Wednesday, December 21, 2016

In the Land of Design Floor Sashing.

It was an afternoon/evening of helpers.

It was a job reminiscent of “Twister” on the floor with friends in my teens.

It was not so funny in my 50s! LOL!

I have a design wall.  It is full of other stuff.

If I don’t pin to the design wall, stuff can fall off with the opening and shutting of a nearby door –so pins and a bazillion pieces is just not so fun, and I thought this would be an easy floor job, laid out, picked up in order and sewn.  THINK AGAIN!

Today my thighs ache – my hind-end hurts!  And I’m attributing this as ALL GOOD, using muscles that haven’t been used in a while.

“Use it or lose it!” They say ---and as long as I can get down and get up, I’ll keep getting down and getting up so I don’t lose it before my time.

However, my knees are betraying me, and that’s something I didn’t think would happen as I’ve always remembered Newton's first law of motion - sometimes referred to as the law of inertia.

"An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force."  My knees are my unbalanced force!


Emmy Lou in Supervisory mode.

I’d like to see Newton try to arrange these heinous sashings where pieces and parts have to match and meet over a span of 3 rows vertical/horizontal/vertical while dealing with a dog and a cat that want attention!

So this is where I’m at so far:


Sashings are sewn and laid into place.  Cornerstones are next.


Hmmm..on point is nice too!  No, don’t even think about it!

And then today I’ll start webbing the whole thing together.  I need it to be off the floor before a certain shipment arrives.

We’ve been watching the tracking for my Yellow Freight shipment of Essential Triangle Tools.  They have reached Indianapolis!!  Getting closer!

This reminds me of the rendition of Music Man we did in High School:

  “Oh ho, the Wells Fargo Wagon is a comin’ down the street, oh please let it be FOR ME!!”

They should be here by tomorrow evening, as long as weather doesn't cause any delays.  I’ll have Friday up until post office closing time to get what we can out the door.

I'm working on our En Provence mystery part 5 so it is ready to go live when it needs to!

Today’s plan is to do all of the grocery shopping for Christmas, store it here in the basement fridge (what needs to be refrigerated) and then head to the cabin for our family Christmas, arriving about the same time Jason and Jenny arrive from South Carolina.

But today – this top is getting webbed and OFF MY FLOOR!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I love this string pieced hexagon circa 1940 shared by Siobhan.

May this season of giving spill over into the next season and on and on!!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. That Wells Fargo Wagon segment is hilarious!

  2. This is just awesome, Bonnie! That setting is inspired!

  3. Past my 50's well into my 60's and I find I can still get down with the best ( intentional or otherwise) but getting up can be a bitch.
    Soooo I use the Design Bed. A white flannel sheet laid over the bed. Works for me!

  4. I love the layout - it was worth it (easy for me to say because I wasn't the one crawling on the floor!)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  5. I love the Wells Fargo clip--so funny!!!!

  6. I'm 67. Getting down is easy, getting back up is sometimes tricky. I also have a "design bed". Cats love it!

  7. Oh Bonnie! I love seeing how your mind works...that sashing idea is just brilliant. It fits the blocks so well - you will never grow old putting your brain through its paces like that! Sure glad that isn't a required part of the mystery 😳
    AND thank you for the clip from THE MUSIC MAN. It was one of the big movies our mom took us to in the movie theater when I was a kid...I'm tearing up a little just hearing the music. Merry Christmas, my dear!

  8. Quilt Yoga at your house. The setting is just as you described -WOW. Good news to get one more project together this year. Have a great Christmas. I hope the Store isn't too crazy.

  9. I have to agree, that Wells Fargo Wagon segment made my day!
    Thanks for the pick-me-up, Bonnie!

  10. I hope to get to see another picture of the garlic knots quilt when you have it all webbed up. I think I have to make this quilt!

  11. Really love your setting of the garlic knots! I think I may have to try them!

  12. At Least you got photos before it got shuffled!

  13. Bonnie, I love the card that says, "Tail Wagging Happened Here"! My pets also help with my projects, both in the design stage and other times. Gotta love having curious paws, noses, and wiggly tails to help suggest new arrangements. Happy sewing!

  14. Love the little four units for the cornerstones/sashing. Brilliant! Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing your talents with us. You are so inspiring! I can't wait to meet you in Ohio in March, 2017!

  15. I love the expression on Emmy Loud face! That's how my cat supervises. He looks at me like that when I moan & groan moving around the floor & when I'm getting up! I have so many quilts I want to do & the garlic knot is 1 of them. I need to hit the lottery so I can pay someone to do all my other responsibilities & I could just quilt nonstop! God Bless everyone in quiltville & a very Merry Christmas!!!

  16. I love the expression on Emmy Loud face! That's how my cat supervises. He looks at me like that when I moan & groan moving around the floor & when I'm getting up! I have so many quilts I want to do & the garlic knot is 1 of them. I need to hit the lottery so I can pay someone to do all my other responsibilities & I could just quilt nonstop! God Bless everyone in quiltville & a very Merry Christmas!!!

  17. Love it😍. Will it be a pattern or in a book? I also use a design bed.

  18. I really love that setting! I have a nice collection of these blocks and they just may come out to play after the mystery is solved. For today it's back to the MQ clue for the wee. Enjoy your family time. And thanks again for all you do, you are such a blessing.

  19. Oh!! Oh!! I LOVE what you're doing with the sashing!!

    I've seen a few pics online from others who have set Garlic Knots block-to-block, and they're lovely, but - those pieced sashes take it to a whole other level. I liked the block from the beginning, but the sashes just moved it several notches way up on my 'want to make' list. Really enjoying seeing the progress on this one - it's going to be so fun!

  20. The Wells Fargo wagon is really funny!! To see Ron Howard so young with so much hair is great!1 Thanks for your memories and sharing with us. Peace and blessings.

  21. Love the tail wagging sign, I miss my tail wagger. Have a wonderful Christmas full of family and happy times.

  22. Fun to see the Music Man clip. I was in a stage production of it when I was in college - 50 years ago!

    I'm making time this morning to go sew at a friend's house. Making more 4-patches to get caught up before a new clue on Friday. We are pretty ready for Christmas here. Tree (a real one) up and decorated; presents bought, wrapped, shipped or under the tree. Just shopping for the fresh stuff is left.

  23. Awesome, inventive looking quilt you've designed Bonnie! May your body aches and internal stress evaporate swiftly.
    Add me to the happy list about your Music Man clip! And unexpectedly seeing the young, adorable Ron Howard. 😊
    Thanks for all your sharing of quilting and yourself Bonnie, all very appreciated.
    Take care, Merry Christmas.

  24. Ok, what is meant by "webbing" the quilt? How do you do that? Love your four footed helpers! Mine like to sit on the quilt while I'm trying to push it through the sewing machine?

  25. Dear Bonnie why I'm not surprised, what ever you do, and use the ugliest fabric,you turn it to a masterpiece. I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a new year full with health wealth and happiness and new designs. Silva from Anaheim

  26. Made me laugh - and wasn't Ron Howard cute!!!! Enjoyed the wagging tail marker too! So funny.


  27. Love your Garlic Knots layout and it would not have been a challenge without your animals, they love to help. The Music Man is still one of my all time favorite musicals. And i do believe that little red headed boy was Ron Howard. Must put The Music Man on my winter doldrums movie list along with Sound of Music, South Pacific and My Fair Lady. I'll throw in Funny Girl, too, Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year, hopefully with our Mystery Quilt reveal.

  28. I love the layout. It will definitely be worth it. Our high school choir put on the Music Man when DH and I were in school. DH played the part of Winthrop. Loving the mystery quilt!

  29. Love the layout for garlic knot! Really changes it in a great way. .i have mine in a box for after En Provence, or until I catch up .. working on clue 3

  30. Bonnie, What a lovely quilt you're making. I wasn't sure I liked the blocks but seeing how you put these together, garlic knots is going on my bucket list. Kudos on another awesome quilt!

  31. I love that setting so much! I have seen some Garlic Knot layouts on Pinterst that I really liked, but I LOVE those sashings and cornerstones!

  32. Wow! My eyes are hearts!😍I love this! Have a very merry Christmas! We have to leave for Portland, OR tomorrow to be ahead of the storm. I was hoping to leave on Friday, so I could at least plan my fabric choices! En Provence will be there when I return. Taking my parts to trade some with my sis, so we both will have worked on each other's!

  33. I love that you have another friend named Siobhan, but it stops me sometimes to think... when did I share that? That's not familiar! Lol!

    Best wishes to you, your web, and your family for a very merry Christmas!

  34. Jenny? :)

    Loved the whole post today ... even Miss Emmy Lou's stern look. I'm wondering if she was thinking "Mama, you are going to hurt tomorrow"

    My design floor has Boxy Stars on it. I dug out my Boxy Stars blocks and laid them out as Boxys. It looked great but where were the Stars? I squinted. I stood up. No Stars. Hmm. Went to bed. Today I realized if I rotated the Boxes outward I would have Stars!!! Ah ha moment.

    Love, love, love what you are doing with the Garlic Knots.

  35. So funny about the Music Man comment; our grandson 11; was at our house the other day and outta the blue someone said something about Wells Fargo Bank (two aunts and an uncle work for them) and he burst into the Wells Fargo song! Makes me feel good that he enjoys watching musicals with the family.
    Loving the garlic knots... hmmm garlic makes me think of spaghetti and it's only 6:40 a.m. I can be hungry (cause I haven't eaten yet) bit spaghetti? Have a wonderful Christmas... who knows maybe you will get a daughter in law... lol you said one of the boys is bringing his girlfriend up to the cabin... sorry my mind works like that! I would with young single adults from our Church. They drop like flies this time of year! LOL....

  36. I love that clip! Haven't seen this movie in a while. Wells Fargo=UPS & USPS! I get that excited too! Beautiful quilt! I no longer attempt getting in the floor with seat or knees! Yes, do it while you can!

  37. Thanks for the smile today ;)

  38. I love the secondary pattern that happened with that layout. It was a surprise to me! I am about to turn 60 and have been laying my quilts out on the floor and basting them there too. It is about time to find a new way of doing this. Problem is I have too many windows and not enough walls where I sew. Makes for great light though.

  39. Wow, love what the sashing does to the quilt! You have such great talent. Thank you again for sharing your time And talents with us!

  40. Hi Bonnie
    I taught my Mom your Garlic knot pattern and she turned hers into a QOV. It turned out lovely. She set her garlic knots in an X's and O's pattern. It turned out awesome! I will have to send you a picture when I get one. Thanks for all you do! Julie Young

  41. Just want to wish you a very happy Christmas with your family.

  42. Thank you for the educational bit about Sir Issac Newton's First Law of Motion and the picture of your kitty for all the young people all over the world to see just how we live! You do such good works, thank you!


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