Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Memories, 2016


We had a simply warm and lovely Christmas.

In fact, it is was so simple, that even the Christmas decor was quickly packed up and put away yesterday afternoon, just in case there is a cabin showing this week in between Christmas and New Years.

You never know.

It could happen.

In fact –we may be going to look for a second time at a property this coming Saturday, so if we are doing it, while we are off work, someone else might be too.

And though the Christmas decorations have been put away, my “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree in its sweet vintage lard bucket tucked to the back of the guest room closet until it perhaps comes out for our next Christmas, perhaps in a new place making new memories and traditions – I hope that those “maybe” visitors will feel a bit of the love and happiness we have shared in this space over the past 3 1/2 years.

I took this photo yesterday out on a 2 1/2 mile hike.  Jason has been dating Jenny for over 2 years now and she has become like family.  We loved having her with us!


Even Sadie is smiling!

With the soft rain and fog it was a great weekend for lounging, baking, movie watching, laughing and talking about this, that and everything.  She brought a special spirit to our Christmas gathering and I’m so grateful she could come spend a few days with our family knowing that the pull to be with her own family was also strong.

Jeff had to leave on Christmas night, he had to work yesterday morning and he was greatly missed yesterday.


Fog in our woods.

I’ve always believed that nature is a source of wellness and healing for me.  It resets my clock.  It puts my soul at rest.  Even in winter, with leaves bare –the trees stand tall and proud keeping guard.  It’s as if they are saying “Life might be coarse and rough right now, but just wait until spring – can you feel it coming closer every day?”  Yes.  Yes I can.

No quilting happened yesterday.  Not even last evening as we returned home.  Unpacking of the van, settling in to tackle some emails, and getting ready to get the rest of these orders out the door this week.  More than 300 of you are still waiting in line to get your Essential Triangle Tools and we are ready.  This is the week we catch up and become CURRENT!  I want these in your hands so you can enjoy them.  I want to start 2017 out with no orders outstanding, other than those that come in after I’ve left for Arizona.

I know some have asked for Quilt-Cam, but let’s see what the next couple of days give us, shall we?

Entries are coming in for our Mystery Monday Link-Up for week 5 left and right!  Give it a look see!  These quilters have done a fabulous job with their units and I’m really excited to see this mystery come to fruition.  Soon!  Very soon!


Sadie was ready for bed last night!

It was the perfect quiet night to curl up with a new book and fall asleep dreaming of new quilts to happen in 2017!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage bouquet quilt shared by Irene @finelystitched and found in Kentucky.

Just think on this one for a while and let it soak in. Every year we say "Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all treated each other better?"

It starts with yourself, and then expands to those in your home. From there it spreads to your neighbors and those in your community. It's one of those things that is ongoing, not always easy, and never complete. But do it.

Is it really Tuesday, already?

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  1. Christmas reminds us love and peace. Good your family was able to be together. Ours was also. Wonderful days make wonderful memories to tuck away in our hearts.

    Sadie looked like she enjoyed being on the hike with your sons... Chilly rain and all. What a sweet face and gentle spirit Sadie is. Ever think of the openhearted always loving Mommy she bring to your lives... Dogs are special special huggble wonders.

    Smiles, Julie inTN

  2. Hello Bonnie,

    Merci beaucoup. J'ai bien reçu ma commande.
    Je vous souhaite une bonne année 2017 ainsi qu'à votre famille

  3. You have many wonderful blessings!I love it. If you do a quilt cam soon, can you please do it after 2p? The last 3 or so have been around then & I can't catch them live because of work. Please understand that I'm not complaining & I know you do the best you can to please everyone (it's impossible), I was just making a request. Thank you for even doing it in the first place! It's just nice to have someone to sew with.. Enjoy the rest of the year & I pray you & your family will have many more in the New Year!

  4. **Many more blessings in the New Year!

  5. **Many more blessings in the New Year!

  6. Woohoo! Just got my essential triangle tool and companion triangle in the mail today. So excited! Glad you had a great Christmas. It is 82 degrees at my house today. I'm headed out for a walk before the rain moves in. We need some, so I won't complain.

  7. May your 2017 be as healing and joyous as your Christmas! Your photos of your family are wonderful! Thank you for all your inspiring quilts and creative quilt ideas that you share with us.

  8. You always seem to be so busy it's good to see that you had a quiet weekend. I just realized that this is the first mention of reading a book in a very long time -- I used to enjoy seeing your book recommendations and find new authors I didn't know about. Hopefully 2017 will allow you some more reading time!

  9. Great pics! Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend with family! Had a surprise in my mailbox! WhooHoo! Thanks again Bonnie! Have a Happy New Year!

  10. Be encouraged. When I was younger, we moved every two years are so with my husband's job so we bought and sold many houses. I had one that sold between Christmas and New Year's Day...even had one that sold same day listed. People are looking at all all kinds of different times and it only takes one buyer.

    Also, impressed with your fast shipment of my order. My husband was in the hospital for one week so I got behind on the Mystery quilt. I will have the Essential Tool in time for me to do Part 5. I am working on Part 4 now. I always learn so much with these Mystery quilts. You are a great teacher. Without the Mystery, I only do big blocks and QAYG...lol...Thanks.

    Pat Lloyd

  11. blessings and counsel... unsolicited advice... patience my friend, only a few cabins have been considered... proximity to home and hearth is key, and suitability... please, do not "settle"... or try to make it work if it just won't and if it's missing a key element, can you fix it? is there room for that porch? space for a mini-studio? a place for everyone to sleep for great holiday visits, a kitchen and family room that can manage all of you??? Darling, dearest, most special person... blessing to you, you will find the perfect place! It's out there waiting for you to find it. Hugs and Happy New Year wishes... thank you for your contribution to my life, I treasure having "found" you...Cats

  12. Is it only 3 1/2 yrs- seems like so much life has happened. I appreciate all you do for all of us. Wishing you comforting peace and calmness this year.


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