Sunday, August 16, 2020

Hanging Around!

I’ve only had this a year -

And we finally hung it yesterday!

This big and heavy metal sign was ordered from a vendor at the Seven Sisters Quilt Show in San Luis Obispo when I went out there to teach. 

I purchased it with the plan to hang it from the front porch, just like this – but was going to wait until AFTER the porch rails were repainted.

We all know where that idea went – Covid happened, retreats were cancelled, and funding for porch painting was shifted to next year.  Instead we washed and scrubbed and just called that bit of chippy paint “artistic shabby chic” and went with it.

Yesterday the hanging of the sign finally happened.

Which meant the tree in front of the porch also got a hair cut because the branches were hanging low – right in the way of the viewing of the sign.

And it looks like that bush may need a topping too!

You can’t really read it from the road -

But that’s okay -

The quilters will know when they come up the walk!

Yesterday’s snail trail bounty -

This project is back on track now that the Blossom Time quilt has reached binding stage.  I am planning on this one being a digital pattern release, but as it is still in progress no deadline has been imposed as of yet.  You’ll get to watch it grow with me.  And as you come across cut off corners from strips, leftover pieces too chunky to call a string – set them aside in two camps.  Neutrals an Colors.  That’s all I can tell you for now!

When it is ready – perhaps we can have a sew along with it?

And yeah -

Sometimes a seam allowance will fall just a hair too short.  I took liberty to add a bit more to this short piece rather than unpick a whole round of triangles.  I bet once it’s quilted no one will even be able to find it.  And if someone does – they win a prize.

I am loving going through my crumbs and sewing as many as I can up in these blocks.

And all the while -

This kept me entertained!

Click to Play:

Ivy just ADORES Zoey.  Zoey wants to herd her – but isn’t sure how.  It really is too cute, and I love how Ivy’s tail wags like a dog.

Best of friends – I hope they have a long life of adoring each other ahead.

A special invitation from my friends Alex, Kevin and Ricky!

Kevin Womack recently recorded an episode of The Quilt Show and you can watch it TODAY!

The episode is free THIS WEEK ONLY. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share the link with your friends.  Click HERE to watch.

While you are on the The Quilt Show website, take a look around at the resources and 27-seasons-worth of shows available for members. 

Please consider taking advantage of their 6-month special offer and becoming a member. There is a wealth of quilting information and activities all in one place!

There is no better time for a digital subscription than when we are sheltering at home as much as possible.  And you’ll find my episode there as well!

The last travel teaching I did in 2020 was in February in Bedford, Virginia – and Kevin is the powers that be that pulled it all together through his small amazing guild.  I am so excited that you got to show your stuff in this episode, Kevin!

So here we are on Sunday.

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Today I am planning on some sewing time at the cabin, and then later this afternoon a “MUST GO TO LOWES” errand must happen if we are going to continue to make progress on the deck staining.  That is if the rain ever stops.

Oh, and the other exciting event (not really) yesterday – The bee/wasp/hornet may have stung under my right arm, up my tee shirt sleeve, but it died in the process.  Who wins now, bee??  The welt is angry and hot and itchy and I spent the evening in a Benadryl induced state.

And if that is the worst that happened here yesterday – It was a good day all around.  The bee can’t say the same thing!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Starting off a rainy Sunday morning with gratitude.

I am grateful to be where I am today, and that is enough.

Have a peaceful Sunday, everyone!


  1. Enjoyed your video of Zoey and Ivy on Instagram this morning. I was thinking “she wags her tail like a dog”.....

    1. Exactly what I was thinking! Proof that wagger-tails are not exclusive to just one species.

  2. Zoey and Ivy are just too fun to watch. Glad you can use up those scrap triangles for the pretty Snails Trails. Scrappy makes us Sew Happy! Love, Love the metal sign. It looks great there where Quilters will see it for sure. Have a happy Sunday. Sorry you have to go to Lowe's. Weekend Trips to Hardware stores are not my favorite place to go. Paint chips???

  3. It’s am amazing morning in the San Francisco Bay Area California USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 70 degrees at 7 am lightening and thunder and what ran in August no way but it is happening ❤️πŸ‘΅πŸ»


  5. Bonnie. Wasp, hornet, bee or mosquito bites are best treated with a dabbing of ammonia. That's what's in "After Bite". My DH had a run in with hornets this summer. We slapped on a cotton swab soaked with ammonia and it calmed down the inflammation without drugs. So sorry this happened to you. Sounds like a wasp or hornet. Really painful😒

  6. Love your recent family additions! And I have watched the video twice and noticed the same thing both times- when you said "sewing" near the end Zoey looked up expectantly. I think it's close enough to her name that she thinks you're calling her. And for the creator of Quiltville that's pretty cool!

  7. Woke up to rain clouds. Just heard some thunder! Very unusual for my part of California in August. 90° at 8am. There will definitely be more rolling blackouts today. Maybe Friday the high temp will drop to 99. Trying to decide if I want to sew some rows together for a top or start something new.

  8. Extra joy: the music in the background !!

  9. Oh Bonnie, a wasp got under my shirt last summer and stung me three Tim’s in the belly before I could get It out. I now have a eppi pin. Thanks for all the good info. So glad Zoey and Ivy are a team. ❤️

  10. Another remedy for a bee or hornet sting is to take a fresh slice of onion and lay it on top of the sting area, use a large bandaid or tape to hold it close to the skin. It will relieve the stinging pain almost immediately.

  11. Thanks so much, Bonnie! Love your blog! Hot and dry out west, quilting today and jumping in the lake later on. I feel so blessed and grateful. Take care!

  12. My doctor told us to put pure ammonia on bites and stings. Works really well. My son carries staph and needs to do this immediately to keep the infection at bay. Flea bites to bee strings works great!

  13. I have some help for the bee sting--Annette is right first in the After Bite stuff--but then--honey--yep honey on it for about 10-15 minutes and then wipe off--do this a couple times a day and the reddish and any infection in it will go away!!! I also use both of these items for angry red ant bites!!
    love all your posts and love Zoey and Ivy being friends--
    take care--luv, di

  14. Bonnie I really like your sandals. They look comfortable. Would you share what brand they are?

  15. Awww, I have always wanted my cats and dogs to get along. The best I get is a very shaky truce (usually broken by the bad cat!) Ivy is so fortunate to have landed with you and Zoey!

  16. Yes to a sew along for the Snails Trail blocks when the pattern is released! I just love these blocks and had to laugh when I saw two neutral fabrics that I used to have in the close up block photo. So funny that Zoey heard you say “sewing” and thought you said her name. Your new fur babies are so sweet.

  17. Poor Zoey - it's near impossible to herd cats!! I think Ivy was around dogs in her earlier life so she's not afraid of them.

  18. Thanks for the link to “The Quilt Show”! It was a great show! I didn’t realize Kevin did that sort of stuff...very interesting.

  19. The video of Ivy and Zoey is magic. I think it would be a bee string if the insect died. Wasps don’t die and I don’t think hornets do either. Hope the rain stopped in time for your shopping trip.

  20. When my kids were little our doctor said to put Vick's vapor rub on immediately. It draws the poison from the sting out and keeps it from getting infected. It works great! I'm still doing this and my baby will be 49 this year! Where did the time go?

  21. Zoey and Ivy are adorable together. Our dogs and cats get along like that and it makes me so happy. I love to see the cats wake up and walk over to the dogs and rub their heads underneath the dogs' chins. Even if the dogs have just chased them a wee bit--a couple of our dogs are still a bit rude. The cats know the dogs don't really mean it, and they don't hold it against them. I always feel we are doing something right if we have a peaceable kingdom here. Sounds like Ivy was the missing ingredient you needed to get the chemistry just right.

  22. Good Morning,

    I thought that was your Kevin when I saw it!
    Thank you for the reminder about Holly’s FMQ. I did register

    Have a terrific day!
    A future sew along sounds like fun. I have done a few with Gudrun and love them!

    Patty B.

  23. Can you catch me up about a few things... I’ve figured out (I think,,,) that you live somewhere else than Quiltville Inn, but I’m having trouble understanding the QPO...is it really a PO? A “used to be” PO?
    Thanks for setting me straight! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  24. I love the sign. What a perfect addition to Quiltville Inn.


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