Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Road to Virginia!

We went on a cabin hunting excursion yesterday.

It’s time to spend some time and get out and see what possibilities are out here.

With a list of things we are looking for, as well as a list of things we definitely DO NOT want (NO HOA!) we set out to meet up with a realtor just over the North Carolina State line into Virginia.

It’s really not that far from here –we are that far north into the Blue Ridge Mountains.

As we wound our way through hills and valleys and climbed a bit higher I definitely felt like I was climbing Walton’s Mountain!

The area we are looking at boasts Virginia’s tallest mountain peak of Mount Rogers, at 5700 feet above sea level.

So picturesque!

And this is a REALLY great newly paved road above this little sleepy valley just around the bend from where we are looking.


Turkey in the straw!
(corn actually!)


The gate awaits!

As we sat here and waited for our agent to arrive, I giggled and stated that this was the kind of “gated community” I was looking for!  NO HOA!

Up the winding driveway!


Oh, it’s lovely!

I am keeping my mind open.  We have just started looking.  I am not going to get hooked on this, the SECOND place we see, but it is undeniably beautiful.  And it comes with 42 acres of wooded mountain.

It’s about the same size as what we have now.  It would fit us easily.  Not too big, not too small.  Goldilocks says “Just right.”


I liked the open kitchen with plenty of cabinets.


The family room is cozy!

And I love those north facing windows and all of the light they bring in.  It would be easy to add a gas insert into the wood burning fireplace.  We love our gas heat for how clean it is.


Quilts on beds!


View through the window.


Wall detail.

This is a log home, and I love the rough hewn look of the interior walls.  The bathroom counters were TALL just the way I like them. 


Up to the loft space.


Looking through that magnificent window


2 bedrooms up here, plus sitting room space.


There is a daybed here, but I would love a reading nook.


Basement space perfect for sewing studio.


from the other end of the room.

There were quilts on beds, and quilted pillows and quilt wall hangings in abundance.  My heart was smiling!  Did the owner make them?  I have no way of knowing.  But it was easy to imagine myself here thanks to the quilted beauty in this place.

It was pretty chilly yesterday so we didn’t do much exploring of the property, but there is a peace and beauty here that can’t be denied.


From the kitchen of the MLS listing, in summer.

It’s helpful to also consider down sides when deciding on a place.

The distance to this cabin is right at my 2 hour driving limit.  If it is farther than 2 hours away I won’t get there as often.  But 2 hours is doable. 

The internet situation is unknown.  I only had 1 bar of 1x service on my phone, and while I could send/receive calls and text messages, any other social media (including blogging) would be a no-go unless we could find something to enhance it.  Maybe satellite internet would be an option as there was a Direct TV dish in the yard.

We’d be back to “no streaming of netflix” or even Quilt-Cam.  But we dealt with that here on Buck Mountin until the situation improved thanks to fiber optic cable.

Or maybe a break from the constant noise and pull of 24/7 social media is what I need?


In winter.

We saw another place that I will share tomorrow.

There are a few more Virginia listings we want to see perhaps NEXT weekend – straight north of Winston Salem where home is, a whole new area to explore.

We are just beginning our search.

But the thing I can definitely say about this place is that it is going to set the standard by which all other places we see are judged.

There is a difference between a front porch, and an open deck.  This has both.  I NEED a covered front porch.  With rocking chairs.

Kitchen space matters because this is so remote there is no running to town to grab a bite on a whim.  This kitchen would suit my needs.

It has QUILTING SPACE!  (Wouldn’t a treadle machine in that loft be awesome?  I could look out those tall windows all day while sewing.)

Room to breathe.  No HOA.

It would add distance for our son who comes up from South Carolina to visit. 

The drive lane would require maintenance, and we have the equipment available for grading and for plowing in the winter.  The Hubster grew up on a farm in Eastern Oregon and he is used to that kind of activity and actually LOVES it.

Being out and away from everyone would necessitate me making friends with other quilters in the area through perhaps the Ashe County guild across the line in North Carolina and perhaps joining so I could become part of a community when I was up there.

It’s further from Mona.

All of this is running through my brain and I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

But I have to admit, my heart does a little flutter when I  hear that quiet inner voice saying that this place has possibilities.


Last night’s “View from my hoop!”

Hand stitching after dinner has become an “evening anticipation” for me and I am making some progress on this quilt.  Last night I moved the hoop 3 times!  When my fingers get too sore from hand quilting, I switch to binding.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I'm replacing my fear of the unknown with "What if?!"

2017 will be a year of change and growth and I'm excited to see what will unfold.

Vintage triangle quilt found in Winfield, Kansas and shared by Carolyn.

Have a wonderful restful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Bonnie.....you said in your blog "I'm replacing my fear of the unknown with "What if?!".......I did just that 12 years ago at age 57 to move to North Carolina. I had lived in the Los Angeles area for 53 of those 57 years and in the same house in Long Beach for 33 years when we made the decision to move 2500 miles cross country with 4 cats and a raven. I have never regretted it. I love where we live and am so glad God led us here to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. House hunting is exciting......have fun with it!

  2. That house is a beauty! And I love the name "Mouth of Wilson".

  3. it is such a pretty place certainly a retreat for quiet! maybe being away from internet connection is not a bad thing for the short periods of time you are away? Time to unwind and relax

  4. Thanks for taking us on your house hunting journey. I will enjoy it and I am hopeful for your perfect find.

  5. It looks like you are having fun looking for a place. I'm sure you will find just what you need, be it this place or another one.

  6. On the trail of the lonesome pine! What a super place to view. I can see why it will set the standard. Some lovely quilts there too.

  7. I like the upstairs railing on this house. Plenty of room to hang quilts. Will all the windows make it cold in the winter? It is a beautiful cabin!

  8. Glad it is now feeling like a 'what if' instead of the fear of change and the unknown. Beautiful place.

  9. The place is beautiful and I think you could be happy there. The distance from Mona is not great, but before Quilt Villa you didn't know Mona at all. You will look at other places maybe near Mona's new place, good luck on finding the perfect Quilt Villa 2.

  10. I LOVE this cabin. It looks so cozy. The views are amazing. I love the windows so you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings! I can see your beautiful quilts on the walls and hanging over the loft railing. The basement sewing area looks nearly perfect! I can hear those machines humming and treadling away! The kitchen looks very inviting. 42 acres is quite a large property. Your ATVs would be so much fun to ride around on your own acerage. You would be the HOA! I love the remoteness, but it does present some unique challenges. No running to the store for last minute ingredients. How close is the nearest antique mall, grocery store, medical facility, etc.? Is it self-sufficient enough if you end up staying longer than planned? Trees can fall across the road, snow can pile up on the access road, power can go out, and so much more to also consider. I do love Virginia. Our daughter and son-in-law live there. It's a beautiful state with many fun activities and adventures to explore. Happy house hunting!!

  11. It's beautiful! I can see how you would fall in love.

  12. Bonnie, I've lived in Newberry County, SC for the last seven years. My 29 acre place (2300 sq ft house with 450 sq ft house) is currently for sale.

    One if the downsides of the place was lack of broadband internet service. I had HughesNet satellite service; it was slow and expensive, and the amount of bandwidth was severely limited.

    For your purposes turning off the social media could be great. Just do be aware of the situation as you choose your place.

    All the best.

  13. That's a lovely place. What fun to explore different homes and imagine what it would look like with your quilting. Best wishes in finding your peaceful getaway home.

  14. This is a beautiful place. Love the mountains. We live in VA. Best wishes on finding a new cabin. We will be exploring in the near future also, as retirement is not to far off.

  15. Not sure the off-blog drama you have had with your HOA, but this looks like a wonderful place as a getaway! Quiltvilla 2!

  16. Bonnie - this just screams your name - BONNIE - BUY ME NOW!

  17. I don't think that you should worry about no internet or poor internet. I think maybe that would give you the opportunity to recharge more often. I'm just a few years older than you and find I get a lot more done when "away" from services briefly!

  18. That one DEFINITELY set the bar HIGH for the rest of your search!!

  19. Lovely cabin. I could LIVE there as long as I had the tractor & snowplow or one of those big snow blowers to attach. Actually, the first exterior picture reminds me a lot of your current cabin.

  20. My first thought, was beautiful! But what about Mona?! She wants to move too doesn't she? There's a lot of land, maybe sell some to them and build?! See?! Easy peasy! Haha oh, and you could sell some to us too! Nice place to retire, until then, family get together a couple of times a year! Lol
    So glad you are looking. We are used to "rules" and HOAs....being retired military, but they were wasting money on ugly stuff weren't there? 😣 HOAs are a waste in some ways, but better in some. Good luck! ❤

  21. I love that house - can't to see what else you will be looking at. Thanks for taking us on your adventure!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  22. what a beautiful place inside and out!!!!! I can't wait to find out if you bought this one or a different one! I chuckled when I saw your altitude because you are still below me at a mile high! But those hills there I hear the song in my head of shenandoa Valley and so many more.... yep SHE'LL BE COMING ROUND the MOUNTAIN for sure! What a fun journey!..... my next journey will be taking me back to the coast of Oregon and their rugged Ocean views.... other than Mountains, my other favorite view!!!!!

  23. Well Bonnie you have found my dream home!My husband's family live at the base of the Blue Ridge Mts. in Luray, VA. He would much prefer there than these hard winters in up state NY. LOl Best of luck in your search.

  24. Beautiful home. I think away time with no internet might be just what you need. You work so hard and haven't you been talking about me time. The perfect getaway. You will make friends easy. The lady who currently owns it could be a follower of yours. If you do the move now while you are able it makes for more fun. Just what I have done but this is my home not holiday home. Good luck with your search and decisions...

  25. It looks beautiful and the quilts......hmmmm.

  26. Looks like a perfect 2nd home for you and your family. And, how perfect to find something so delightful that is only 2 hours from your primary home. I hope you find the perfect getaway retreat. Of course, I'd also love it more if you find something that would also work to host quilt retreats, as I'd love to come join you in the Virginia countryside.


  27. The 42 acres of peace and solitude would be incredible! Hubby maintaining the drive is great but .... don't you go to the cabin early sometimes? Would this one mean he has to go first to be sure the drive is cleared? Other than that, I would settle in and nest :)

  28. It is a beautiful Cabin, Bonnie! Remember, when God Closes one door, he opens another.
    Also, you may be giving up Quilt Villa, but the next place will be better (NO HOA, as you say).

    Good Luck, have fun Hunting and looking at the possibilities.

    Kasilof, AK

  29. Can I ask, What s a HOA

  30. Lovely cabin. I would encourage you to revisit in the winter after snow. Maintaining your access is a consideration. We have a long drive and several trails in our woods. After snow getting the drive open takes a tractor and time. While our husbands do that for us, does take time and could affect those spur of the moment trips, in winter. Trails/roads in the woods require constant attention to keep them clear. Not bad, just need to realize that going in.

  31. I so enjoy reading about your days and living vicariously through your adventures. I really enjoyed traveling along with you on your new cabin quest. I live in Florida and that is a dream come true for me. NO cold weather, no snow BUT I still do miss the beauty of the seasons and of course first snow and the deer in my yard up north. Through you I can have this without the downsides.

    We met on the Craft Tour of Tuscany in May of 2015. I was the one who got that really bad rash all over my body and got to meet an Italian doctor. FUN


  32. Heaven in my Home State! Beautiful Bonnie! Enjoy!

  33. I know you'll find what is just perfect for you but, I have to say, this one would be difficult for me to walk away! Good luck! I'm enjoying the journey with you! Thanks for sharing!

  34. This looks like my house in Ashe County! And we would welcome you with wide arms Bonnie!

  35. What a find Bonnie I love that place. It looks charming and not much upkeep with all the wood inside.
    Love the kitchen and the open places. I lived in Winston Salem for 4 month it was very beautiful there.
    Bonnie you will know if it was made for you when you see more places.
    Wishing you all the best searching for your new place.
    You will know it if it is the right place or not after seeing more options.
    Good luck Bonnie and happy Quilting,
    Yoka Bazilewich

  36. Certainly does look like a gem. I would love all that wonderful natural light. Like your quilting space in Quiltville, I too have a quilting cave (aka the basement). It is a walkout and is attached to a 3-season porch so in warm weather I have wonderful light. But all those windows makes my heart a flutter. Good luck in your hunt. I'm sure you will find just the perfect place to call home.

  37. Wow, very exciting. Love the sharing of your journey.

  38. How lovely! I would be tempted to jump.

  39. Anonymous1:05 PM EST

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  40. We got married in Virginia and it has always had a soft spot in my heart. We considered it when looking at retirement options but the heat and humidity in the summer was more than either of us wanted to deal with ... so we moved in the other direction (Northern Michigan). Fortunately we love the snow and I use those too cold to be outside days for my quilting and fabric fondling. I've always believed that when house hunting that you will walk into your next home and KNOW it is the one. Don't settle ... enjoy the journey ... the house will speak to you when it is the right one ... listen for it in your heart and mind ;-) Linda

  41. What a beautiful place!


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