Sunday, December 18, 2016

Quilt-Cam 12-18-2016

We just finished a round of Quilt-Cam on Facebook Live just a bit ago!

What a fun way to take some time out in the middle of a Sunday afternoon.  Just loved it!

I would have loved it even more if I had remembered to charge the tablet up all the way so the battery wouldn’t run out so soon! LOL!

For those who didn’t understand why I couldn’t just charge it while filming, I’ve got an external webcam/mic attached and I’m using that to record so that the entire video is NOT in mirror image, which is what happens if I use the tablet camera to record.  It’s technology, but there you have it.  The mic is plugged into the charging jack, and therefore I can’t charge while recording.

What running Quilt-Cam on Facebook Live offers is the opportunity to interact with more folks via a very easy to use format, and to save the video and embed it here in the blog after the fact for those who don’t use facebook for whatever reason.  The picture has been clear, and the audio in sync, and those who miss it are still able to catch it here on the blog where it will continue to be archived under the Quilt-Cam tab at the top of my blog.

Writing this post AFTER the fact means I can share some of the posts that came to me while we WERE live, such as this photo you see here!

Grammy Dwynn says that these are her LAST 40 of Clue #4 for our En Provence mystery – not that she is counting or anything!

Brenda, machine quilting on her 201!

She writes: 
Hi Bonnie,
I'm working on quilting this variable star quilt from midnight quilt show.  It's a Christmas present for my niece   I'm from Manassas, VA. 
Thanks for all that you do for us!
Happy holidays!
I love seeing what you are running under your needle!
Amy is getting ready to quilt!
Hi Bonnie!
I'm just ready to longarm this log cabin variation from your Addicted to Scraps column. This is the last of 5 I'm making in different colors and layouts for a set of quintuplets!  I'm hoping to give them for Christmas, so the push is on!
Love ya,
Amy Hering in Wisconsin
Sharon’s En Provence Progress!
She is from Sydney, Australia and writes:
Love watching Quilt Cam live...often don't get the chance from down under!  Finished all 4 clues, waiting for next one.....just after 6am here ...thank you so much!

It was so much fun sewing along with you and knowing that all over the world, we were doing similar things, together!
I’m excited to finish these up!
You can find the link to the issue of Quiltmaker Magazine where Garlic Knots appeared as a block in my Addicted to Scraps column by clicking the Addicted to Scraps tab at the top of the blog. I’m shooting for 64 blocks which means I need another 30 or so more.
Back to the machine I go!  Looking forward to all you have to share in tomorrow’s Mystery Monday Link-Up!

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  1. Was out shopping so didn't see the notification. Thanks for adding it to your archives! Lots of activity going on!! Hugs, Allison C. Bayer in Plano, Texas USA

  2. Couldn't catch you live, thank you for adding. Love watching.

  3. Bonnie - great Quilt-Cam. I offer just a tiny "FYI" - even if you had plugged IN the tablet, that would likely not have helped. Tablets, by their nature, charge SLOWER than the power they use to run. A laptop can run on a plug just fine, but I believe a tablet would eventually go dead even if plugged in. I THINK there may be some 'faster-charge' cables, but I don't know how they work...
    and again, I am not a techie, so I could be all wrong here... so will stop giving tech advice and go back and sew some four-patches !!! LOL, have a nice Sunday everyone.

  4. Thank you for the quilt cam
    I have to laugh at your running low on power due to having to plug this in here to use that because if you use this instead the picture for us is reverse.
    I am so pleased/happy you go to the lengths you do to share some sewing time with me and your other watchers
    Thank you

  5. It's a balmy Minus 5 here and I am just snuggling down with hot tea to watch Quilt Cam! I know I am going to love it. Rick spotted it about it about 5 hours ago so he is my hero and I decided to share the evening with him. He seldom wins out over you, Bonnie :) So now he is tucked away in bed and I am wide awake with my decaf tea ready to give you my undivided attention.

    Thanks for making this possible for all of the quiltvillians world wide. We love you and we love that your family shares you with us. Big Warm hugs.

  6. There is ice out all over the outside. We had snow than rain then it dropped twenty degrees. As I peer out my window I have concluded it is a PERFECT sew day.

    Thanks for your regular blog postings.

  7. My dearest, scrappy quilter Bonnie, I also have a pink Cadillac Atlas. My repair tech was so impressed with the power of this machine, he actually sewed 6 layers of denim together to see how powerful the pink lady is. He was very impressed with the Atlas' power. (I know, I really do fall her "The Pink Lady, Sandy" from Grease!)
    I always watch after you have posted as I cannot figure out how to catch you 'live'. I do so enjoy your running dialog and tips. You are a real joy in my life and I always feel so good when watching, and so much smarter when you are done.
    Thank you for all you do for all of us. Just keep doing what you do. You are an inspiration to so many, me most of all. Marie-Anne Munger
    As an aside, i've bought hardly any fabric for almost 20 years as my friend, her cousins and daughter send me their scraps. Their motto is: ' if it's ugly it's Marie's'. Its so nice to have good friends.
    However, if they asked what my favorite type of fabric is, I would tell them that I have never met a piece of fabric I didn't like.
    Again, Thank you, God bless and Happy Holidays from my house to yours. Marie

  8. Darn!!!! I have missed the last 2 cams. So bummed. I was sewing all by myself last night. I will have to play them again. Darn I really like the live version instead of the replay. Just say-in :)

  9. I am loving catching the quiltcams you've been posting lately. Love hearing that you run out of strips and have to pull older FQs etc. to replenish. I used to almost immediately cut what I had just purchased then figured out some of it was being neglected. I somewhat sorted my neutrals in 4 stacks, by colorway (whites, creams, darker creams, tans) and now when I need more I make sure I pull from the bottom of those stacks so my fabric isn't sitting there forever. Still cut that new stuff sometimes because I just fall in love with a particular one, but so far so good :D


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