Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fun from the Stitchin' Heaven Bunkhouse!

Way out in the country down tree lined winding roads and ranches dotted with cattle and country churches, you’ll find the entrance to the private road that takes you to the Stitchin’ Heaven Bunkhouse – the destination location for our four days of workshops while I am here in Texas this weekend!

Look at that sky!

Do you see that sky?

it was an absolutely beautiful day yesterday!  Oh what a change this is from being snowed in at the cabin eactly one week ago!

This is one of the best times of the year to be in Texas –it almost makes you feel like you are getting away with something shouldn’t be able to.


All the Quilter-mobiles!


The bunkhouse!

I’m almost glad that it is still winter because once these trees leaf out you won’t be able to see this cute cabin at all.


That’s right, Irene!
Hold yer tongue!



The bunk house sleeps up to 14, and the huge workroom area was perfect for the 20 students who gathered for yesterday’s Talkin’ Turkey workshop from my book String Fling.


Sending shout outs to guild members!


Extending my birthday with a delicious gluten free cake!

(NOT! Sugar free! LOL!!)


Very well received, I would say!


There was a whole lot of string piecing!


Plenty of squaring up!


All the way to completed blocks in so many colors!


And lunch in the sunshine and shadow of the screen porch!



Thank you ladies for an awesome day, Texas style!


Great job, everyone!

There is more to see in the slide show, including some country side photos from a lunch time walk up the road to soak up more vitamin D while getting some steps in.

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Talkin' Turkey, Stitchin Heaven, TX 2016

Today we’ve got another full class with Playing with Jacks from the Free Patterns tab up on deck!  You can sew along with us from home if you wish!  This is all about learning to work with specialty rulers for half square triangles, and digging into those scraps for some really simple and fun blocks.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

We tend to forget that mistakes are a part of being human.

We need to appreciate our mistakes for what they are, precious life lessons that can sometimes only be learned the hard way.

Each day is a new day to choose another way!

Vintage goose in the pond quilt from my collection.

Have a terrific Saturday, everyone!

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  1. HOW much fun! Your birthday cake looks heavenly delicious too.

    Ever notice quilters LOVE to eat???? And bake? and Cook? Now I say this makes us the perfect Grammy women.

    Have fun, and by the way, Sadie would have like this place!

  2. Alice Kane10:26 AM EST

    How I wish that we could help kids to understand two things: we all make mistakes, but usually we can fix them or they don't seem important for more than a short while; the advice that most parents and teachers and other adults give you are to help you avoid pain and trouble. There is really no reason for a young person to start smoking or taking drugs - and then find out the hard way that those products don't make them cool, don't solve any problems, cost a great deal of money, and ultimately take away their freedom. Eleanor was on to something!

  3. Bonnie, so glad you're here in the warmth! I recognize some of those beautiful ladies in the green shirts. I miss those sweet ladies. Bunkhouse fun. So glad to see y'all having fun. Sew, sew, then sew some more. Then snack, laugh, eat, & nap then crank that machine up for more fun. Enjoy your stay. I plan on taking a class with you next time I get a chance. Have Texas sized fun filled weekend!!

  4. Anonymous11:37 AM EST

    My little quilting bee had a mini retreat there once many years ago. Great memories and a wonderful place to get away with friends to sew your heart out! Enjoy!

  5. Talk about 301 & Featherweight heaven at that retreat! Lovely machines, lots of great blocks. See you in May (with my new purple Featherweight).

  6. A great time is certainly being had!! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  7. Old quilter12:30 PM EST

    What a wonderful 50th anniversary gift. Better than jewelry any day !

  8. What is the story of the green 50th anniversary Featherweight? It's beautiful.

  9. Anonymous8:43 PM EST

    Am lovin' the quilts, of course, but there are some dynamite T-shirts being worn at this retreat! I love the 'Quiltin with my peeps' and 'Quilting Grandma'! Debby in Fanny Bay

  10. Looks like a lot of retreat fun -- I'm envious. That cake looks better than my GF cake -- do you have a recipe to share?

  11. What a fun time! Thanks for the pics, everybody did great Talkin Turkey! I'm really enjoying your Quiltville quotes combined with the various quilt pics. Thanks for the thought you've put into these. They are all so provocative, and it's a great way to catch up on your quilts and quilt sightings :)

  12. i don't believe the photos do this get together justice at all...thanks for putting some vicarious fun in my day! i DO need a retreat bad!


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