Thursday, December 08, 2016

We’ve got Quiltmaker Bundle Winner!


Hello from Quilt Villa for things have dipped into the 30s leaving us with nothing better to do than stitch away with home fires burning!

I know some of you are getting snow, but I’m hoping it holds off here just a bit longer, I’m not quite ready for that yet.

I am laughing to myself over this Gift-Away there are so many anxious peeps that I hate to leave the masses disappointed, but there can only be ONE winner drawn!

There are some really great goodies in this bundle and I hope to see some wonderful quilts being made from the patterns between these pages.

LOADS of inspiration!

Would you believe it if I told you that we had 4313 entries all vying to own this package??

What’s a girl to do but set the Random Number Generator in Motion and see what it comes up with.

Are you ready?


Entry # 1001 of 4313 -
And this number belongs to none other than -


Judy Holstein!  And that’s NO BULL! 

(I can hear the groans from here, people!)

Judy, I’ve sent you an email asking for your snail mail address.  Please get back with me so I can get your parcel out to you and hopefully it will arrive by Christmas!

All of this, Judy!

This bundle includes:

  • 100 blocks vol 13
  • 100 blocks vol 14
  • Jan/Feb 2017 issue
  • Thread cutter by Sunflower Quilts
  • Alex Anderson playing cards
  • UFO in Progress Fridge Magnet
  • Soak Wash Sample
  • The Double Wedding Ring Mystery (Gently read by me!)

  • This happened to me today!
    I had a package "returned to sender" yesterday as unable to forward, so I contacted the customer to let her know that her package has been sent back.

    The address was correct, the post office just screwed up so I thought I would surprise her by hand delivering it to her door on my way to the cabin this afternoon.

    And wouldn't you know it? She wasn't home!

    I ended up calling her and leaving her a voicemail letting her know that her package was on the front step. Next time, I hope to catch whoever it is I am surprising!

    It still made for a very fun day.


    This also happened this evening!

    Binding, sleeve and label are attached and I will start in on the hand stitching tonight.  That cozy fire is calling me.d

    And you know what TOMORROW is, so get a good night’s sleep, everyone!

    Love from Quilt Villa -

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    1. Hurray for Judy!! I bet the recipient of her package is kicking herself that she wasn't home to get your special delivery. The pumpkin quilt is grand with the tiny horizontal stripe orange binding. Happy hand stitching tonight all cozy in your cabin! Hugs, Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

    2. Congratulations Judy!
      That was so awesome of you trying to deliver her package! Always going that extra mile and why you are so appreciated!

    3. YAY for Friday--thanks Bonnie!

    4. Congrats Judy, Lucky duck :)

    5. Congrats to Judy! You will have so much fun just planning new quilts while you are stitching away on En Provence! Bonnie, thanks for offering the giveaway! You are precious!

    6. Judy is one Lucky Gal!
      Congrats, Judy! Enjoy you new books!

      BONNIE- The fact that you took the time to Hand Deliver the package just shows what a Great, caring Person you are!

      Kasilof, AK
      Where, WE DO Have Snow, but not as bad as some are getting in the lower 48!

    7. I saw the number before the name...I was entry 53...Happy for Judy. Great Gift-away.

    8. Oh my gosh, I would die if you came to my house!!!!!!!!


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