Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Breathing Room!

Sadie is here to let you know that as of yesterday afternoon, we became completely CURRENT with the Addicted to Scraps book and Essential Triangle Tool orders!

The “Pre-order” status notification has been removed from the Quiltville Store and we are now working in REAL TIME for the first time since September! 


Several months of go go go go go and hurry up and wait.

I want to thank you all for bearing with us while we dealt with the manufacturing and printing schedules, and you really helped keep my spirits up even though your orders were waiting.

We are ending 2016 on a high note!


From our Wanderlust Course with Craft U!
(Scrap Quilting Basics from Beginning to Binding!)

I’m having a great time interacting with my students in the forum at Craft U.  This is Denise’s first post and she made her first Wanderlust block using the Essential Triangle tool and the tutorials provided in the course.  You can still save 15% with the code WANDER15 during registration.  

Don’t wait!


Wanderlust Quilt

We are just getting to the point of using the Essential Triangle Tool for our En Provence mystery, and this is a great way to have those tutorials at your finger tips.  Also included with the course is a free pattern for the Wanderlust table runner so you don’t have to make the whole big quilt if you don’t want to.  The table runner is the perfect size to hone your skills.


Wanderlust Table Runner

Head on over to the Wanderlust Course Description and see what it is all about!

My 6 part Scrap Quilting with Bonnie Hunter course is also available if you haven’t taken that one, and you can save $30.00 off of the full course price with coupon code BHSCRAP.


Groetjes, Jellie from Amsterdam!!

Yesterday while deep in mail order fulfillment, the postal carrier came knocking with a package from the Netherlands!  I’ve searched my email address book, my Facebook Open Studio group data base, and there is no known email address or way to contact this person, so Jellie – if you see this, I want to thank you so much for your lovely gift! 

I have a fondness for delft blue tiles and dishes and have a few cherished pieces here at home from my past visits to the Netherlands, so this is PERFECT!  And those fabric strips?  Straight from Provence…perfect.  Thank you so very very much for your kind thoughts!

To celebrate the empty order queue, I did some of this last night:


Oh, this could be fun!

Just a sampling of what can be done with these!

There is never a pattern until the quilt is done.  It’s like – What comes first, the chicken, or the egg?  We are still in the egg laying process here – and it may be a wall hanging, a table runner, or GO BIG. 

All I know is that I haven’t had a paper piecing project since Wild & Goosey was finished for the Addicted to Scraps book  and I LOVE paper piecing.  This would travel easy for me with a baggie of neutral crumbs and a baggie of red crumbs and I can easily sew it on borrowed machines during my 2017 year.

For all I know, maybe 16 units is enough for a pot holder.

But I had fun!  And there are still all of those red/neutral friendship stars to finish for the Dawn’s Early Light quilt as well.  Good thing I love red.

My red stash is only rivaled by the blue running a close second!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage four patch quilt found in Kentucky by Irene @finelystitched

I'm getting excited for 2017 to arrive!

I'm polishing off my list of things I would like to accomplish - in my home, in my work life, in my quilt life. I am itching to dig into some new projects, and finishing some not so old ones. I love new beginnings!

Are you getting excited too?

It’s the LAST Wednesday of 2016.  What will you do with yours?

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  1. Oh good going Bonnie!! Nice feeling to have all your pre-orders out the door. You met your goal!! I'm excited for 2017 too. This last Wednesday will be spent making a treadle house call to get a Singer 66 Red Eye in a parlor cabinet oiled up with a new leather treadle belt. Had a treadle house call on Monday for a grandmother whose 11 year old grand daughter Emmie wanted to use her treadle. A bit of oil, a new belt and some one on one instruction and she was set. Her eyes lit up and she said "This is so going to be soooo much faster than hand stitching!" Don't you know it, LOL!!! Hugs and very happy you are playing in your scrap pile, Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  2. I am sewing on Idahoo Square Dance quilt today and will soon finish the sidetriangles. Then off to the log cabin blocks. My box with 1,5 inch squares is still full and I need another project with 1,5 inch squares. I have improoved my way of using my stash and scraps by following you and are looking forward to 2017 and new quilts.

  3. This last Wednesday of 2016, I'm sitting in the hospital. Hoping to make it home before the start of the new year.

    So happy you are caught up with the backlog. And everyone can get the new ruler in time for the mystery quilt.

  4. always love this time of year....transition to new year with high hopes and excited anticipation...sitting here sewing up 365 blocks thinking about january goals...bring on 2017!!!!

  5. To Janet. I hope you get home soo, too. The hospital is no fun. Bonnie, I am spending Wednesday making my four patch purple units and half square triangle units. Whoohoo! Love my essential triangle.

  6. Bonnie, I just have to say that the Essential triangle tool is my new favourite quilting tool!! It is an absolute must have for quilters!! Ingenious design!!

  7. I am looking forward to January and February. Odd, I know, but I like the relative peace and calm after all the holiday hoopla. Also the cold weather which means no pull to work outside in the garden. And maybe snow. I love snow!

  8. It occurred to me this morning to ask, in your search for a new mountain quilt retreat, whether you are aware of the capital gains tax benefit of a "1031 Exchange:" https://en.m.wikipedia.org//Internal_Revenue_Code_section_1031
    My husband Bill is a farmer who has bought/sold hundreds of acres of land in our 52 years of marriage and has taken advantage of this tax benefit several times. It is something you might want to check out. Bill said to be sure to tell you that all of the paperwork of the 1031Exchange must be in place before you sign any other papers.
    If you are interested in further details, contact me.

  9. I would be very surprised if this newest red and neutral block project became a pot holder. That would be a new one for you!

  10. I am having a home day today...washing neutral fabrics that just 'found' their way to my house. Playing catch up with my Clue 4 and 5 of En Provence. I want to be ready on Friday!

  11. I have such mixed feelings about the new year. There are so many unfinished items for this year. We moved from the house we had lived in for 43 years and downsized. Of course we did not downsize enough and I still have packed boxes which I now have to go thru and figure out what to keep and what to let go. Then determine what I kept before that has to go to make room. All this has taken so much of my time that I did not get much quilting or sewing done this year. I am on vacation this week and got to sew for the first time since August. However, since we are still trying to get the old house on the market I have had to spend time there working on unfinished house projects.
    I would still like to do the mystery but not all the fabric is visible and I did not find the colors easily and my husband has said "NO MORE FABRIC" he did add "until you use some". In addition to unpacking boxes and arranging fabric I am attempting to bring order to my new sewing space. That space should have been a family room, but I claimed it for sewing the minute we walking into the house. I look forward to more sewing time in the future but getting there has been rough. Here's hoping the New Year will be less stressful. That would be a new beginning I can bet behind.
    I signed up for the Wanderlust class because I knew I could do it when things calm down...if that ever happens. And I have been downloading the mystery. Maybe soon I will find the fabric and can start.

  12. I'm spending the day making a small applecore quilt... whilst I wait for part 6 of En Provence.

  13. I got a facial this morning and now I'm out for lunch. This afternoon I'll update my blog and work on my scrappy Village quilt and try to figure out how to use my Essential Triangle tool to build the houses. I'm sure it will be more efficient than the pattern instructions.

  14. I'm doing the same as last week, recuperating from a horrible cough. Glad to read that you have more ideas for 2017. Enjoy your slow down week that is left before AZ.

  15. My last Wednesday of 2016...I am basking in the glow of finishing a tedious sewing chore (not quilting), listening to my grandsons in the living room above my head thumping and banging and laughing, watching Last of the Summer Wine on Youtube, drinking hot coffee, anticipating piecing on my treadle...Have a great 2017 Bonnie!

  16. What an achievement! :)

  17. I went to the mailbox today and what to my wondering eyes did appear, 3 books from Quiltville and a signature that's dear. I am so happy to be part of your rounded up and finished bunch. I am in make a quilt overload because all the quilts I have wanted to try are in these 3 books (it won't stop me from buying more). I also received the essential triangle tool and can't wait for the next clue to use it. I did some old fashioned cutting on the last clue but I have it finished. I am so enjoying my first MQ. Thank you Bonnie for making my day, can't wait for the next Quilt Cam, I am watching re-runs right now but I learn something every time I watch them. My all time favorite is the Jan 2016 quilt cam where you are working on baskets and if it can go wrong it did. You are so human and we all love you for that. You make our mistakes fun, keep laughing and we will continue to laugh with you. May your New Year be the best ever. Thanks for all you do and all you offer us.

  18. I am so "angley" challenged. I must have flipped my ruler around and around!! I finally got the hang of "flipping and turning" on the last 20 HST. I love this ruler. I've never made 66 HSTs so fast! Thanks, Bonnie!!

  19. Spent the day at my mom's watching the movers pack 54 years worth of accumulation into 30 boxes for her downsize apartment that she's moving to tomorrow. Then followed the donation people from Habitat for Humanity through the house pointing out everything they could take. Cancelled newspaper, Comcast service, rearranged car and house insurance policies, and ran up and down stairs at least 50 times. So I'm reading your website so I can decompress and I'm so happy to see my essential triangle has been shipped...you made my day Bonnie!

  20. Hi Bonnie, love the new paper piecing project your working on, and I think I would like to play with you on that, but it will have to wait I have two many projects going right now as it. What am I working on the last Wednesday of 2016? The last few neutral 4 patches for the En Provence Mystery, If I get them done tonight this will be the first time I have ever completed the clues while the mystery is still running. I am so proud of myself. And I hope to get them done tonight because I have a new toy that needs a light cleaning, and I want to have it all shining for its big debut on the next quilt cam. Bonnie you are going to love this machine as much as I do. I sure wish it was a straight stitch but no matter I love the badge name on the machine and the color. I sure hope I don't miss the next quilt cam. So I can share it with you. Well so happy for you that you got all of your orders filled on time. I know that must be a load off of your mind. I will be place my order soon. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time off doing something that makes your heart happy. Safe travels on your next trip. :)

  21. Thank you so much--I received my rulers today!

  22. Привет с Украины! Я тоже шью с вами!

  23. Congratulations! What a way to finish 2016. Thank-you for your post. I've been dreading the coming of 2017 but now I have a new attitude because of you! Must be because RED is my favorite color.

  24. I LOVE the little red blocks (ships?). Can't wait to see where that goes - somewhere to follow I hope. B


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