Zoey stories. Zoey seems too be Ivy's big brother & guardian. Have a peace filled weekend.

  5. It would be wonderful to win the Quilty Box on the 27th. That is my 75th birthday.

  6. Hey! That's me! I absolutely cannot say enough positive things about Holly Anne's Free Motion Quilting Academy! I took her class in Fall 2018, her second cohort... and she was fantastic then, but she has really stepped up and improved video content, support for students, and added content each time she teaches it. Sign up! Sign up! It is more than worth it.

  7. Grocery Store once a week.
    Cooking at home.
    Being with family and my dog and now adopting another dog. Both are deaf. New one is not house broken yet. So lots of outside time.
    I am living with my Mom who is 95 and she has not left the house since March 12th. Not bothering her as she did not go out very much before. My husband lives next door in our house. So we do see each other. He is glad I am care giving my Mom.
    I feel very lucky to be able to weather this and have enough income to live on.
    Limit my watching news to once or twice a week and the paper most days.
    Yes I do worry about the world but know it is not in my control.
    The first month I could not sew but I did start with easy and made crumb blocks out of saved scraps. I have about 200 6 inch blocks made now and still sewing. Yes I have projects but this crumb block thing is keeping me going and I can drop it at any point and then come back after the house work or cooking is done.

  8. I’m quilting this afternoon while the hubby at he’s basketball. I don’t get as much done in the summer due to yard work but today it’s too hot to be outside. Hope I get a lot done.

  9. Not so much something I've learned about myself, but a real silver lining of this global pandemic is that my family (my parents, their 6 kids, kids-in-law, and grandkids (sometimes along with the great-grandkids) are doing weekly Zoom calls. I am really enjoying seeing everyone on a regular basis like this, but it only came about because of this odd situation.

  10. I signed up for the free fmq class, is there anything I need to 'bring' to the class? Such as a prepared quilt sandwich? Ok, I know what some of you are thinking, time to go make a nice Muffaletta! What size should it be? Fat quarter or half yard? Lola looks like she got the cream, mouse and the cheese all in one bite! Looking pretty pleased with herself!

    1. I got an emailed link from Holly Ann to register/create an account. And then I had access to a supply list and schedule.

  11. Planning for an epic quilting season after the garden harvest & canning sessions are completed. Cutting out leader and ender project as I can and pre-cutting those projects on my list. Fun to look forward to! Spending quality time with friends under the apple tree catching up. Miss my quilt guild in person, we are making the best of it with zoom meetings and inspiring one another. Using my grandmother's WWII cookbook more than ever!

  12. I have been working the whole time as my job is considered essential- I am a juvenile detention worker. However, since the middle of July, I have been on nights, so once the juveniles are in bed, I can sew to keep myself awake until 6 am when the next shift comes on. I have been thankful to be working. I have also completed 12 quilts since June 12th, 3 for 1 customer, 1 for another, 4 for students that graduated, 1 for my middle son, 1 for my youngest sons, a baby quilt, and 1 for myself. Working nights have have gotten all the block completed for Good Fortune, and Strip to Shore. I now have to have studio time to get them laid out so they can be sewn together. I have also been able to work on Frolic, and I completed Snowflake Splendour by Debbie Montgomery. I am currently working on a 2019 BOM and have all the BOM's done and I should have the log cabin setting block done before I go home and then It will have to go on the design wall too.

    I am enjoying working nights, because it allows me to get a ton of sewing done and I am paid to sew! When I work days again, I will miss sewing, but I am looking forward to sharing my passion with the juveniles when I work the weekends.

  13. would love to win this quilty box the fabrics look amazing.
    Very pleased you now have 3 happy kitties since your cat juggling. The bonus is you have a sewing buddy wherever you are and the beautiful ZoeyJo gets to love on everyone too.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  14. WOW! This month's Quilty Box is really Great, Bonnie. Those rabrics are Yummy (I want to say Nummy, but afraid too many people wouldn't know the term.

    I have many summer outside projects going. The big slow down for me was waiting 3 months for correct fencing wire to arrive in Alaska! I needed it for two big fencing projects. Once fencing crew got creative and cut down 8 ft fencing to 6 ft (They had a crew of 5). The other team only consisted of two people, so I had to wait for the 6 ft to show up by barge. Long story short- it arrived last week, 2nd fence got built. While waiting, I was able to get the main garde plot raised beds and peas planted, work more w/ the tomatoes, cukes, summer squash. I could move forward slowly w/ certain projects (no sewing during the summer months).

    Happy Sewing Everyone!

    Donna E.
    Kasilof, Ak
    Where it has been sunny and warm.

  15. wow love those quilty box fabrics!

  16. Thank you for your enthusiasm for quilting! Thank you also for a chance to win the quilt box.

  17. Just read recently in local papers that Guicy Guice has moved to Maine! We are very excited to have him in our Mid-Coast area.

  18. Hi - Ive discovered that I have a LOT of fabric and EVEN MORE yarn!

    When it's safe, come back to NYC, as Queens is one of our 5 boroughs. Maybe you meant outside of Manhattan?

  19. These are truly strange times, but like you, I am counting my blessings every day. We are still hard at work on our new (64 yr old) home we bought last summer, in early mornings only right now due to extreme heat & smoke outside. Rotate between inside & outside work, which means I now have several items done inside, too, that I've wanted for many months!

  20. I am imagining the wonderful projects that fabulous fabric would make. My head is doing the happy dance.
    During these strange times I have been finishing lots of UFOs, and also some new projects in between making masks and scrub caps.

  21. BTW I know you used NYC to mean Manhattan, but Queens is part of NYC.

    Maria from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, previously from Queens and Brooklyn & who worked in "The City". It is good to see great Artists from my old stomping ground.


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