Sunday, December 04, 2016

Our Quilt Villa Sew Day Saturday!

One of my favorite photos from yesterday.

Beanie and Sadie together are a doggie-friend force to be reckoned with.  And you have never seen so much tail wagging and running around in circles in excitement as there were from these two when they got to see each other after months apart.

This happy dog cacopohony was equally echoed by the squeals and hugs and laughter of Beanie’s mom Mona and I as we carried her sewing stuff into the cabin and down to the sewing nook for a Sew Day Saturday we have long been waiting for.


Life has been crazy, and our schedules more so.  But we are making up for lost time.

I even got some Mona show & Share!


This one is a gift for her daughter for Christmas, and it turned out just lovely.  She chose this layout and did it all by herself. I am so proud of the quilter she has become!  There is no stopping this girl.

At Christmas last year, her step son gifted her some charm packs of fabric, and Mona is turning that gift right around in a quilt for him for THIS Christmas:


Disappearing 4 patch!

A few months back, a gift box came in the mail with Mona’s name on it – a partially sewn quilt with a few blocks done, many units cut, and mostly just production time needed to kick this into something fun.  Mona has turned these Playing With Jacks blocks from the Free Patterns tab into a baby quilt:


Super cute in recycled blues and greens!

Her daughter's friend is expecting a boy, so this will be perfect for that occasion.  Next up, quilting and binding.


And a Christmas table runner!!

I think we’ve definitely got her hooked! 

The Christmas music played all day via Pandora as we started her in on a String-X for the guestroom bed at her new place.  I’ve got a bucket of strings I’m happy to have her dive in to.


This happened for me!


And the final borders went on the pumpkin quilt.


Tada!  It’s done!


What do you think, Sadie Jane?


Yep.  Pretty happy about this one.

Pot Roast ala crock pot cooked all day and it was served and enjoyed by the 4 of us along with mashed potatoes, corn, salad, and garlic bread followed by a holiday tradition:  White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye on Netflix topped off with brownies and ice cream for dessert .  Perfect ending to the perfect Sew Day Saturday.

Which will repeat this afternoon – Mona is coming back up to sew some more.  Let the fun continue!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage bow tie quilt shared by Kevin H.

Today it's gloomy, cloudy and raining outside but love and happiness resides inside and I am grateful for this day!  I love this arrangement in color blocks-Ideas are everywhere, aren’t they?

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone – join me back here tomorrow for the next Mystery Monday Link-Up for the En Provence mystery -

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  1. It sounds like a "Mona" day was just what you needed. Glad you had a fantastic and productive time. Really helps to recharge the batteries. Mona has done some fantastic work and has the best friend to encourage her. Sew On!!!!

  2. Oh my, Bonnie! What an absolutely perfect weekend! Love the projects the 2 of you accomplished. Even better is the sharing good times with friends. Continue to enjoy your beautiful weekend together. We have far too few of these in life. PRECLOUD TIMES TO SAVOR!

  3. I meant PRECIOUS not precloud! What the heck is that anyway??? LOL

  4. Mona, your quilts are fabulous! But how could they not be with the best quilting instructor ever as your mentor - you are one lucky gal! :)

  5. That last comment was from me, not my silly grandson who was playing on grandmas computer! LOL

  6. We all need a Mona!!! Sadie is looking great. Take care, Bonnie.

  7. That last comment was from me, not my silly grandson who was playing on grandmas computer! LOL

  8. Yay for Mona sew days! So happy for you both!

  9. Welcome to the cult, Mona!!! That didn't take long ;)

  10. wow mona is becoming a quilting tornado....

  11. Pumpkin Power Gorgeousness!!! That first pic of Sadie on the pumpkins looks like she's saying "You got my Good side Mama?" Love, love, love White Christmas...Watch it at least twice a year, now is a good time and on the hottest day of my So. California summers (makes me think cooooooler).

  12. LOVE what you did with your Pumpkin Quilt, Bonnie!! I couldn't imagine the purpose of the orange and gray Flying Geese. Loved the scrappy green border, but those geese really finish it off nicely.

  13. Hi Bonnie and Mona! Wow what a collection of quilts! Mona you are an inspiration. I love everything!! And Bonnie I love the pumpkin 🎃 quilt! It came out grand....looking forward to doing my pumpkin quilt. I love your idea of getting together to quilt. What fun. Also nice that your dogs are fond of each other. This all makes my heart happy Bonnie, that you are sewing and 😁 🤗😊. Life is good!

  14. What a perfect day!!!! There's nothing quite like sewing with friends. Loving your pumpkins quilt! When I saw your first pumpkins popping up on your blog I loved them and was inspired to grab my crumb jars and play. Put the binding on my little mini yesterday :*)

  15. So much quilty goodness in just one post, thank you! Thank you to Mona, too, for all her great works!

  16. I love sew days with friends. Not only do you get a lot done, it's a great way to catch up. I just won a bunch of antique bow tie blocks at our guild's Christmas party. It's weird that since I won them, I'm seeing them everywhere and today you have your quote on one. :)

  17. It sounds like it was a perfect day. I hope Mona is feeling better soon so you can continue the fun.

  18. It sounds like it was a fun day! I dreamed about you last night. You and your husband were visiting me and my husband, in London no less (we live in Spokane)! We had purchased a bunch of Christmas presents for you and your husband,including some highly inappropriate Speedo type underwear for your husband. You folks didn't want the presents, but decided to regift them to others on your Christmas list, so my husband and yours were busy writing down who got which item. Meanwhile, you and I were having a great time sewing together. You were very nice, I must say. Dreams are so strange and entertaining aren't they? Sometimes, they keep us in stitches. Ha!

  19. I had Christmas music on Pandora all yesterday afternoon and night while I worked on cleaning, organizing, and rearranging my sewing space. Still have a long way to go, and I'd rather be sewing! Thanks for sharing Mona's wonderful work.

  20. I must say that I wasn't sure about that pumpkin quilt along the way, but it just changed so much when the borders went on - it looks quite amazing. I really like the last border, makes it look a little like prairie points. These scrap quilts never cease to amaze me.


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