Saturday, December 03, 2016

Peace and Piece on the Mountain!

Blue skies, gentle breezes, crisp late-autumn air.  Sunlight through bare branches.

This place is balm for my soul.

Sadie and I have taken some long walks over the past couple of days, and I’ve asked myself again and again – WHY am I selling my piece of this place?

Could I continue to live here and ignore the nigglings that tell me that something better is around the corner?

Is fear of NOT finding a “better fit” holding me back and making me accept compromises that also make me uncomfortable if I were to stay?

I’m struggling with the decision to leave.

Hence, long walks and loads of thinking.


Sadie says, “Hurry up, mama!”

There has been a little “well how did THAT happen?!” over the past week.  Some of you commented that realtor.com only lists this place as a 2 bed 2 bath when in fact is is 3 bed 3 1/2 bath.

Upon talking to our realtor, she said that 2 bedrooms was all the septic permit showed.  WHAT?

So someone who built here, only got a permit for a 2 bed, 2 bath – and then built a 3 bed 3 1/2 bath cabin on it without increasing the permit because it would have caused them to have to dig another line to the septic tank.

We are, we think – the 4th owners of this place, so how come we bought it when it was plainly listed (also on realtor.com) as a 3 bed, 3 1/2 bath?  Evidently the previous realtor didn’t do his homework and get the septic permit information before listing and selling.  And maybe the realtor for the people who bought it before us, didn’t either.

But I can’t in good conscience leave this problem to the next folks down the road, so we are about to put $2,000 in a new septic line that soon won’t be ours just to fix the mess that was left undisclosed to us when we bought our cabin 3 1/2 years ago.

There will be a call into the title company to see if title insurance covers any of this –it should have been disclosed.

Legally, they can’t list it as a 3 bed 3 1/2 bath if the septic permit only allows 2.  So that’s why the listing says 2.  Anyone looking for more than 2 won’t be interested in even LOOKING at our listing until we get it fixed.  So – another reason to jump right on this, fork out the money, and fix something that should not have been up to us to fix in the first place.


Breathing deep on yet ANOTHER long walk!

On these walks I also asked myself what I love the most about this mountain and what I’d like to find in a new place.  

I love the sound of my steps on the gravel roads when they are the only sounds to be heard.  I love that there is green up here from the pines, even through long winters.  I need trees. And I love pines. There will be trees.  5 acres of meadow with trees along the edges won’t do it for me.  I need to be IN trees.


And I need to see ridges!

I need some long range views.  Nothing calms my soul like the view of mountain ridges that go on and on and on –the vastness of it all.

It’s a tall order, I know.  But we found it here, even if it isn’t the right “forever” place –and I’ll find it again.

This weekend we are working on finishing the trim in the basement family room.  Mona is coming to sew!  And next weekend?  We might start to look at more property, but I have a feeling that what we really are looking for might not even be on the market until spring.  It’s tough to find things through the holidays, and things that have been listed FOREVER –well there is a reason those haven’t sold. 

 I can wait.  I can be patient.


This came together!


And I did a bunch of this, grey to green!


And then this happened!

I swear it felt like there were at least 1,000 squares in this border!  But when I counted there were only 928.  LOL.

I love how the pumpkins look less stark, more like they are fresh from the field with the green of leaves all around. It makes the stems on the top of the pumpkins make sense and have a focus.


Final border, and Hourglass Leader & Ender Challenge units!

Today my hope is to get this last border on, bringing some orange back to the outside edge of the top and it will be ready to quilt.  I want to get this one off to Quiltmaker for a fall 2017 issue.  I think that’s the quickest way to get you the pattern.  Then it can go in the next book down the pipeline from there.

I’ve been parceling out my favorite Netflix series –just one episode here, another there, trying to make them last.


Check out this floor from THE CROWN!


Possibilities?  Maybe string pieced? Hmmm.

I’ve watched ONE of the new Gilmore Girls episodes.  Saving those for solo stitching time.  And much of yesterday was enjoyed along with Land Girls, which I missed a season on and am catching up. If not that, then music is just playing in the background while I stitch and Sadie naps.

On the mystery front ---questions have been asked about our neutrals, do we need more?  We are not done.  And something to realize, if you are working from scraps or from smaller cuts of yardage as in fat-quarters, when cutting from these there may be less yield when cutting odd shapes like the tri-recs units because you can only cut so many down a strip, leaving more odd ends of waste where you can’t get another full unit, than if you were cutting from full width of fabric yardage.  So to those who are working strictly from scraps or fat quarters, yes, you might need some more.  There are still a couple of clues that use neutrals, but not near as much as we have used in the previous two clues.  It’s a mystery.  I can’t say any more than that.

If you are cutting with a die machine as in Accuquilt or Sizzix, there will be MORE WASTE so you will need MORE FABRIC.

I did use EQ7 to help calculate yardage needed as I did work strictly from my scrap stash, and in the past it has been MORE than sufficient for our yardage needs.  Just bear with me.

Also, DO NOT CUT ALL of your fabric into certain widths given with each clue because you don’t know what size we will be cutting the NEXT unit, or which fabrics we will use more of in a different width. Only cut as much as is needed for each clue, setting the remainder of the fabric aside for the next clue.  Don’t assume because we used 2’’ strips for clue one, that the entire quilt uses only 2’’ strips.

I do not give the “number of strips to cut” because we are all working from different directions.  Some from scraps, some from fat quarters, some from full width of fabric yardage and to me the number of units is MORE IMPORTANT than the number of strips you need to cut to get that many.  Depending on your strip length, do a test.  See what you can cut from one set of strips, and then do some simple math to figure out what YOU need to do with what you are working with to get the yield you need.  If you know you can get 16 from a strip, do the math to find out how many strips are required for you.

When it comes to fabric, MORE is ALWAYS better!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage grandmother's flower garden quilt shared by Kevin H.

It's this time of year that I start thinking about my word of focus for the next year. In difficult situations, I find it hard to find the patience to see me through. Patience is what it takes while waiting for better things come together.

I think I found my word.

And Mona is on her way!

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Don'tassume you won't find your dream this month. Our son & DIL bought their dream house on Christmas day. It had been on the market for a while but I guess it didn't meet anyone elses dream. Or maybe others didn't want a 100 year old home, newly renovated. Whaaat?LOL Dream big Bonnie. And good luck on your quest.

  2. I believe that God puts things in our paths ... people, places, events. He is holding you in His heart and will help you make decisions. Keep your heart and mind open to His word. I totally understand about the crunch of gravel, the silence in the surrounding air and having trees around you. I am blessed to live daily in an environment that provides me with all of that. I believe you will find your little "heaven on earth" and thank you for sharing your journey with us. LOVE the pumpkin quilt ... you've made me put yet ANOTHER quilt on my already too long list! Enjoy your cabin time ... love on Sadie for me and have fun with Mona. Life is good. Linda H

  3. thanks Bonnie, for the information, I think cutting one strip and seeing how many pieces you can get out of it is a great idea. So many people seem to be having trouble with this clue, I hope that I don't, I have the correct rulers, but have never cut these kind of units. I'm sure that you will find a cabin that you need to have, but like you said maybe spring will bring you better luck, people are so busy right now with the Christmas season. Have a wonderful time sewing with Mona!

  4. Good morning, Bonnie. I understand your struggle spending money on a proprty you are leaving. My husband and I met when I bought the condo next door. Eleven years later, when we finally bought our home together, we had to do things in stages. Needed to be rid of one mortgafe to afford a new one. I staged my condo and moved into his.

    At that time, we knew I would sell at a small loss, but the savings buying the "new" house place in that market with those mortgafe rates was going to be much greater than my small loss. But that made it even harder to the spend money requiredin order to make the condo "right" and attractive to buyers. It was so hard being next door and watching everything I had done, all the money spent, being ripped down to bare walls as it was completely made over by the very nice person who bought it for its layout and location, but had a very specific style.

    But we have NEVER regretted the decision or how we conducted ourselves. You know you need to go. This is not your dream Quilt Villa, but it IS out there for you to discover and love.

  5. Home is where your heart is- wherever you decide it will be. I hope you can find time to seriously rest and recharge throughout your crazy wonderful life. I'm not sewing the mystery but will follow vicariously. My career is sewing custom flags in upstate NY. Love the one you have for Quilt Villa waving in the sunlight. Flags are another way to send quilty beauty to folks who don't get to see the wonderful quilts inside your home, or T shirts and mugs with lovely sayings, or a barn quilt. I'm giving a vintage machine to a friend so he can make a quilt from his too soon gone father's shirts. Maybe even strip pieced stockings for his children this year. Showed him your website and he's enthusiastic. It's fun adding another fabric addict to the world. Thank you again for all you do to inspire and teach. Happy Holidays, and may you have a New Year of more wonderful adventures!

  6. You will find your perfect spot! I found mine at 62! I can so relate to your need for views of your mountain ridges. Mine are not nearly as tall as yours, but I feel so at peace when I can see the views from my back porch in the Texas Hill Country! Your little place of heaven is there!

    Thank you for your generous spirit! I love your patterns, quilt cam, how you share your love of quilting, your life with us!

    Season's blessings to you and your family during the holidays and through out the year!

  7. Bottom line, can you live with the HOA? Do the weird deer heads on the post really pose that much of an issue? If you enjoy the cabin so much, look past those things and stay there. I've heard more positives from you about the place than negative. Just sayin' :)

  8. So strange about the septic. I can't believe it will only cost you $2000 to fix it, but that's a good thing.
    Your place is somewhere waiting for you.
    Ah, next year's word.... I think my life word is LOVE.Trying to keep that in the forefront, keeps my feet on the ground.

  9. My 2016 word has been Adapt (to mactel). I had another lesson this week when I attempted to go down an escalator for the first time in years... not a good idea with depth perception problems :)Life teaches us whether we expect a lesson or not.

  10. Praying you will find the perfect home for you - it's out there I'm sure! We found our home in December and moved in early in January. Sometimes that's the best time to buy. Totally understand your need for trees - it soothes the soul in a way nothing else can, except maybe the ocean :)

  11. We had bought a house and owned it for 4 years when a jobb change forced us to sell. In that process we found out that the second full kitchen, that made the house possible for multi generational living was not legal and that the septic was for 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. We had 5 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. We bought it with all these things already there, but had to pay to have the electrical line for the second stove removed and change the listing to 4 bedrooms and a den. We felt it should have been revealed to us when we bought the place also. All this came up after we had an offer on it. Thank goodness they did not back out and all was fixed.

  12. oh dear, one day at a time. I do understand. We bought our "retirement house" a few years ago because it was on a gorgeous golf course with long open views... now the golf course is being developed, and our view will be a fence and another house.
    Yes, we are considering selling/buying, but weighing the financials.... yuck, I thought that decision was done ! good luck.

  13. No worries I have plenty of fabric and if I need more I know several places to go! Sorry bout the cabin craziness...extra stress and worry you do not need! Happy stitching with Mona!

  14. A family in Washington just discovered that they do not own their 'backyard'. It is a separate lot and will now be sold at auction. It is too small to build on so hopefully they won't have any competition. Good luck on finding your new retreat.

  15. When you see your place, you will know! Sorry about the septic issue. Have a 'pieceful' weekend. Glad you can have lots of Sadie time as well as stitching time.

  16. Anonymous11:32 AM EST

    This is not that uncommon. Because of people not getting permits, But the one thing is your home owner insurance has to reflect what is actually there. All the upgrades and changes, especially on older houses that are renovated, because of the replacement cost in today's market.

  17. Being married to a retired title abstractor, he says the Title company and realtors could be legally libel. In our state, a lawyer would be hired to determine legal liability. Enjoy your stitching and Miss Sadie.

  18. I am glad you gave the information about cutting for the mystery one clue at a time. This is my first mystery quilt and didn't realize it. I cut all my neutrals for the first clue so had to get more for 2nd, BUT this time I only cut what I needed. Learned my own lesson but glad you verified.

  19. I totally agree, fixing the plumbing now is the right way to go.

  20. If you would think about driving as far as Waynesboro NC, you can buy our house. 3 been 3 bath with a finished basement for your seeing. 2.5 acres and tons of trees with a view to distract cuz it's so beautiful. Can't see another house in summer.

  21. It's a daunting situation to be in but you have no choice but to fix what should have been disclosed BEFORE you bought the cabin. Shame on these sellers and realtors to be so dishonest.

    With the uncertainty of what the new administration will do with SS and Medicare, my husband and I (76 & 70, respectively) have been talking about selling our home that we bought 2 1/2 years ago and downsizing to a much more affordable home. We love this house and hate to sell but we are looking to the (uncertain) future. Our only requirements in our next house will be a better sewing room for me and a reloading area (he's a trap shooter) for him.

    Good luck. You'll know when you see it that it's the right place for you and calms and feeds your soul :)

  22. Your String Pumpkins are beautiful! I too love the checkerboard border ... PERFECT! Can't wait to see the next & final border!

    I love how mindful you are of what you want & need to peace of mind. I too usually have to contemplate just what it is I need. It'll definitely be worth the wait.

  23. Anonymous12:45 PM EST

    I would wait until spring to sell. Here is the deal about HOA some good some not so good. I pay $1200 per year. It is worth it just because of the security of having people who will look out for your home when you are not there. Where I live most the homes are 2nd and 3rd homes and retired who travel a lot like you. I am here full time. The HOA is strick but I like the rules. Before you sell you should look at the prices of houses I was shocked how expensive they are all over the country, For the last eight years not much new has been built. So to find a nice place that is save to leave unattended for a reasonable price isn't easy. The cost of moving especially in the middle of the winter is crazy. You'll have to move all that into storage. And do you want to start looking to find a new place in the winter.
    I say go to the HOA look at the bylaws and negotiate. Besides just right the HOA off as a business expense, and stay put. until Spring. Don't do you're being impulsive again.

  24. First, love your pumpkins--the green squares are just perfect. ;))))

    As a former title searcher I agree that you could sue for non-disclosure...

    I am sending prayers that you will find your new "dream" home soon.
    At 73 and 77 we are thinking downsizing also; but, it is such a difficult decision as we have been here for some 13 yrs and it was my parents' home (since passed away). So many memories here...
    well, life is change...for sure...hoping for the best for you and yours, Hugs Julierose
    P.S. Loving "The Crown" also...

  25. Bonnie, while I am not aware of theexact personal reasons y ou want to see
    Thecabin ... I am aware of the depth of wonderful home feelings you do have for it.

    So I will say it, isn't there a way for you tofind away to stay where yo love it so? I don't expect an answer. But I have to put forth the question to you. Please reconsider leaving.

    Love and hugs

  26. I wouldn't give up looking. We bought our house around Christmas 8 years ago. It had been on the market for more than a year. It was not perfect for a lot of people, but it was perfect for us! There was not anything wrong with it, it was just waiting for us (and having it's price dropped ALOT). We could not be happier!

  27. That must be frustrating that the septic issue has been kept under wraps (or underground, as the case may be). : )
    You are doing the right thing, and I commend you for it.
    Too bad the homeowners association has made things unbearable there. It is such a pretty place.

  28. I am still working on Step 1 and enjoying it. Thanks for the mention of The Crown. I have watched all of season 1. I might have to add Gilmore Girls.

  29. well just maybe you are the quilty johnny appleseed....you have brought a new quilter into the fold (mona) and now you must move on to sign up more converts...lol

  30. I read this hours ago and wasn't going to comment, but talk is cheap and I am going to share my worthless observations. You became unhappy when the HOA decided that your community needed an upgrade. You bought a vacation cottage and now they want to make the area into a gated community level of at least upper middle cost homes. They are making decisions without consulting the home owners. In Florida 10 years ago when my sister was president of her HOA, even if they are elected anything that will lead to an across the board assessment had to be approved by a majority of the homeowners. These people were assessing and talking about assessing more. Somewhere there is a charter or association handbook that explains what they actually have a right to do. That said if you are unhappy and they know it they will probably just work to make you even less happy. They may even want your home. My sister sold her home after her term ended and one of the board members tried to block the sale so he could buy it as a rental. That was the reason behind the assessments they were making. They ended up in a war with the lady my sister sold her house to since she was a competing real estate investor. You are looking for joy not headaches. Unless you are willing to live by the rules they set, you have to sell and find another home that makes you happy without other people having control. Good luck, but please enjoy every moment you can until your vacation home sells.

  31. Love your posts, especially from your cabin. Is it possible to send me a link to the listing for your cabin. We currently live in northern Illinois but have been keeping an eye out for property in the mountains either in Tennessee or North Carolina.

  32. Oh, my. Bonnie, I did read every word of your post and, as always, I appreciate that you share with us and let us have a glimpse into the non-quilting parts of your life. Love the green border on the pumpkin quilt!

    But... but... please don't think me flippant here, but all I can really focus on is the center flower block in that vintage quilt, and that fabric with the aqua dots crowned in pinky-purple. *swoon*

    Fabric manufacturers? Are you there? Can you hear me? I'd like a whole bolt of that print, please. Oh, and some of that teal with the daisies that's above it. Aaaaannnd maybe some of the grass green with gold daisies. Just - yeah, can you guys just work on a whole collection based on this old quilt? That'd be great.

    Sigh... Bonnie, thanks for sharing all the vintage quilts. The fabrics make me whimper just a little bit....

  33. I found my dream house in December - it was great because not many people were looking and we were able to bargain down to lower price. I consider this my "dream house" because it original had a "formal dining and living room" which we knocked down the walls between to turn into my DREAM QUILT ROOM with two huge windows and a door to a screen in porch!! Don't give up!!

  34. Thank you for the mystery and sharing your thoughts. It's nice to read the real everyday things not just the pretty stuff. Posts like this shows you are a regular person with regular and unique problems that everyone has. So yes sorry you have to deal with putting in a new line (happy you have chosen to do it as I think it is the correct thing) and I could say move or don't move but the real point is it's your life you are sharing what's happened what your decisions are and why I haven't read you asking for my opinion (I don't know enough to say anyway) and I appreciate your sharing worts and all as they say

  35. Hi there Bonnie, thanks again for all your generosity to the quilting world. I have just finished webbing the top of a quilt for my sister's first baby. This is the first time I have webbed an entire top. I've only practiced on a block. This is a fantastic way to keep everything in order and now it can sit until I am ready to join the rows. AMAZING! Thanks again xoxox oh and I'm loving watching the mystery come along. Australia.

  36. Bonnie:
    I know about Septic systems, and I feel for you. When starting the excavation for my house 8 years ago, I and the excavator and contractor had long discussions and walks of the land, as I did not plan to be in Alaska when the house was being built. My house plan and septic system are for a 4 bedroom house, even though I only have two bedrooms (mine and the guest room). The other two? Well, one is my sewing studio/sewing room and the other is my office. My sewing studio and guest room are downstairs, and when I can no longer go up and down, or don't want to, I can move my sewing into the formal dining room or put the stair lift in. I don't plan on selling, but the house had to be built for that possibility.
    -If permits are needed in that area, was a permit issued for the add ons? If not, you may need to secure that also. YOU ARE Right/. These should have been disclosed to you before you bought the house

    God Bless You and know that if you sell this cabin, GOD has something better in mind for you!

    Thank You for the gift of this new mystery! I Love the colors and what we are doing so far!

    In Wintery, snowy and KOLD Kasilof, AK

  37. You have my sympathy on the real estate problem. Be glad you caught it before act of sale. We have had several problems like this at AOS. One house they connected the water line direct by -passing the meter and no one caught it but me...duh...when I did not receive a water bill knew something was wrong..The Builder went bankrupt and this is how he completed the house. Funny now but not funny then. Love your pumpkin quilt. At first did not think I would like it but that border makes all the difference. Thank you for the lessons you give in your Mystery quilts. I am 80 years young and have a sick husband that I am caregiver for and will never be able to make your classes. You challenge me to make small blocks and to be more precise. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my hobby more interesting. I love your books I have several.

  38. Bonnie, so sad and sorry to see you are having to deal with adding another line to your septic system so that you can sell your cabin and be in legal compliance with NC codes. I worked in planning and development with a NC county and was one of those who helped get zoning laws passed. I saw nightmares created by others just so they could circumvent the law and its codes. Considering where you are in the process, your best option is to contact the title company. And while you are at it, add the realtor, listing agency, etc. to your list.

    I wish you and your family the best.

    Take care.

  39. Whatever will happen, selling this and buying another getaway, you have to trust that it always will work out fine.
    My opinion is that life gives you what you need, and sometimes it will not look like that right there and then.
    The silver lining of clouds is not caused by rain, but by sunshine =^}
    Thank you for sharing your life with us!
    Love, Irene

  40. Enjoy your time at the cabin with that cute dog! What will be will be. And happen sooner than you think. Right after my father in law died in 1997, a realtor came to us and asked if we wanted to sell our home because she had clients who wanted to live on our street. On Wednesday they came and looked at it. On Thursday they didn't want it. On Friday they made an offer and we agree that if we could find a home to move into, we would sell it to them. On Saturday, we looked at four homes and the fourth home was it. We are still here and loving it. And moved on Thanksgiving day that year. Carol
    And P.S. Thank you for the mystery! I am using my blueberry stash I collected in Maine after my mother in law passed.

  41. Having just bought a new home I can tell you that sellers do not always disclose. We discovered that after the inspection they disconnected the garbage disposal and let the dishwasher drain under the kitchen sink cabinet. Either that or we had the worst inspector in the world. That is just one of the things they did not disclose. And of course until you move in you do not 'discover' items. I had looked at the permits online myself to try and make sure everything was listed. And since we are selling our old house I have been checking it on line and discovered that over the years one of the contractors we used did not get a permit for work done. And yet when the work was happening we had a permit in the window.
    We are currently attempting to get the old house beautiful to sell. As soon as we sell it I can retire. But as you say selling in winter is not always easy.

  42. Wow the pumpkins just came alive and glowed when you put that green/grey border onto it. Now it pops! Good design work!

  43. I hear you and fully understand your situation. We closed on a house in Bald Mountain on Sept 24. The disclosure that the owner signed said everything was in great shape. Luckily we had the home inspected and there were only 2 issues. One the heat pump did not work. Two needed a new roof. We knew the roof situation but we went back to the bargaining table regarding the heat pump. Got that resolved. Well we have been living is the beautiful home for 2 months now. We have had no water for over 2 weeks. The dishwasher leaks like a sieve. We have decided to take the dishwasher out and add cabinets. OK I can handle that. However, the pump company trying to work out our problem with no water states the owners knew about the water situation. Where do we turn? Tomorrow we are going to have a new well drilled. We don't know where to turn at this point. So yes.. I know how you feel.

  44. You are getting off light with your septic issues... we have to get a whole new drain-field and the quote was 27,000.00$ Fortunately we found another guy who will do it for half (and he's shaking his head over the first quote.) I mean how hard is it to dig a hole? I do know there is more to it than digging the hole, like pipes and such. But my goodness. Good luck on the search and the dream. Love the pumpkin quilt, and looking forward to the next clue. Though I haven't done any sewing on the first two yet. Been busy with family stuff and had sewing on the binding for a quilt that is a gift. Should have a little more time to work on other projects like the mystery quilt when I get back from a quick trip over to Utah this week.

  45. Kudos to you, Bonnie, for doing the right thing regarding the 3rd line. It seems the easy or "smart" thing is too often mistaken for the right thing. Regardless of the situation, the Golden Rule seems always to point to the right thing. Thank you for sharing your real-life example. Peace be with you!

  46. I'm like you, hard to leave a place that is like yours. I live in the woods and love the peace and quite that I have. The wild animals and the sound of a full river after a heavy rain. I would not leave for anything. I even told my kids that they will have to move in if I ever need help in my older years.

  47. Bonnie if its meant to be it will happen, you'll find your perfect home when its time for you. I'm lucky to have the countryside on my doorstep so my Norfolk Terrier Nimshi and I have some great walks, its amazing how you can put the world to rights on a long walk. thanks so much for your mystery clues, its my first also first scrappy quilt so excited and bit apprehensive too. Thanks again from the U.K.

  48. Bonnie, three things - you bought your wonderful getaway cabin I'm guessing as a forever spot, and if it weren't for the HOA moving in over your turf, I believe you would stay there until you ... well, couldn't. Things out of our control and all of that.

    Secondly, when you quilt your pumpkins, are you going to put whimsical vines on them? In vibrant lime green? I think that would be adorable!

    Thirdly, regarding the extra $2000 investment - if you can invest $2000 and gain an extra $10000 or whatever on the sale price, then it's well worth it. If you only gain $2000 on the backside, then of course follow your conscience, but definitely include the cost into the sale price!


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