Sunday, January 17, 2016

Treadles for Two!

I woke to this beautiful sight this morning!

YES!  Snow for my birthday!  And it’s coming down.

If I have to be anywhere when it is snowing, this is the place that I want to be.

And I was thinking to myself this morning, that tomorrow is even a postal holiday – so there is no reason to rush back home to get all of the book orders that came in over the weekend out the door.

I can call it a “Snow Day!” A “Stay in and Sew Day!”  ((Not like that is much different than any other day, but I’ll claim it when I can – officially!))

I took this photo an hour ago, and it is coming down steadily, and shows no sign of stopping at this point.  Let it snow!

And because it IS North Carolina, it won’t be around for long, I can enjoy it and then get back to my business.

Mona came over for Treadling Lesson Number One yesterday!


Two machines, side by side!

This is EXACTLY the reason that I have four functional treadles at the cabin!


I sewed on the little Singer 99 in the parlor cabinet.

She is a 3/4 size machine, and finding a cabinet for her wasn’t easy.  I made a trade with my friend Diane, giving her my Singer 24 chain stitcher for this cabinet that fit a 3/4 size machine.  The problem?  it also came WITH a machine!  And what a beauty she is.

She’s a 1951 centennial.  We’ve decided that she is a “contralto”  because she sews with a much “deeper voice” than the 15-88 that I had Mona on!


Elena Nikolaidi

Leading Contralto Metropolitan Opera in 1951!  I have named this machine Elena!  And oh, can she sing!


Mona’s working hard at it!

Sadie keeps guard!

And Beanie wants to get into the act too:



She is on the little cart with the pressing pad that I set between us.  So funny!

Here’s a little video clip of Mona taking it nice and easy:

Treadling is much like sitting on a front porch swing.  You don’t want to take it at break-neck speed. Just relax and go with the motion!


We sure made it a day to remember!

And as for the men folk?


Hahaha!  Wore the dogs out too!


Mona is busy making a disappearing 9 patch!

Her first time with this technique and she is loving it.  Her plans are blues and greens and neutrals and is making a quilt for her step-son’s bed.


I've now got 600 matched pairs of 4 patches!

I’m getting there.  But there are many more to sew and slice!


Birthday dinners out on the town!

We drove to Boone for dinner out last night at a Japanese steak house.  So fun and so yummy!  We really had a great time.

The sewing will continue this afternoon!  And likely well into the evening, but I will be taking a break to draw the winner of Catherine Redford’s Modern Machine Quilting Video, so be watching for my update this evening.

The entries are now closed on that one, but are still going strong on the January Quilty-Box Giveaway! Click to that post and follow the directions to be entered to win!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Attitude matters!

And if you say it with a genuine smile, it's infectious! Get that smile on today, everyone! There is so much to be genuinely happy about.

Vintage tumbler quilt found in McKinney, Texas.

Enjoy your Sunday --

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  1. Happy Birthday Bonnie! Have a wonderful "snow day"!

  2. Glad to see the little 99 is in use. Still looking for a knee bar for the Singer 24. Someday I will get it sewing. Diane

  3. Anonymous9:28 AM EST

    Happy Birthday Bonnie, sounds like you have a perfect day planned, enjoy

  4. Happy Birthday-enjoy your day!

  5. Happy Birthday!!Enjoy the moment

  6. Happy Birthday... Have a wonderful happy day! 😊

  7. Enjoy your day ~ happy birthday!!

  8. Happy birthday, Bonnie! Hope your day is full of quilting and fun!

  9. Happy birthday. Have a great day treadling. I'm need to get at my treadle machine and learn to use it.

  10. Happy birthday, Bonnie. I hope you (and your loved ones) have a great day.

  11. Happy birthday and happy treadling. I have 3 treadle machines, but they need belts. I'm getting very itchy to get them out to play!

  12. Anonymous10:28 AM EST

    Have a wonderfully Quilty Birthday. Enjoy the treadles. I too wil be on the learning path to the treadle in the near future!!

  13. Snow Day-Sew Day, sounds of good Treadle times at Quiltvilla. I laughed when I saw Beanie crashed. on your string Stars quilt. The guys seem happy to just hang out. It's good to have the neighbors over. No RV-ing yesterday? Were they watching football? Good thoughts for remembering to Smile.

  14. Glad your only weather is a little pretty snow. Enjoy it. And have a wonderful happy happy happy birthday. Quilt on!

  15. Happy birthday Bonnie! Sounds like you have a good day planned, too! Hope the snow doesn't get too deep and you are stuck there for a day or two... :)

    Sandy A

  16. Happy birthday. Thanks for your awesome blog.

  17. Happiest of days Bonnie! Thanks for sharing. Always great to have a little Bonnie in any day. Love your positive messaging. Some many followers to help with their day! Love and hugs

  18. Happy Birthday and Treadling Day to you! And many more!!

  19. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! I will be 66 on Wednesday! And my daughter(whose birthday is the 28th) is awaiting the birth of HER daughter any day now! It is such a great month for birthdays! Enjoy your day !

  20. You are so much like me and I am sure hundreds of others that come on this site, your happiest Birthday is to spend it sewing up a quilt top. Have a Wonderful Day.

  21. Another great thing about treadles... they have their own sewing tables. Everything old is new again!

  22. Happy Birthday! Have a very special day, you are one special lady! Thank you for all you do.Life is just better with you in it!

  23. Happy,happy birthday Bonnie!! Have a great snow/birthday weekend with your BFF.

  24. How exciting to wake up to snow! Happy birthday Bonnie!! XOXO

  25. Anonymous11:48 AM EST

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you a lovely day and year ahead!

  26. Happy Birthday Bonnie. I have my husbands grandmothers treadle machine, I haven't even opened it to look at it, you have inspired me to get it out and learn.

  27. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! Enjoy the day to the fullest!

  28. Happy Birthday Bonnie! Hope your day is wonderful. Enjoy the snow while it's there. Now that Mona's back, did you give her some of the "fairy dust" to use on her disappearing nine patch? Have a fun day.
    Mary in WA.

  29. Happy Birthday! Sounds like your birthday was perfect - friends, snow, sewing, teaching treadling, kitting up for your trip and a birthday meal too. Love the quote for the day. Did you know it takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown? And laughter lines are heaps better than frown lines!

  30. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Happy Birthday Bonnie, πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰great post love the stories and positive notes feed my soul. 😌

  31. Happy birthday, Bonnie!

  32. Happy Birthday Bonnie. How wonderful to wake up to it snowing.

  33. Happy birthday, Bonnie!

  34. Happy Birthday, and best wishes for many more.

    Snowing here too but it will stick around due to our artic temperatures here in Northern Ohio.

  35. Happy Happy Birthday to you and Mona!! Have a great time sewing on a snow day!!
    Take care, Robin

  36. Happy birthday Bonnie!! What a perfect Burthday gift, enjoy you snow day and being sewed in. πŸ™‚

  37. Your posts about your cabin are lovely. Makes me wish I had one in the mountains myself. Live in the desert now. No water except Lake Mead and that is getting realy really low now. Enjoy sewing/treadling, and your birthday. mine follows next month.

  38. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! Have a wonderful day!

  39. Anonymous3:25 PM EST

    Happy birthday

  40. Happy Birthday, Bonnie. Thank you for everything you do for quilters worldwide. I look forward to your blog and quotes every day. See you on quilt-cam later in the week. The snow is beautiful and so is sewing with friends!!!
    Cookie in Mandeville, Louisiana

  41. Happy Birthday from Australia. Please come and see us!

    Annemarie Smithers



  44. Anonymous6:12 PM EST

    Happy birthday, Bonnie! Best wishes for a great year ahead.
    Brenda in VA

  45. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! Snow is always nice when you can stay inside!!

  46. Wishing you the very happiest of Birthday's Bonnie.

  47. Happy happy birthday, Bonnie! Sounds like you both had a great birthday and sewing snow day.

  48. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! Long may you treadle! :-)

  49. Happy Birthday! Dont forget Monday is a holiday!

  50. Happy birthday Bonnie. Is that a gorilla I spy in Mona's DNP block!! How fun.

  51. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! It's snowing here too. Very pretty when we can stay inside and sew.

  52. You wanted snow for your birthday and you got it. I really hope you enjoy your sew snow day with MONA.....
    We are suffering the heat in Australia. 37-41 deg.... What's snow????? Haha enjoy

  53. Sounds like a perfect qay to spend your birthday, Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

  54. Hope you had a wonderful birthday

  55. Anonymous8:46 AM EST

    Happy Birthday Bonnie! Thought you birthday was Jan 23, oh well....no matter the date....ENJOY!
    Jonnie in SC
    at AOL dot com


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