Monday, December 19, 2016

Mystery Monday Link-Up! Part 4!

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend, a BIT slower pace, finding some time to sew up our deep purples and neutrals into more Tri-Recs units for Part 4 of our En Provence Mystery!

I’ve kept my eye on social media this weekend, using the hashtags #quiltvillemystery and #enprovencequilt to see what you are doing – It’s been fun playing the voyeur into your sewing space and watching what you post!

I must say that I love how artisticly you are arranging your pieces, your sewing area – and any time I see a vintage machine doing the work I give three cheers for the beautiful old ladies (The machines, not you!) that continue to do such a great job after decades, and in some cases centuries!

The Stitch by Stitch guild of Marshall, MO!

This note came with the photo from Gina:
Hi Bonnie—We wanted to share with you the fun we had recently.  Our guild, the Stitch by Stitch Quilt Guild of Marshall, MO, had an En Provence Mystery Party last Saturday. 
We enjoyed some games to learn more about France, some French snack foods, berets to wear, and lots of stitching on our mystery quilts!  We have about 13 guild members participating in the mystery this year, and 10 attended our party.  
Thanks so much for your generosity in providing a mystery every year.  We are having a blast!  Hope you enjoy the attached picture—happy quilters! 
  --Gina Hare
I remember these ladies!  We had such a good time on my whirlwind tour through Missouri a couple Septembers ago.  SO MUCH FUN!  I love the berets!


En Provence Bingo at the Cozy Quilter!

This note came along with these photos from Irene:
Hey Bon!

Thought I'd send you these pics of our FanAddict Friday group at The Cozy Quilter. 
Today we played Bonnie Hunter Bingo where the prize was your Essential Triangle Tool.  

The names of your quilts were the numbers and we played a layer cake version of Bingo.   It was really fun hearing people talk about the quilts they've done (or at least started) the ones they want to do and the ones they hadn't heard of before and now are going to look them up.


Terri got the Bingo!
Our winner was Terri Cooper and she was thrilled to receive your Essential Triangle  Tool.  It really was fun!
I just love this!  Thanks for carrying on the FanAddict Fridays!  I wish I were close enough to drop on by and come play too. 


Peggy’s Purples!

Peggy sent this note along with her photo during yesterday afternoon’s Quilt-Cam!  Did you catch it?
“I'm finished! 
Today was finish up Step 4 then start making my 2017 UFO list.

I am making charity tops with my 2-1/2 inch leader/ender squares and shockingly I'm able to do 2 a month.

I'm shocked at what I used to toss in the garbage ”
I always say there is NO GUILT in QUILT!  When we know better, we do better and we put those scraps to good use!  I love your purples, Peggy!!  Whooop whoop!  This is going to be such an awesome reveal!

And now it’s YOUR turn! 

No matter where you are in your En Provence, you can share blocks, design wall photos, completed tops, quilted tops waiting for binding, finished quilts, quilts with your dog, cat or grand baby on it – just share!

If you do not have a blog, you can link to an instagram post, google+ post, flickr photo or even a Pinterest photo. But you MUST have one of these to participate.

So be sure when you are filling in your information below that you include a URL to your specific post or photo, not just your main blog or profile address.  We need the address of the page where your photo and post is, not the whole account.

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There were MANY posts last week that did NOT include a link-back.  PLEASE take the time to do it.  Don’t be the dead end street for everyone else.  Thank you!

Oh, these are looking SO GREAT!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Feathered star found in North Carolina.

Or in other words, I am happiest when I am busy cutting up fabric and sewing it back together!

Are you with me?  Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Both those groups sound like Quiltville ans I would love to sew with! Tucking those ideas away for future fun too!

  2. It was great sharing sewing time with you on quilt cam yesterday! I have all of my clues completed and am catching up on some UFOs in between! I am loving the MQ so far and have it ear marked for a high school graduation gift. Thanks for all that you do for us!

  3. Hope you are getting a change to slow down too ;-) I'm having fun so far ;-)

  4. Oh, that feathered star quilt is awesome! Saving it in my file of 'must makes'! Hugs!

  5. I'm do excited to have weeks off to work on the mystery quilt.Steps 1,2,3 are done. ..hurray!Thank uou so much for all your inspirations .Have a very special Christmas!

  6. I'm do excited to have weeks off to work on the mystery quilt.Steps 1,2,3 are done. ..hurray!Thank uou so much for all your inspirations .Have a very special Christmas!

  7. I love handwork, and my husband just had knee replacement surgery, so I am piecing mine by hand in the hours of "found time" sitting in the hospital, therapy sessions and generally babysitting him (men...) and am really enjoying this project. I have many pieces cut and they go together perfectly.

  8. I will be better next week after Christmas is done. The activities on my calendar and the late making of Christmas gifts has taken my time away from the Mystery. Love the Feathered Star Quilt you found! SEW Scrappy- SEW YOU!

  9. What in the world are leaders and enders ? I've seen them mentioned many times. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for sharing the Groups activities and photos. Was that a Glacier Star or a Feathered Star on the wall of Gina's Post? Gina, can you help, here? It was beautiful, which ever it is. I am behind, not caught up. Some of each part done, other activities of Christmas getting in the way. Hopefully Wednesday and Thursday I get to sew. I Still have baking to do, also.

    Merry Christmas, Everyone!

    Kasilof, AK, Where we got more than an inch of snow again today. We will definitely have a white Christmas this year!

  11. Until the driving weather improves, my tri recs rulers are an hour away. So everything is on hold until after the holidays. Love the colours. Can't wait for the next clue, maybe something I can do without a specialty ruler.

  12. I have been on your store tab as I want to order the new Essential Ruler. I can only get the page to advance half way down and then it stops and nothing I do seems to move the page further. Any idea? I got as far as to put the ruler in my shopping cart but can't enter payment info. Very frustrating.


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