Thursday, August 20, 2020

Very Funny! Thank You!

This little present showed up yesterday -

And I laughed and laughed as I opened up the package, seeing the title of a crazy card game poking fun (much needed) at my close encounters with bears and stinging insects wreaking havoc in my life.

Whoever you are – I love your sense of humor, and can’t thank you enough for thinking of me.

Hexie shaped cards!  Fun fun!

Thank you, sneaky friend – whoever you are, wherever you are!

Good sleep last night, best yet since the wasp bite.  No more steroid pills.  My stomach and the jitters will be happy about that.  Antibiotics continue,, but I’m okay with that.  We are moving past this!

Lola, compacting the neutral squares. LOL!

I had pulled out the box of neutral squares to choose some for a project – needing to press them a bit, put the box up on the ironing board.

I guess the invitation was too much to resist – I turned around and in she was.  Silly girl!

This is on the way -

Poor Ivy is just terrified of Lola.  And as I stated before, I have caught Lola being the aggressor.  Ivy shoves herself into the tightest corner where Lola has a hard time getting at her and just growls.  She hasn’t been herself. The bullying is getting to her.

I am hoping this helps. I’m going to put one near where Lola spends most of her time (on the cutting table by the big windows) and one toward the corner where Ivy hides.

This is not how I hoped this relationship would go, but once Dresden was gone – there was no longer an Alpha Male in charge, and that Alpha status became Lola’s as the elder cat.

Zoey is Ivy’s favorite!

I’ve read good reviews about this product and am anxious to give it a try.  I’ve added it to the Pets Matter category in the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store

Let’s keep our paws crossed!

A few blocks in the evening makes me happy!

I’m still cutting and kitting these as time allows.  My focus has been using up strips just long enough to have the strip gone.  In most cases (like the two green blocks) I can get enough pieces out of a full width of fabric strip (40”) to cut two blocks, one using the fabric as the diamonds and the second block as the half square triangles, and then there is nothing left of that strip.

I don’t mind using a fabric two or three times in a scrap quilt – it’s not a CHARM quilt where you’d only use each fabric once.  I’d rather see the strip be gone and match up different combos of fabrics as you see here with the upper right and lower left.

You can find the block pattern for Nearly Lemoyne in the May/June 2020 Addicted to Scraps column in Quiltmaker Magazine.

As you can tell from the cut pieces – I am making good use of the Simple Folded Corners ruler (Or Simple Folded Corners Mini) to trim the rectangles to diamonds.  

I then am cutting the triangles that get sewn back on using my Essential Triangle Tool.  I love how these two rulers work together with very little waste.

One cushion cover needing a cushion!

I finished the binding on this sweet little happy pillow cover.  There was just enough left over green from the sashings on the Blossom Time quilt to use as binding here.

I made the backing envelope style -

I just need to pick up a pillow the next time I am in town and this will be good to go.  I love the occasional small project and the quick satisfaction they bring.

So here we are at Thursday – I have nothing pressing on my to do list, but to work on an upcoming project.  Maybe some Snails Trail fun thrown in for good measure.

And try to keep things calm between Lola and Ivy.

How about your day ahead?

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Today and every day! Words are especially important when hugs and touches can't be given.

Be sure that folks can feel your hugs through your words!

Love these bow tie blocks sewn in sets of four, don’t you?


  1. The card game is too cute! It appears that, as you build the hive, you're almost building a quilt too! LOL!

  2. What an adorable idea with the cards!

  3. Love your quote for today

  4. We had female cat conflict. Our Nadia (similar to your Ivy) was bullied, especially at the litter box (we had multiple covered boxes). Solved problem by placing a bottom only box nearby Nadia's hangout area, this way she would see Chelsea coming + jump out of the box in any direction.
    My concern at your QPO is when the cats are alone. Possibly keep one cat in your store room until the diffuser comes. The alone cat time is when I noticed Nadia had it bad.
    Pray all works well for y'all.

  5. My vet recommended Comfort Zone for my cats. It has made a huge difference! It might take a week to see some results but I can tell you that I can always know when it needs a refill because they will start fighting again. I hope you get good results.

  6. Such a fun present to receive in the mail!!
    And I love that bow tie quilt with all the crazy stripes... it's wild!

  7. They have some nice pillows at IKEA, if you are in that area of town.

  8. Trying to stay cool with the heatwave in California. There is a lot of smoke in the air from the fires north of where I live, Monterey/Salinas and Big Sur. Being it is rarely this hot, most of us here do not have A/C. Moving my sewing downstairs today! Keeping it positive!

  9. So sorry that Lola and Ivy are having issues, I hope the diffuser helps I read some good results for it so praying it will help.
    Loving those nearly lamoyne very pretty, and that cushion cover is adorable.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  10. I don’t have cats, but it worked with my children. Maybe Lola needs a day or two back at the cabin, where she’s the one being bullied. She might not be so hot to do it to Ivy. Think that psychological approach would work with cats??? 😂😂.
    I bet you have a blast with the card game! Look forward to the stories of it being used with the quilt retreaters.

  11. So pleased to hear you are really on the mend. That cushion cover is gorgeous and good luck with the cats.

  12. It’s always something glad to hear you are mending
    I am so sorry the cats are having issues
    It is terrible that you do as much as possible to give these animals a good safe place to live and feed them well love them Lots and they still make you worry about their physical and mental health

    I do feel for Lola and wish she could change her mental attitude ha ha

  13. We used the Comfort Zone when we got our rescue Giant Schnauzer(105 lbs.) It worked great to help him adjust to the human family and to the pet family. We kept it up for quite awhile as it kept everyone settled and calm. We ordered the refills online as they were cheaper that way. I hope that you have as much luck with them as we did. I told our kids that it helped Dad when his allergies were bad!

  14. Hey Bonnie!! I am so glad that you are on the mend. I just want to take a minute and thank you for having such a great impact on me and my quilting! You have made me lose my fear of “colors’ and have relaxed the OCD in me so that i can make beautiful quilts without anxiety! (All thanks to your books and patterns). I was curious though if there is a quiltcam somewhere that you show how to use the simple folded corner ruler that you mention above. I bought it during one of your mysteries, and just cant get the hang of it. I look forward to the next mystery. You make me look like a rockstar quilter with your patterns and instruction!!! Thank you!!❤️❤️😘

  15. Hi Bonnie - I have two suggestions - one for the Lola-Ivy issue and one for the pillow. First - Have you ever watched the show "My Cat from Hell"? It is a show on Animal Planet. The guy is an expert on cat psychology, and he goes in to houses where the cats are causing problems, and make suggestions to fix the situation. Usually, it works. Might be a good binge watch while you are binding quilts! The second suggestion that I have is to use leftover batting to make a pillow form rather than taking a trip into town. I use pieces of batting that are to small to make frankenbatting to stuff pillows.

  16. Love the card game. Just ordered it! And the Cats are so much the story here too. Daughter moved home. Her cat hates our cat. We have to keep them separated. Much maneuvering. Not good. Cannot wait for the “move” of daughter and her 2 dogs, 1 cat, 3 guinea pigs so we can reclaim our spaces!

  17. Bonnie we have used Comfort Zone for years! They are the best and work wonders. As a family of 3 cats the struggle is real.


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