Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tennessee Quilty Goodness!

Judy Stokes and her Quiltville Quilts at Mountain Quiltfest!

Imagine my surprise when I walked onto the show floor at Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to find that my friend Judy had a special exhibit of many of the mystery quilts and others she had made from my designs!  This is a true honor, both for Judy AND for me!

To see all of her Quiltville Quilts hanging one after another with crowds of people around – it nearly brought me to tears.

Judy’s Celtic Solstice and Orca Bay from String Fling.

Spoolin’ Around Leader & Ender challenge -

Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling,

And this year’s mystery Good Fortune!

Judy these were just wonderful!  Congrats on your exhibit, and for including me! 

It was a thrill to walk the show and spot other Quiltville quilts as well!

Allietare next to a beautiful sampler-
Check out that gorgeous border on the sampler…wow!

Susan Joy’s Chunky Churn Dash!

Fabulous Good Fortune shared during class time!

Another beautiful Allietare!

And the one that made me cry:

This is Gisele.

She made Pineapple Blossom from her daddy’s ties and shirts.

(free patterns tab)

Each tie was lovingly taken apart, hand washed, and stabilized with very light iron on interfacing. All of the memories of seeing daddy wearing each tie on Sunday, holiday or special occasion keep the memories flowing and became a very cathartic process celebrating her father’s life.

The perfect label.

This was a week so full of quilty inspiration that we just could not contain it all!  So I have put the Quiltville quilts from Mountain Quiltfest in the video below. Click to play:

Yesterday's flight to New Orleans:

Downtown New Orleans from the air!

Colorful barges in the water below!

Look at how these streets radiate out from a central point!

Maybe it’s weird but I love looking at how neighborhoods and street patterns appear from the air….just think of all of the planning it took to do something like this!  Golf courses are also interesting from above…which is why I “MUST” have a window seat.  I have just got to SEE what is out there, down there, over there.

This beauty made its maiden voyage!

This was my gift to myself at Mountain Quiltfest.  The TJ Lane folks were there.  I had two thimbles previously – one for home, one for the cabin – but one or the other would have to be REMEMBERED and placed in my busy bag for travel.  After 7 workshops plus an evening lecture at Mountain Quiltfest, I decided I deserved one that would just STAY in my busy bag.

And there is no better time to get one than in person where it can be tried on and fitted to perfection.  And I have to admit, I am just a bit over the moon with that pretty pearl.

Sleeping under Jamestown Landing from String Fling!

It’s a great way to release any creases and encourage some sweet dreaming while making yet another hotel room in a different state, different city, different time zone feel a bit more like home.

I’m looking forward to teaching this class today – our system is a bit different.  We are about a 15 minute drive away from the event location and the hotel shuttle is taking us back and forth so I need to be downstairs and ready to load up at 7:45am.  Time to get a move on!

Did you see yesterday’s Quilty Box Gift-Away post?  I’m drawing for two winners!  Enter to win ON THAT POST.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Ohio star quilt photo sent in by Cathy in Michigan.

Time to grab this day by the horns, and show it who's boss!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. awesome photos and a new thimble to boot! love the quote...so important for everyone...

  2. What an honor, the quilts were all beautiful!A wonderful surprise! Your saying today is Great advice that I try to live by each day. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Bonnie, thank you so very much for the kind words you shared about my quilt made from Daddy's ties. I think I have told most everyone I know, what a pleasure it was meeting you and how pleasantly genuine you really are. I appreciate the knowledge and talents you share with others every single day. Thank you for being YOU! Hopefully I can snag a full day class when you return to Mountain Quiltfest in 2021!

    1. what a great example of a fabulous quilt label... tells all and the quilt ain't bad (smile) either...thanks for sharing, Cats in Carlsbad CA

    2. Gisele, your Daddy's Ties quilt is a beautiful tribute. Being a Daddy's girl, this brought tears to my eyes. All of your quilts are outstanding, yet your tribute to your Daddy stands out in love.

    3. Absolutely love your Daddy's Ties and the label was so perfect!! I want to do the same with my dad's ties and dress shirts...he used to wear them every day! My label will be similar to the one you made, just because it could not be done better!

  4. Beautiful I love it :)
    Beijinhos de Luz!

  5. Congratulations on your new TJ Lane thimble. I use them and love them too. You are right. You did deserve it. Good for you.

  6. Oh wow, love it...that pearl really fancy and fun. I had to look, as I bought my first thimble last January from TJ Lane from my Road to California convention extravaganza...it's the same design!!! It fits like a dream and super comfortable.

  7. I love seeing a display of Quiltville Quilts in a Show. How special that you were there to see it!! My Good Fortune makes its debut at our Tri-Cities Quilt Show this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a fantastic post full of photos of quilty goodness. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the inspiration Bonnie. Nicole in Australia .

  9. Thank you for sharing all these lovely quilts in one spot. It made my day. And it makes me want to get mine quilted! Lol.

  10. Daddy's Ties - how wonderful. Plus all those quilts from your designs - amazing.

  11. Your heart must be swelling when you look at all these quilts using your patterns. Amazing contribution to the quilting world. Keep up the great work.


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