Saturday, August 15, 2020

From Leftovers to Lovely!

This was unexpected!

It was not how I intended to spend my day -

When I had the new HVAC unit installed at the Quiltville Post Office a couple of weeks ago, they were able to get the air conditioning part up and running within a couple of hours.

But there were some parts needed for the heating side of the unit that had to be ordered and would be in “in a couple of weeks.”

I really appreciate Blue Ridge Heating and Air – they drive 90 minutes to get to us out in the middle of nowhere and they have bent over backwards to provide the best service for our cabin, my QPO, and Quiltville Inn.  We couldn’t have happened on to a better company to do what needed to be done.

And yesterday was the day for finishing up!

While guys were going in and out and getting things done, I puttered.

At the end of every project there is always a session of “cleaning up and putting back” and I happened on 3 extra tulip blocks that didn’t make it into the quilt, and some other spare parts – it wouldn’t take long at all to…….and I was off and running.

I even used the leftover string border to frame it!

And since the long arm was already set up -

I quilted Hyacinth Grande edge to edge.

I added a cushion backing – and bound it!

I used the same green as the skinny sashing in the big quilt as binding.

This will be  matching cushion cover to go with the Blossom Time Quilt.  There is still more “clean it up and put it away” to happen, but I am happy with the outcome of these leftover bits.

And through it all -

More Easy Breezy Leader & Ender blocks came together!

How is your stack growing?

We are getting closer to the next session of the Free Motion Quilting Academy!

Early bird registration for Free Motion Quilting Academy opens for enrollment one week from YESTERDAY! Huzzah!

But to get your feet wet and see if Free Motion Quilting on your home machine is the thing for you -

How would you like to attend a free event introducing you to the fabulous fun and creativity of quilting your own quilts on your home machine?

It's time to join up with
FMQ Launch Pad!

The FMQ Launch Pad-- a FREE event designed to help folks jump start their FMQ journey and move past their fears so they'll be ready for the Academy-- starts on Monday.

This free, Facebook based event (Yes, you do need a Facebook account to participate) is guaranteed to accelerate your free motion quilting desires, challenging and encouraging you to complete that first machine quilted quilt - all by yourself on your home machine (with loads of online help of course!)

Click FMQ Launch Pad and get your sign up in with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story!  What have you got to lose?  It’s free!

I can't wait to see what you learn to do with this free introduction to your new mad and rad FMQ skills!

I’m feeling the need for a very relaxed weekend ahead.  It’s raining.  Again.  No outside hikes will happen.  No dog walkies, no ponies.  Just rain.  I would love to have something up on Netflix while I peacefully piece away the afternoon hours.

This morning I’m running in to the QPO to get the Quiltville Store orders out before the USPS closes at 11am (Saturday hours.) And yes, I am worried about what is going on with our postal service.  

This not only affects folks who need their medications delivered in a timely manner by the USPS and more – but my business depends on the USPS.  So that is likely why I was a bit sleepless last night, and a bit sleepily delayed this morning.

Anything interesting happening for your Saturday ahead?

I’m already counting the hours until I’ll be feet up in my stitching chair working on that binding – the Blossom Time quilt has reached the half-way point with the hand stitching.  Hooray!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Some days are just slower going. Remember to focus on what you did accomplish, not what you didn't.

Vintage quilt from the American museum in Bath, UK, taken 2 years ago.

My how the years fly by -


  1. A cool front passed through this area of Iowa this morning which will be a blessing for the thousands still without power from last Monday's hurricane like winds. We had power back after 1 full day without in our area which is a bout 16 miles south of Cedar Rapids which received the most damage. What a year! Yes, whatever I get done today is enough. I am sitting in my little deck watching the hummingbird come to drink. Such a simple joy! They're only 5' from me. They are amazing.

  2. I love it when left over blocks get turned into something useful, so many end up in orphan plies or discarded. Your pillow will be a great compliment to the quilt! The post office situation is worrisome for sure, I hope it gets resolved soon. I will pass along the info about the FMQ to my quilt groups, I know many of them will want to give it a try!

  3. Hey there. Haven’t kept up with all your moving around but trying to catch up. Where does your long arm live now?

    1. Hi Swooze! The longarm lives at the Quiltville Post Office (QPO) Next to the Quiltville Inn retreat house.

  4. Have you watched Alone on Netflix, Hulu, & Prime? It’s perfect for a rainy day, and posdibly one of the best shows for sheltering.

  5. I am really focusing on the "let it be enough" these days... thanks for the timely reminder. This week I finished my Shoo Fly quilt and also sewed many easy breezy blocks...thank you for the the leader-ender inspiration and ways to use up small scraps!

  6. No sewing today as we are still without power in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

    1. It is so hard to imagine what your area has gone through. Sending prayers.

    2. Thanks, Bonnie.

  7. Well it is hot again in Texas at 108-114 degrees. Rain is not forecast for this area. We will have a reprieve next week with a cold front but then it's creeping up 3-digit figures again. The crops are just burning up. We bailed the maize which did not head out. The cotton, a warm weather plant, is hanging in there but not blooming very much. I am surprised that the hummingbirds are hanging around. One bird sits on the feeder guarding it, I presume, as it chases the rest away. Eventually, the others come to feed when that one leaves. LOL
    I love what you did with the leftovers! It inspires me to root around to see if I have any potential projects laying around!

  8. No power, No problem! I just sit down to my treadle or my 28 or 115 hand cranks. I'm sure glad I invested in those!

  9. Those would make some nice springtime place mats for the Inn.

  10. Please send some rain to Texas! It’s noon, 102 degrees with a heat index of 113 already! Everything is burnt to a crisp!!! I won’t water anything but the trees. The yard just fries. But, I’ve been having to water every other day to keep them alive. And the hubby picks this heatwave to spread grass seed...☹️ So, I can hardly wait to see the water bill this month!! Enjoy the rain and cool while you have it. And I hope you have a slow day with lots of piecing and binge watching! Give Zoey and all the kitties a pet for me.

  11. Bonnie, thank you for helping Holly Anne spread the fun of freemotion quilting! I have been enjoying her youthful energy and enthusiasium for several years. I can do FMQ after a sort but still have to do the final project to be a "Rockstar" officially. Seems like something always comes up and I am not done on time. Hopefully this time...

  12. Love your cushion - it would also make a nice small table topper.

  13. After burning three fingers and my tongue this morning, my son strongly suggested I not cook anymore today, "and stay away from knives!" It was just gravy - for biscuits. I was trying to be healthy and use vege. oil instead of Crisco. Well I put in too much. So I dumped it out, and got it on my fingers, and licked it off. I don't know where my head was! Anyway. Trying to behave. Love love love those tulip blocks! But I have promised not to sew the rest of the day. My thumb has three huge burns on it alone. Hurts too! hahaha

    1. My remedy for burns is ice cubes! Those burns must be painful ... Great yourself gently today.

    2. We used ice cubes for years until my husband burned his hand on the new small grill. Online he found that natural honey is far more soothing, though he needed to cover his hand before we cleaned several rooms of honey spots within the house! He is the finest husband and caretaker ever!!

  14. I love your blossom time quilt! Will we be able to see the pieced backing when you’re finished with the binding? I’m interested

  15. I am wondering how Missouri Star can name a quilt pattern Good Fortune? Their latest tutorial is Good Fortune.

  16. Great day today! Organized a Zoom "sew in" with friends and quilt chapter members. Openedthe sew in room at 8:30 am and ended when the thunder got really loud at 4:45pm. Fun chat and lots accomplished. We would normally do these in prson but at the moment "normal" is relative and I am not related.

  17. Benicia California near San Francisco Bay California USA we are getting close to having everything closed up again Our COVID-19 is spreading too rapidly most in door things are closed bars, restaurants, salons, gyms and we are having an extreme heat wave with rolling power outages due to “grid” over load. Our house has no air conditioning we used to go to the movie or the mall or grocery store or library to cool off now it’s either closed or not safe to spend any more time than necessary in doors where there are other people
    I am thinking of what to sew and wishing for winter songs on the radio like a white Christmas ❤️👵🏻

  18. What a lovely way to use up the leftover block and a lovely addition for your cabin couch.
    Didn’t get any sewing done yesterday my daughter did a catch up party for her 2 year old , as her birthday was during lockdown. But today is another sew along with Gudrun, thank you for the introduction she is a lovely person. Have a wonderful day.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  19. I drove to four different towns in the Minnesota 2020 Shop Hop yesterday. I drove into lake country, lots of traffic! I complete that section today. I am working on two baby clothes t-shirt quilts and when completed and taken to the quilter, I will sew the Minnesota fabric kit I purchased, very pretty fabric again this year, and it is great weather to be out and about!

  20. I have over 70 Easy Breezy blocks!! All from leftovers of my British fabric quilts (some picked up in the US and some from Salisbury). I am waiting to see what you do . . . .

  21. Love the block. I am not a big green fan but love this one. We had a bad storm go through last Tuesday so I could relate when you talked about it the other day. We still had power so I could sew while others in the area were out for hours. Today I need to work on a dress for a friend and get that done. I was able to find a Koala cabinet yesterday for my serger. I've wanted one for a very long time but they are expensive. However, I have to drive a couple of hours to get this one but it total costs will still be a 10th of what it would cost brand new. Needless to say, I am excited and need to figure out how to rearrange my sewing room and keep the other two cabinets that are not Koala. Blessings on your day.

  22. Beautiful cushion cover that turned up unexpectedly!

  23. When it gets hot in Bend everyone heads to the river and the lakes. I gave up the river several months ago. Since hubby and I are both in our 70s we've tried to avoid crowds. Yesterday we ventured further from home and actually found a lake where everyone was out on their boats and we could enjoy sitting at a picnic table and e joy the view.

  24. Please tell me where I can get the tulip pattern :)

  25. Thanks for your quote, Bonnie. I struggle to feel I'm not doing enough. Bless you! Wendy


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