Thursday, December 15, 2016

Oh Sew Many Stars!

11 piles pinned in 10 stars each.

I’ve been sewing stars for 2 days, and this is as far as I’ve gotten.

You know, once the triangles are all made, these are as simple as putting together a 9-patch, and if I sew 2 stars at the same time, using each as the Leader & Ender for the other, I can play the game of no wasted thread, no thread tails, no starting and stopping, and go go go go until the bobbin runs out.

I need close to 150 of these, so I’m getting there.  But for now I’ve stopped sewing.


But I’m so happy for these little simple gifts!

Even better – do you remember when Jo Morton sent me a big box of scraps from her cutting table a couple of years back? Check my Rollin’ in the Jo post!  April 2014!

Well, there were a lot of small pieces of reproduction reds in there, not big enough for strip cutting, more hunks and chunks, pieces and parts. And I was able to put these pieces into good use for these stars.  I used up several of the Jo neutrals too.  It was like sewing with a friend!

Yesterday WAS a gift.  An extra day to stay up here at the cabin and sew.  It got “comparatively” warmish mid afternoon at 47 degrees and Sadie and I headed out on a long hike, probably the last one of the year. Temps dropped into the 20s overnight, and this fair weather hiker doesn’t like anything below 35!


Find the Sadie!!

A cute clip!

And that’s my day, simple as it was.  These are the days I cherish after a long and busy year.


This sunset stole my breath.

The sky was utterly on fire.

And those pink to purples!  WOW!


Last night’s view from my hoop.

I’ve rounded a corner and moved to another side.  With these kinds of fans it’s important to have the quilt well basted.  I baste by long-arm with a very large stitch and a huge meander.  I remove the basting threads as I hand quilt.  I’m using a size 11 Roxanne quilting needle – I like it for the large eye, easier to thread for me.  The hoop is 17’’ and is made of resin, not wood.  I’ve broken wood hoops.  I’ve had this one over 10 years now and not even a crack.

And yes, that is Gilmore Girls in the background.  I finished the final “Fall” episode last night.  SO great.  I love endings that are unexpected, and endings that are more beginnings than endings.  And this one ended on a whammy!

I loved it all – and though I don’t want to put any spoilers out there, I related to Emily selling her old home, and finding a new one.  Maybe because I’ve got that going on in my life right now.  She found a place where her heart could breathe.  I know I will too.


More special LITTLE gifts!
“Another batch of incubator caps are off to area hospitals! Members of my quilting guild are modeling this most recent set of fist-sized caps. Thanks to Bonnie K Hunter for allowing the Quiltville Zazzle Store that funds these charitable contributions!”
How many of you know that we have a Quiltville Zazzle Store?  There are mugs and t shirts and magnets and all sorts of things with our previous Quiltville mystery logos on them.  This little store is run by our Quiltville Mystery Logo Guru, Forest Jane.

100% of the proceeds of these sales go toward things like purchasing the yarn for these knitted caps, backings and battings for donation quilts and other items needed to keep these fabulous folks in supplies while they work tirelessly to help those in need.  Our mark up is at the lowest possible percentage and it takes many many sales to make enough profit to purchase the needed items for these makers, but I wanted to make you aware of our collaboration, and where the funds to go.

Forest Jane will be designing our En Provence mystery logo within the next couple of weeks, and as soon as we have had our reveal, En Provence items will be going up in the Zazzle store.  Won’t you consider a purchase?  A coffee mug, a magnet, a t shirt will let others know that you too, are a treasured Quiltvillian!

Thank you, Forest Jane, for everything you have done for us over the years, and what an awesome way to give to those who need our love and caring.

I’ll be posting when items are available after our reveal.  Who is ready for part 4??


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage bow tie quilt found in North Carolina.

I believe this with all of my heart!

Catch you from home, everyone!

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  1. I don't like walking in the cold either but the dogs don't know how cold it is. Yesterday at a snippy 9 degrees with frozen snow on the ground just about got the best of me. They roll in the snow, play chase and lay in it in a sunny spot. Crazy kids.

  2. Any news on the Quiltville tshirts that could be added to the store?

  3. Love that colorful sunset.Reminds me of the blessed days living in Wailuku ,Maui.I'd hike up the mountain to see the sun setting many days.Gorgeous colors and view.Thank you for sharing your time with us.Back to "En Provence"....

  4. Thanks for sharing with us your walk with Sadie. Hope you find a new place with great hiking and beautiful sunrises and sunsets! Thanks for opening your gigantic heart and all that you share! Merry Christmas. Pam

  5. I Love the red and neutral star blocks! I was wondering if you've posted the size of your blocks somewhere and I missed it? or is it a best kept secret? =) thank you

  6. I hate walking round and round on an inside track or treadmill but do it all winter long as I hate walking in cold weather. I too use a size #11 Roxanne - so easy to thread most of the time!!

  7. I envy you the fall weather walking! Today I have calf deep snow and -12 windchill. So the dog jumps around with delight, gets himself buried and then blocked by the 4 foot high banks left by the snowplow. Geez it's a day for baking bread, making soup and quilting! So ready for Friday and the new clue! So pleased to have joined in this MQ and learn about all the swag for a good cause. I see a new mug in my future. Thanks for all you do and inspire, Bonnie.

  8. Loving those stars Bonnie! Will they pair up with your neutral strip blocks from a few days ago? I love seeing you at home, enjoying days spent stitching, hiking with sweet Sadie, and kicking back with your hand-quilting in the evenings - the simple, delightful things in life. After all the running around the globe you do, it must be such a joy to be able to relax and take a deep satisfying breath with each tiny star :*)

  9. Thanks for sharing the info about the Zazzle store. I just ordered a few items from past mysteries for friends and myself. I love that the profits go for such a worthy cause!

  10. I don't like walking in the cold either. I haven't walked outside for just about a month now. What I've been doing to get steps in on some days is walk up and down all the aisles in the grocery store when shopping.... or just make a trip to walmart to walk and browse the aisles :)


  11. rubyslipperz: The block is in the Quiltmaker 100 blocks magazine. I haven't seen the pattern but I would figure that the completed block is 12", making those stars 3" finished size. That would be a best guess, at least. I don't think I would try to make that complicated block any smaller. I think 12" would be the sweet spot. It's very cute, isn't it? Tempting to add another quilt to my list but I'm trying to behave and finish what's started or planned for now. And, I can't wait to get the magnet for En Provence so it can join all the others on my refrigerator.

  12. All those stars stacked up together look just fabulous!

    Beautiful sunset. Your new place is patiently waiting for you. Good luck in your adventures looking for it.

  13. Yes I am ready for Clue 4 and keep forgetting it is only Thurs as I have checked 3 times already. Silly

  14. Can you just secede from the HOA? The cabin seems to have the views and the location that are great. Can you legally remove your property from its grasp? Love the starts.

  15. Hi Bonnie. I have been using your method for hand quilting that I've seen on your blog. Doing Baptist Fans free hand and using a 12" hoop. Now I see you are using a template and a 17" frame. What is your favorite method? I also am hand quilting using no frame and I like that too. I basted it with a basting gun which was new to me. I do big-stitch quilting which I love. Thanks for all your help Bonnie. Stay warm.

  16. Loving the little nine patches. Not quite ready to do Clue 4, but ready to see it. I have Clue 1 done and 40 pieced out of Clue 2 but may have to wait to get back into it. I bet I am not alone. LOL
    Beautiful walk and I am so glad you are getting some quiet time and doing what you love.

  17. giving IS receiving....the blessing received by the giver is always greater than the gift...

  18. The weather guessers are forecasting serious wind chill here in NE Nebraska for tomorrow night and Saturday....-25 to -30 maybe. And maybe a little snow. It would be perfect sewing weather if I didn't have so much to do to get ready for family coming on Christmas. Will have to sneak in a little bit of sewing just to keep my sanity. :)

  19. I am not able to open the ZAZZLE STORE link that you provided. It reads not a valid link.


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