Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Always Room For Quilts -

Sometimes you find them, sometimes you don’t.

It’s always a treasure hunt, and often times there isn’t any treasure!

But this time there was.

It’s been a while since I was able to visit this antique mall, and this time with Mona in tow, we were extremely hopeful that we would find something to share.

Vintage quilts have a lifetime worth of lessons.  What was available at the time?  The fabrics of the period tell a story all their own.  Here in the south the quilts post civil war through the 1950s are often quite humble, made quickly with thick batting from whatever the scrap bag had to offer, and quilted quickly in all over fan patterns to keep families warm through cold winters.

I know I have shared this one before – it’s still there.  But I still love it.  A hodge podge of blocks, and that one giant 4 patch on point!

Some may desire museum quality finds, but as for me –these are the ones I love!


Now THIS is an odd ball!

The patchwork part at the bottom is early to mid 1800s.  That red “pillow top” at the other end?  It was added after the fact to make the quilt “big enough” and they quilted it with more baptist fans (different thread different stitch length, much later fabric) to match what was going on in the original.


It’s a crazy medallion of sorts,  very interesting fabrics, some now shredding.


Who knows WHY it was extended, but the main event was a treasure!


Sweet pinwheels!


Those small corners were likely NOT flip & Stitch!

One pinwheel gone awry.  Love it!


But this one.  Oh my gosh.  This one!


This one is calling to me loudly!

The center star has been patched with 1990s calicoes.

This does not detract from the story for me, it adds to it!  Someone loved this quilt enough to want to preserve it and fix the places where fabric was fraying.

Besides, for $45.00 I couldn’t just let it stay there, could I?  This super scrappy primitive feathered star was calling my name LOUDLY and I had the perfect place for it:


Hanging in my front entrance!

It’s beyond perfect.  I am so in love. 

I started a paper pieced feathered star variation several years back.  I think it needs to come back out and be my travel project through 2017.  Yes, it’s time to start thinking of being on the road again.

Essential Triangle Tool Update:  They are on the truck!  By the tracking I can see they are making their way state to state, and projected arrival is either tomorrow or Thursday.  It’s all weather depending when it comes to getting through the Midwest.  I have until Friday afternoon once they arrive to get out as many as I can.  The rest will wait until after Christmas.  This is KILLING me.  

And this is why I chose today’s inspiration:


Worry is going on the back burner.

Today I choose JOY!

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Did you miss last night’s Gift-Away post?  I’ve got a great December Quilty Box heading to one lucky quilter who will be drawn for on Christmas Eve!  Head over and enter HERE.

Maybe I can get in one more day of crazy pedal to the metal sewing time before that call comes in from Yellow Freight!

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  1. What a fun find. Love it and it looks great in your entryway.

  2. Wowee! This quilty box is fabulous! Thank you for sharing it.

    Love a feathered star quilt; I'm so glad you rescued the one you found. It's lovely in your home.

  3. Hi Bonnie .. I too have a few quilts made by my great grandmother that someone later "extended" with a solid color. I cannot abide the extension, but I'm afraid to take it off. Whats a girl to do?!

    I do love your new treasure ... and I hope you ultimately chose that first gem of a home in Virginia for your new Villa.


  4. I wish you peace, I wish you joy, I wish you a blessed Merry Christmas. Thank you for all you do for others!

  5. The Feathered Star is just so beautiful. Many years ago I made ONE feathered star block from a great teacher, but decided that one was not for me. LOL You paper piece yours and I might like that. I have a Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt made by my Great Grandmother Lena that is made entirely of feed sacks. It hangs in my bedroom and I love looking at the fabrics.

    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and your family.

  6. What a lovely quilt. It has found the perfect home with you!

  7. What a lovely quilt. It has found the perfect home with you!

  8. The Feathered Star fits perfectly. What quilt did it replace? That is a nice shelf in your entryway. It looks handmade. Good news for the Mystery, we'll be sewing trangles soon. Merry Christmas is Coming our way. Joy is my choice too!

  9. Fantastic finds! I want to come shopping on your side of the state! Never seem to have such good finds over near Raleigh.

    Choose JOY! I'm SEW glad you chose me!! What did I win? LOL! Just kidding!! I know you were referencing the emotion, not a person. Or... does this mean I'm supposed to make a Log Cabin quilt in 2017? Nah!! Too many other projects in the works. Merry Christmas!!

  10. Like you, it is the more humble quilts that call my name. A quilt signed and dated 1847was atbthe bottom of a jumble of textiles in an antique mall. On,y mybe 6"showed... But oh those colrs. Bought it and treasure the quilt and the lady long ago who made it. ELizabeth Prouty.

    Enjoyed your love of quilts ... Thanks for sharing.

  11. O my! That quilt is so fabulous! It is instant cozy. Glad you gave it a home. Have a great Christmas and don't stress over those rulers. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!

  12. feathered stars make me weak in the knees....love them

  13. I LOVE it when you go to the antique mall :0) What a fabulous feathered star! I love all its wonderful scrappiness!! It looks great in your front entry.

  14. Beautiful antique quilts! You made a good choice. It looks perfect in your hallway!

  15. I love the quilt as well that you placed at your entry. Great find!! :)

  16. This "new" quilt of yours is beautiful. I keep seeing different things in it each time I look closely at it. I love the pieced sashing in the centre. You are so lucky in your antique findings. Here in the UK you will rarely find either a quilt or a sewing machine. I love all you do and thank you so much for sharing. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday time. By the way, I love the cabin hunting. It's so interesting to see what is out there. You will find your dream eventually, if you haven't already!

  17. Lovely quilt! Looks like a "Bonnie Quilt" alright. You give so much and share so much with us all. Thank you. I hope you and your family will have a wonderful Christmas together. Our family too will all be together for Christmas. Hopefully to enjoy time with my ailing father in law also. He is 93 and ready to leave this earthly home. Mom left earlier in the year. Bitter sweet year. But, we enjoy the time we have had. Merry Christmas

  18. Anonymous8:36 AM EST

    What a great find for $45! I would have snatched up that quilt had I seen it first! But my real purpose for commenting is today's quote quilt - see that green checkered strip at the bottom of the photo of that log cabin quilt? I could swear that it's the same fabric that I made a blouse from in 8th grade Home Ec (or maybe it was in 4-H?), back in 1963. I still have a piece of that fabric, along with a bunch of fabric scraps from that era, in the hopes that someday I'll make a quilt from those scraps. After I finish those dozens of UFOs...
    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Qwanzaa, Happy New Year, Bonnie and fellow Quiltvillians!! Quilt on!!

  19. Your 'new' quilt is awesome!!! I'm envious! I never find anything that gorgeous in Kansas especially for $45. If you find another treasure like that, buy it for me and I'll pay you ... and I'm totally serious. Looks so cool where you've put. I don't comment much/at all, but do enjoy your blog and your words. Good luck with the cabin hunt. Maybe, just maybe, you're already in the perfect place for you! Just sayin' .... Merry Christmas! Gayle

  20. I don't comment often, but I wanted to tell you I really enjoy reading about your antiquing finds. I enjoy seeing what you find and your comments about those items. I also enjoy all the quotes. I have often wondered if these are quotes you "make up" or if they are quotes you have come across since I don't see any mention of the source of the quote. Unfortunately, I can't read all the quotes because I don't do Pinterest (or other social media) and thus don't have an account. All Pinterest will let me see are the first two lines before they block out the whole thing.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year's celebration.

  21. Bonnie, that is exactly the type of quilt I've been rescuing for years, all 1800's. One is double-sided with the longer one wrapped around about a foot on the other side to make them fit. In April I am planning on a second Show and Tell quilt show here in our senior complex. Folks bring their family quilts, talk about them and we talk about dating them. I also give them a label for the quilt history. Wonderful stories and family treasures hopefully will be passed on.


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