Monday, August 03, 2020

It Starts Off a Little Quilty -

My best laid plans were to make some progress on this!

And I only got this far!

All of these hours I thought I’d have due to not traveling – and the days seem to be eaten up (in very good ways) by other things.

I had cut out four Nearly Lemoyne blocks with plans to sew them up, but only made it as far as two.  Okay, well two and a half by the pieces you see chaining from beneath my presser foot.

How can time just fritter by when you have given yourself the whole day to sew?

Watching THIS playtime!

Can you see how accepting Ivy and Zoey are of each other?

(Pardon the thready carpet! It's a studio!)

And the morning was cool enough that Zoey and I did a Sunday morning hike up Round House Road – just about 3 miles.  But by the time you get back, it is nearly time for lunch, and there are things to put in motion because later in the day -

My friend Gail came knocking at the QPO back door -

To give me a hair cut!

This is the non-styled no make up version – but let me tell you, NOTHING has felt so good as to have a masked stylist friend bring her tools of the trade into my space, set me down in a chair and take care of this hair that hasn’t been cut since JANUARY.

As she combed and trimmed, I reveled in the simple pleasure of someone’s hands on my head taking care of the neglected.

THANK YOU GAIL!  Friends that make house calls are the best!

Zoey Jo, looking pretty!

It was such a lazy Sunday that I plopped down into my stitching chair at 6pm after a 5:30pm dinner of leftovers. 

Two more done, middles trimmed out -

This really has become my favorite part of the day – when I can put my feet up and enjoy the late evening until bedtime just stitching away with Zoey by my side.

It’s that feeling of “No matter what is wrong in the world outside, everything is RIGHT at this moment inside.”

Today I am taking ivy to the vet to check for a chip, have her health accessed and then make the decision as to which shots and spaying needs to be done.

I'm wondering just how she will do in a cat carrier in the car.  We will find out.

I’m sad to say that we have not heard the “other” kitty down by the creek in the past couple of days – we only thought we heard it in the dark of night while in the back yard.

Could it have been a bird?  I don’t know.  We know we heard “something”  but even with a flashlight it didn’t want to be found.

Other than that – it’s a typical Monday here.  I’ll chip away at the to-do list as best as I can, as we all tend to do!

Anything happening for your Monday ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Only my AC/DC folks will get the giggle in this one, but here's a play on your Monday ear worm!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. happiness is definitely a long overdue haircut....and i read somewhere a quilter was downsizing...she gave away her mop, broom, vacuum, dish liquid etc...lol

  2. Hi Bonnie! Your blocks are sooo inspiring. My mind is all a flutter with this pandemic. I look at a pattern and want to start a new quilt when I have 5 in the process! I spent my Sunday piecing the half square triangles block borders for my Frolic quilt top. When a back ache set in I got my hubby off the couch for a long walk to loosen up the kinks. Our local conservatory foundation has an awesome walk way around the shore line of our biggest lake, Lake Wawasee. We walked for quite a while and got in about 5,000 steps then headed in to town for some ice cream. It was a great afternoon. Today is back to work but I plan to finish those borders up tonight. Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. Love your 'new do' very stylish

  4. Like the haircut....cute on you!

  5. Sadly feral cats don't usually want to be found. If a young cat is discarded it loses trust for humans quickkly. They put themselves at risk to get away. We had an abandoned cat that it took me about a month of sitting in the same place every day for ten minutes or more to get him to trust me. At the end of two months I couldn't get him out of my lap. In an area as diverse and filled with wildlife ax yours a cat would very sadly be lucky to survive long enough to trust you. So happy for you that Ivy was so loving and still trusting. As the vet said when some of our ferals died-you can't save them all and any time you give them is much better than they had without you.

  6. Cute Haircut! I whacked mine all off a while ago, so much cooler in this heat and humidity. Don't know the Ac/Dc reference so no earworm this morning. It's my day to Sew, but the hubster has other plans. I might get a few Quilting stitches in tonight. I want to work on my Frolic. Good luck with your Ivy Kittten.

  7. My how Zoey has grown! They just don't stay young for long, do they? My Monday...A little bit of over all straightening and vacuuming. Quilting. Pretty simple.

  8. Thank you, Bonnie, for all that you do....I enjoy hearing your tales and seeing your animal family....

  9. Love your quote of the day.

  10. Hair cut - check. I finally chopped mine yesterday. I cut my own all the time - but had been trying to get someone else to do it - along with the rest of the county, apparently. Shoulders and hands finally cooperated enough and off all that grey came. Feels good. Still recouping from a hospital visit last week, or was it the week before. Augh. The kitties do their best to keep me in line. Love your blocks.

  11. Ah, yes, there is nothing like getting a haircut by your favorite stylist! I did that last week. I always feel so "girly" afterward. The temperature has dropped here in Iowa and I have windows & doors open and it smells marvelous. Simple pleasures abound and I am grateful!

  12. LOL Zoey's tongue in that picture of her and Ivy. So cute. Great haircut. Makes your hair look thicker. I like it.

  13. Love your quote! πŸ˜‚. I also love your haircut!!! I’m so jealous! You look fabulous. ❤️

  14. Love your haircut wish I wS brave enough to cut mine shorter.
    So cute how I’ve and ZoeyJo have become friends, in a way I hope she doesn’t have a chip so you get to keep her, of course I in no way condone dumping animals but she has really settled nicely with you all.
    Your nearly lamoyne blocks are so pretty and I think your hand sewn stars on your lovely strip blocks are really coming along can’t wait to see that one completed.
    Good luck today
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  15. I haven’t read your blog in a while now. I see that about the new kitty. Ironically enough yesterday morning there was a really tiny kitten on my porch. With one eye and all scratched up and thin and hungry. So 24 Hours later it’s still here and eating and doing well so I guess people are dropping off cats now with Covid who knows but another mouth to feed here I suppose. There was one that came with the house that was wild 3 1/2 years ago and it’s as time as can be now and I’m glad it was here it was a blessing.

  16. What you heard by the creek may have been a baby raccoon calling it’s mother. We thought we had a lost kitten too but eventually found a couple baby raccoons. I didn’t know that raccoons have over 200 sounds they make. Kitten meowing sound is very common.

  17. Lol.. AC/DC... one of my faves!! I’m Thunderstruck at how cute all your rescued fur babies are 🀣🐾♥️

  18. Your hair cut is awesome. You did what you had time to do and felt some accomplishment for the day. It seems with having all this time at home I have a hard time getting my motor started!!! Trying to do better but just not pushing myself at 70

  19. Bonnie..
    Love your hair...looks great on you!!
    Love your blocks!
    I absolutely love that Zoey Jo!!! I love how gentle she is....and I am delighted that she and Ivy are going to be "buddies"!! Our "furry friends" are so much fun!!!
    I read your blog everyday and love it, and especially when some of your animals are included!! Just puts a "smile" on my face!!
    I trust that "Ivy Kitty" has a wonderful Vet visit and that she doesn't have a chip in her, so you can keep it.
    Blessings my dear!

  20. I wasn't sure how much hair you had cut off until I looked at the "Drone Day" picture with you and Dave. Gail took quite a bit off. It looks gr8. I was able to get a cut in May but after 3 months I'm in need of another. Love the fur babies and all their antics. Have a blessed day!

  21. Look reading your blog every day. What kinda of dog do you think Joey is?

  22. I live in a multi-generational home. My husband and I have a basement apartment and our daughter, son-in-law and 2 grands live upstairs. All the gals in the house use the same hair stylist and guess what -- she has made TWO trips to the house to cut EVERYBODY'S hair on our back deck. We're masked and taking no chances. But man on man, I know what you mean about how AWESOME it feels to get that hair cut!! Glad Zoey and Ivy are getting along!

  23. Love love that you got such a lovely hair cut even unstyled it looks great I see no need for make up or hair styling you look great naturally
    We have a cat living in out garage.... I don’t know if it is lost or feral I am feeding it and if I can get it to warm up to me to catch it I’ll do as you take it to the vet to see about a chip and really I am hoping we can adopt it but it/she is very much (?) timid or wild so we may be only ever to feed and talk to her/it

  24. Bonnie: The haircut is lovely! Please stay safe and keep on doing this marvelous blog! I do read it every day! It keeps me motivated!
    We are in awe and loving it!... I am mom to a stray cat Max and he is my constant companion thru this Covid 19 thing... Love you bunches!

  25. I’m getting my hair cut on Saturday, growing my gray hair out. I love your haircut too! I read your blog everyday and love hearing about your family, country side, animals, quilt retreat and your thoughts on things. Of course your quilting tooπŸ‘πŸ˜Š❤️

  26. Hi Bonnie! Love the haircut!! Doesn’t it feel great to get it cut and cleaned up?!
    My Missy adopted me in May and I thought she was full grown but she has thrived with us! She looked a lot like Ivy without the “boots” and has doubled her weight!! Surrounded by new friends- watch has she gains weight and thrives. You have many years ahead with such great playmates as Zoey and Ivy!!

  27. I have the feeling that if there was another Ivy friend out there, she would let you know. She seems the type of cat who would do a "Lassie" and persist in you following. What a lovely photo of Ivy and Zoey Jo.
    Neat haircut. Since we moved here I have had my hair cut/trimmed once. It was on the shoulders then and now it is in a long plait at waist length! Regressing? Probably. But taming the unruly beast that it can be? Most definitely! LOL!

  28. Love the photo of Zoey, posed for photo, I was surprised how much she's grown, seeing pics of her nearly every day, then suddenly noticing her growth ❤ Glad she making friends with Ivy, hope you get to keep her, I adore luvey dovey cats.

  29. I know I shouldn’t have gotten the kick that I did reading that your day fritters away too, when you’ve set it aside as a day of sewing! :). Love the new do. Love those new blocks! I love your creativity! I think I’ve started the day just right - - loving everything right at this moment. . . PS I hope that wasn’t a kitty you thought you had heard. Sorry you didn’t hear it again. I was wanting to find out what you’d do with 3 kitties and a dog! Ha!

  30. LOL DIRTY DEEDS is the name of my son's waterproofing business in N.Y.
    Love reading your posts every morning and how you love your life.

  31. Love the AC/DC reference. And love the inspiration you pass along each and every day!

  32. Love the haircut! Mine has not been cut since November 1st! Finally resorted to trimming it myself. Hairdresser will have a good laugh!


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