Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Happiness is Quilting! ((Giveaway!))

If Happiness is Quilting, then I am VERY HAPPY!

Irene was in charge of getting me to the airport on Monday.  I had two choices of flight times when booking this flight – either crack of dawn early which meant we’d be leaving Plano by 4:30am (ACCK!!!) Or, I could give myself a morning to play, get to the airport early afternoon and make it home by bed time. 

Of course the second option won out, hands down!

We wanted to do some shop hopping, and antique mall browsing, and headed north out of Plano to Mc Kinney.  While I’ve taught in McKinney, my time was usually between the workshop space at a local church, and the hotel – so I never got to wander the beautiful downtown courthouse square area.

And right there downtown is an adorable shop that you just do not want to miss:  Happiness is Quilting.


Walls of happiness, that is!


While Irene got help shopping for a TJ Lane thimble,


I set myself up in the grey-acquisition department!

If you missed my little disclosure/request on Monday’s mystery link–up, I am wanting to do a string quilt in greys, and I put out a request for any leftover grey strips that you might have from your Allietare Mystery, asking that if you have a couple of strips between 3/4’’ and 2 1/2’’ and can pop them into an envelope for me, I’d be happy to use them in my quilt for my next upcoming book.  You can find the information on mailing, etc on that post HERE.

At any rate, I need a LARGE variety of grey, and I was stocking up!  Don’t these look great? And yes, those are PIANOS on the end! HA!


I love shops in old buildings!


Happiness is Quilting are your local Pfaff dealers!


Wonderful samples hang everywhere!


From traditional, reproduction to whimsical and modern!


There’s Irene on the right! I wonder what she found next!


I had a lot of fun poking around in here!

I was just making the purchase of my greys when I was asked “Aren’t you Bonnie Hunter?!”  And the gig was up!  No more shopping incognito!


Me and the staff!

This was just the most fun ever.  If you make it to the McKinney area, you need to stop by.


Featured in the Fall 2011 Quilt Sampler!


See??  They got better photos than I did by cell phone!


Cool things to see and do in McKinney!


Happiness *IS* Quilting, and all of the fun folks we meet while doing it!

I read cover to cover through my gifted issue of Quilt Sampler while on the plane home.  It’s a great issue, with awesome patterns and a whole expose on Happiness is Quilting as well as other cool shops around the USA.

I want to do something fun, so I am offering up this copy of Quilt Sampler to ONE lucky winner!  DO you want it? Hot from Happiness is Quilting to my hands to yours?

There may be a bit of drool on one page or another, but it’s still a good copy!

We are going to use the linky for this Giveaway, drawing to be held on Friday evening, when I arrive in South Carolina for my teaching this coming weekend.

You do NOT need a blog or a URL to enter a giveaway.  Just a name and an email address.  Leave the other fields blank.
Your email address is safe because it is ONLY visible to me.  
I will be drawing for our winner next Tuesday evening, December 22nd.
Ready, Set, Enter!

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  1. Anonymous9:32 AM EST

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. Lucy in Alabama9:35 AM EST

    I discovered the "Happiness is Quilting" shop during Thanksgiving week and loved their arrangement with fat quarters below the bolts of fabric. They were friendly and helpful and I hope to return on my next trip to Texas.

  3. O my gosh! Is it the end of the year again? Hehe.. Julie in MS

  4. Anonymous9:49 AM EST

    Sorry Bonnie,
    I didn't read the post all the way through for the giveaway. Da!
    I loved all the wonderful quilt pictures you posted yesterday.
    They were SO YUMMILICIOUS!!!
    I especially loved the pineapple quilt, just gorgeous!
    You ladies did a wonderful job with all the quilts and I thought the backings were very creative! Great way to use up all the scrappy bits and pieces of fabric.

  5. Looks like another great trip. The quilt show was fabulous yesterday! Thanks for posting all those wonderful quilts.

    I absolutely love the Quilt Shop Sampler magazine. Ladies, if you have never picked it up, you're missing out on a great read. Not to mention a trip around the country and Canada visiting some awesome shops all from the comfort of your own, comfy chair. The patterns each featured shop contributes are their own designs. I watch for it to hit the magazine racks (that's the only place you can find it) twice a year. Once in the spring then again the fall. I won't be entering this giveaway as I already have the magazine. But those who don't, get your name on the list.

  6. It was fun when our LQS was featured in Quilt Sampler. It got Walla Walla on the map! I think they are still selling kits for the quilt on the cover of that magazine. I wouldn't mind a little drool on the pages. I didn't notice the Piano, how fun. Do you play? Happy Wednesday, mending and all.

  7. Looks like a great quilt shop! Made me want to travel there :-)
    I love these Quilt Sampler issues. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love those grays! Mine are on their way today. Allietare almost finished! Thanks for the great mystery - I love it! Haven't seen the Quilt Shop Sampler in awhile - would be great to win. Thanks again for all that you do!!

  9. I dropped some grey strips in the mail today for your upcoming string quilt. Sure would be fun to get this magazine...saw a small quilt in the photos you took of the shop that I would love to make. If my roots weren't so deeply rooted here in Wash. state, I would love to live in Texas!
    Dianne Gillin

  10. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Anonymous11:57 AM EST

    Hi Bonnie,
    Always great to participate in a give-a-way! Thank you!
    Carla Simao

  12. I tried to enter the giveaway through the link-up, but it did not work.
    So I will leave my info here.

  13. I love Happiness is Quilting and the staff. I am lucky enough to live in the area so this is my go to lqs when I need to feed my addiction. Glad you got to visit them, Bonnie

  14. I mailed you some greys this morning! What a great opportunity to give back. Can't wait to see the quilt. --elizabeth

  15. I will have to make a road trip and visit Happiness is Quilting. Looks like a fun shop!

  16. Thanks for so many fun give-aways!

  17. Thanks for so many fun give-aways!

  18. Anonymous3:22 PM EST

    I may be able to drop by next month. Thx for highlighting this shop in your column:)

  19. Happiness is quilting! Thank you for a chance to win! Wendy email: wendy.555519@gmail.com

  20. Looks like a lovely shop, sure wish it was nearby!!!:)

  21. Bonnie,
    Thank you for taking all of us only on your magic quilt ride through life.
    Paula in Omaha

  22. I would like to win!



  23. Bonnie, just wondering, how many times to do ever make a quilt from someone else's pattern. I know you are so busy with all you do, but does the urge ever hit you,,"yes, I have to try this one".'

  24. Hi Bonnie, I love to read your blgg everyday. Gives me inspiration!!!

    Julie Seekel

  25. So sweet of you to share...
    Also to share all of your adventures.... teaching, traveling, quilting etc...
    Thanks again,
    Jean Cogdill

  26. Love Texas and all your trips.
    Patsy Clark

  27. Anonymous10:34 PM EST

    Looks like you made the right decisions, taking the "later flight". Thanks for all you do. I had fun today making the last of the blocks for Allietare! Tomorrow I will be cutting my setting triangles and start putting the "rows" together.

  28. Yes please, thanks for the chance.

  29. Love your gray selection. Quilt Sampler is a great magazine. Debbie dgallett@gmail.com

  30. Anonymous11:28 PM EST

    I would love to win this

  31. Thank you! I so enjoy your posts. I like old machines, too. Really appreciate that you share your travels with us. Ruth

  32. Thanks for the chance to win this magazine! Happiness is Quilting has a great newsletter--always makes me wish they were closer to my house, because there is a lot going on there.

  33. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this magazine. Looks great!

  34. Anonymous2:07 AM EST

    Fantastic giveaway

    Mandy Adams

  35. Anonymous2:30 AM EST

    I'm looking forward to being in one of your classes in April.
    Cathy Driver

  36. It looks like a wonderful store. Your greys are fabulous!

    I "settled" for my grey for Allietare and now my LQS has oodles of really nice greys. I guess they are meant for another quilt :)

    This Friday and Saturday our guild is having Winter Retreat. I am taking 2 featherweights so that my friend, Jenny, can play on one. Jenny has just received one via the grapevine but her "new little girl" needs a lot of work inside and out. Her featherweight was one of the first 10,000 to be manufactured so restore we must!

  37. Would be great to win anything from you.

  38. Anonymous6:11 AM EST

    What a cute shop and I love there little tag complete with a birdie!
    Looking forward to quilt cam!
    Mary in New Mexico

  39. Love to see your tour of the shop,

  40. Thanks again for a chance to win. sraley51@gmail.com

  41. Bonnie You are great in give aways. You are great in designing Quilt. I love To follow your blog, facebook. It' s a great start on the bezinning of 2016!!

  42. It's a great way to start 2016! Love all you do.

  43. Thanks Bonnie...love the magazine. wanda sewcrazy101@gmail.com

  44. Anonymous11:25 AM EST

    Looks like some fun patterns.


  45. Debbie G.11:48 AM EST

    Thanks for the chance to win the magazine, and good for you for recycling the magazine in a fun way.

    Yesterday I visited my favorite "reusable" shop and found a batch of fabric labeled "scraps" that I popped into my cart. I will try a strip block with these and make either a place mat or coaster(s). This is my First Attempt at a completed quilting project. I plan to start small so I don't over-face myself.

  46. What a fun shopping trip you had...while you were incognito! Great photos too! I'd treasure owning a copy of the magazine.

  47. I stopped in at Happiness is Quilting when visiting my mom who lives near McKinney, Texas and loved the shop. I can't wait to visit again.

  48. Hi Bonnie,

    I did try the Link to enter this giveaway...not sure if it worked as I did not get to leave a comment but I did leave my name and email address. Thank you for the chance to win this magazine. I love the quilt featured on the front cover! Love reading your blog!


  49. I did try the Link to enter this giveaway...not sure if it worked as I did not get to leave a comment but I did leave my name and email address. Thank you for the chance to win this magazine. Nancy quiltingwatts@gmail.com

  50. Anonymous11:27 AM EST

    You are so good to give us so much! Thanks for another giveaway!
    Ginny A

  51. I would love to add my drool to your copy.
    Cindy from Michigan

  52. Another win, win! I love your passion
    for quilting - it's inspiring.

  53. Too bad i did not know about that quilt shop while living in Dallas County. Would love to win that copy..
    Thanks for giving your copy away Bonnie.
    Yoka Bazilewich


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