Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Cabin Kind of Monday!

It’s kind of difficult when cabin-bound and not out and about to come up with interesting things to share!

Turkey soup in the crock pot? Yep!

Washing all of the bedding and towels from guests that were here this weekend? Yep!

A delicious nap mid-afternoon for no reason other than I wanted one?  Yep! ((Those naps are the best indulgences of all, aren’t they?))

I spent much of yesterday standing at this cutting table doing just what you see in this photo.

As I take a shirt part and cut 8 1/2’’ squares for Mona’s and my joint quilts, ANYTHING left over is being trimmed into the sizes I use most.  I wrote about it in yesterday morning’s post, and I was at it most of the day yesterday as well.

SO MUCH fabric!  You can see here my piles of 1 1/2’’, 2’’ and 2 1/2’’ strips.

And by the time evening had come, and Sadie and The Hubster had headed back home to Wallburg, and I finding myself alone for the evening, threw off the “Must do” of scrap organization and I began to play!

I felt like Monkeying Around!

This has been my go-to fiddle project off and on, and I think I’m up to about 50 blocks right now – with many more to come, but they are mostly recycled fabrics with some other scraps thrown in for interest.  Slightly smaller than the Little Monkey pattern found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog, and every bit as cute and addicting!

What is it about small blocks that holds my heart so?  The only problem is, it takes so many more of them, and so much longer to sew them than “normal” sized blocks.  But I just can’t stop!

For an idea on size, look at the center of the pile..that is my tumbler strip, also growing as I was sewing these little blocks.

All of my other “must do” cabin projects are stitched, cut, and kitted – ready for Texas, and these little churn dashes became My Dashing Distraction to keep the tumbler project growing “legally” as a Leader & Ender project!


What a happy mess I made!

Not sure if Mona will be coming to sew today or not – but I’ll be down here being GOOD and cutting up more shirt parts.


Waiting for this to fall!

There is a “snow curtain” hanging off of the front porch as the snow melts and slides further off of the metal roof.  I’m waiting for this to come crashing down!

It’s likely I’ll hear it - -the sewing nook is below the porch on that side of the house, and I might catch it as it hits the ground if I am down there at the time.

Temps got to 50 degrees yesterday, and it was 41 when I went out this morning to snap this photo.  Such a huge difference 20 degrees makes, doesn’t it?

My Scrap Quilts workshop series with Quiltmaker Magazine and Craft U started yesterday!  Are you participating?

You can still save $30 by using the offer code BHSCRAP at check out.  The series runs for 6 weeks, and you can jump in at any time, attendance is not being taken!

This is a repeat of my series that first aired in October.  You can find all of the information in that post HERE. I hope you’ll join me! 


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!  Putting the focus on the happy today! Vintage rail fence quilt circa 1920 from my own collection.

It's my last day at the cabin, I'll be heading home late afternoon and getting ready for a teaching trip to Stitchin' Heaven in Mineola, Texas and then on to Alabama! It's time to get this girl to warmer climes! Have a great day!

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  1. Anonymous11:31 AM EST

    I love your cryptic clues! So, if Little Monkey has a 1 1/2" center square and you're going smaller, that IS little. They look amazing in the recycled shirts. I was thinking recently that we hadn't seen you play with these in a while; how wonderful to have a bin at the cabin...for emergencies!

    Kathi C. In Virginia

  2. What a pleasant idea... all alone at the cabin, cutting and sewing up a storm.... snow on the ground... like a movie!

    Have fun

  3. My goodness, those monkey wrenches are unbelievably cute! Fun plaids! Cute blocks!

    Oh the temptation...

  4. I am addicted to tiny quilt blocks too. Every time I see a block on Instagram that someone has decided to make half size it's like 'squirrel' and off I go to my scraps or strips and the cutting table. I love these beansie churn dashes!

  5. I'm glad to see you got to have a day at the cabin to fire up the crockpot, stitch, and nap. We treasure those days. Safe travels to you.

  6. Hi all - I'm wondering, is anyone else experiencing really slow loading times for quilt like blog? It probably is a minute or two for a page to load, which isn't long for some things, but is rather long for a webpage to load. I'm not noticing it with other sites and wonder if anyone else is seeing this too?

  7. Bonnie's 50 shades of Gray? or is it 500 shades?
    Chrissie Devinney

  8. Anonymous4:56 PM EST

    I am also experiencing really slow loading for the blog here in England....it has been the same all day!

  9. Bonnie's 50 shades of Gray? or is it 500 shades?
    Chrissie Devinney


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