Thursday, August 06, 2020

To Wallburg and Back!

What you see here took all day!

I made my weekly trip to the Wallburg house yesterday – not only to bring some things back here to Virginia, but to finally tackle a job that has been niggling at me since December.

Every parent knows the “happy happy joy joy!” of having a child move out, and making plans for that vacant room for whatever purpose you desire it.

Yoga studio?  Great!

Reading room?  Wonderful!

Sewing room?  Fabric room?  Always terrific!

How about a space just to store your quilts?

The walk-in closet in the guest room has been the storage place.

And there really was no way to keep things organized in there – there are SO MANY quilts!  And every time I would pack for a traveling trunk show or a workshop series I’d have to paw through the stacks to find what quilts needed to come with me.

And as life tends to do – Murphy’s law or not – the ones I needed were always at the bottom of a heavy stack which meant moving piles and putting them back.


So yesterday, the basement studio moving was put on hold while I declared it the best day to box up the rest of Jeff’s stuff – store it in the bedroom closet, or put it in the garage.

There really wasn’t much left honestly – but I was on a mission to clean that floor so I could occupy the space.

Music up loud – I got busy!

This is not a permanent solution.

But I was able to refold everything and put them in stacks by book title and category which will help greatly.

I found a couple that I want to send to my dad.  Quilts that I don’t teach as a workshop.  Quilts that need to go to nieces and nephews.  Quilts that should go to my kids if they feel like they can take on anymore -

Quilts that I should be rotating in and out on the beds in my own house.

Oh, so many quilts!  Click to Play:

Two stacks of quilts from the Free Patterns tab!

And some I pieced in the 80s & 90s.

Some are pretty worn – but I can’t get rid of them.  They are like my children, you know? My life over the past 35+ years is recorded in each stitch.

I was able to pack up a few tubs of overflow fabric – and I brought a stack of bolts that were purchased as backings, etc.

I also brought up the Accuquilt Studio and some dies from the basement studio at the Wallburg house for use in the QPO.  I'll be setting that up today.

Next weekend we may take the trailer down and see about moving my cabinets and shelving up here so i can start putting it all away.

And when we finally decide when is the best time to sell the Wallburg house, the quilts will need to move up to Virginia.

But for now – they will stay where it is easy for me to see them and grab what I need and know what I have.

It took all day!  I didn’t make it back to Virginia until after 6pm.  Whew.

How many of you know what this stick thing is?

Did you know you can turn any bag into a “zip lock” affair with these things, locking out air and keeping things fresh?

I just ordered another round of these bag sealers – they are awesome!

(Though that pack of M&M’s would be gone without the need of sealing it.  Why bother? Just eat the whole package!

And this is how it works!

I use these quite a bit in the freezer for bags of veggies or french fries that don’t come with zip closures.

5 different sizes in this multipack!

They really are the best “chip clip” I’ve found. In our more humid climate here in the Southeast we have to keep things air tight to keep them fresh.

And I have added them to the “In the Kitchen” category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.

Did you find out yet?

We are gearing up for HollyAnne Knight’s Fall session of Free Motion Quilting Academy to start registration later in the month.

If you missed the spring session and were waiting to register for the fall session, keep following along.  I’ll let you know when the Early Bird special registration begins so you can save some in the process.

But to get us excited about learning to quilt our own quilts on our home sewing machines, here is a little quiz for you that comes with a free video tutorial that is sent to your email so you can start practicing today!

It’s a little multiple choice quiz – and I happily played along just to see what it would consider me to be.

My answer:

Perfect!  I love quilting paisleys!

And after finishing and inputting my email and confirming it, the “How to free motion quilt paisleys” video showed up in my inbox!

Which Free Motion Quilting Motif are YOU!?  Let me know in the comments section below.

And be watching for more Free Motion Quilting Academy ramping up to happen here over the next few weeks. (Registration isn’t open yet, but will be soon!) And this weekend there will be a FMQ Launch Pad event through the String & Story facebook group page so you can get your feet wet and see what all of the Free Motion Quilting Academy fun will be like.  Be watching here for more info on that as it becomes available.

Today – will I get to the sewing machine? I hope so!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

How about we all take a short time out and do something that brings peace to our morning and carry it throughout the day?

This morning began with sliding doors wide open to screens to catch morning breezes. I hear the sound of tree leaves dripping rain from last night's storm, and the early dawn melodies of bird song from the surrounding woods.

It's going to be a wonderful day!


  1. I was a paisley too!

  2. Started my day with Tai Chi. Will do a quick pick up around teh house and then start piecing teh quilt I cut out on Tuesday. I am also waiting for some yarn to arrive to finish a project I am weaving.

  3. I am "Switchbacks" No surprise there. I love - too many things. Oh pretty! Oh pretty! Oh pretty! Oh, and that is exactly what my grand mother and I would be saying if we were to walk into that room with all the quilts. We would sit right down on the floor and carefully pull them down, one by one. Exclaiming about the fabrics, the patterns, the quilting. She loved it all too. Boy do I miss her.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Wow, look at all those wonderful quilts!!! Amazing and Gorgeous...

  6. Wow. What a cool and impressive look at your whole collection of work! Even though just a folded slice of each quilt is visible, I could spy many favorites.

    Thanks for sharing. It was fun to see, but also a good reminder to be thinking ahead about quilt storage before my 'done' pile gets much bigger.

  7. I am also a paisley! Those bag sealers are the bomb!!!! I first discovered them about 5 years ago when I was in Yuma. They are great. I love them.

  8. Wow!! I needed thought about your need to store ALL the quilts from your books, classes, AND the free pattern tab. But, wait... There's MORE!!! :o))

  9. I am a wishbone type of person. I really like wishbones!

  10. I'm a Paisleys girl, too! :-)
    No quilting today, but I have made up a couple of new masks, trying a different pattern. And then there was processing a few pounds of beans. But I hope to be making a baby quilt for a friend in the next week--she's due soon.

  11. Bonnie I was said to be a Square Spiral Quilting motif. That really does fit me. I pray you haven't gotten washed down the river. Looks like a lot of rain has come your way. We in Oregon have gotten sprinkly weather yesterday and actual rain today her in the Bandon area. Makes the air smell so nice and clean. Have a wonderful day! QuiltedDrummer aka Cindy

  12. WOW! That is all I can say!!

  13. I am also paisleys which I love on fabric and quilting

  14. I am a Feathers person, according to the survey. I enjoyed seeing your stacks of quilts. On days you feel like you don’t have much to blog about, you could unfold a quilt from the Free Patterns tab and share its story with us. We would love to see the oldies but goodies!

  15. I am pebbles - didn’t see what it said below - anyway I am more of a cross hatch and straight lonexwyuilter with a little free motion thrown in on borders

  16. I to am a Paisleys !! I also have those sealer sticks and Love them, All those quilt's are beautiful,saw 1 I may try to make. I started my day hobbling out to the deck with my coffee and watching the birds in my feeder, Have a super nice day Bonnie.

  17. I am glad you found time to sort out your quilts. I would label each of the piles, because I am sure I would forget at some point.

  18. I loved seeing some of your beautiful quilts. I envy the family that gets to have something that was made by your hands. I didn't see the Straits of Mackinac quilt. Is that one somewhere on display? I'm curious about it because it has become my #1 must do project and I am a little obsessed. Mine will include Seahawks, Mariners,Sounders,and the new Krackin fabrics in it. That way I will be assured that my family will be fighting over it YEARS down the road

  19. I'm a hooked swirl, another fun one to do. Loved the stacks of quilts and that you hope your family wants to "fight" over them. I, too, have been trying to find homes for my older quilts so I can make more. Nice to know where they land and that they will be loved.

  20. I got switchbacks...hmmm

  21. I loved seeing your quilt stacks! I have the same problem. I have a bunch of them all stacked in an armoire and always want the one towards the bottom. I also have a bunch spread out on a spare bed but its the same problem getting to the bottom of the pile. Oh well, I will still make more LOL! Thanks for all the inspiration :)

  22. It turns out I am Wishbones

  23. That is a lot of quilts! Beautiful too. I haven't made many, working on it though - I have a lot of unfinished projects and tops that are ready to quilt!
    Here it is misty and the sun is rising making a beautiful creamy yellow glow to the sky. Very quiet but the birds are flitting through the trees. Then my hen starts crowing (yes, a husky doodle doo - I don't have any roosters) and I think - you spoilt the feeling, the little monkey! But the ducklings rushing out and flapping their little stubby wings then chatting in a cheepy peepy talk, bobbing heads at each other like a greeting is too cute. Back to warm feelings again! :D

  24. I also am a Paisleys. That was a fun quiz. Thanks! Also, I really like those bag closers, will go to your Amazon Affiliate Store and order some.

  25. I also took the quiz. I'm "Wishbones"

  26. back ugh, I’m a switchback! Never imagined that. Help !

  27. I took the quiz and am also a Paisley. My friend brought me some of those bag closures several years ago when she came back from visiting her parents in Hong Kong-love them.

  28. I'm paisley too! My cousin uses those "chip-clips" and she's very organized as well as thrifty. Guess I need to order some!


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