Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day! Sew Day!

I got my wish this morning for a Snowed-In Birthday weekend at Quilt Villa!

This post is late in coming this morning as I have had a full house!

Son Jason and his friend Sean from Hilton Head SC came up on Wednesday, spent Wednesday night.

They had to leave their little car part way up the mouintain because it just wouldn’t make it all the way. They hiked the rest of the way to the cabin.

Things did clear yesterday and they were able to go back in the Rzr and get the car, and headed out snowboarding outside of Boone for the day.

I arrived last evening about 7pm, and they soon followed about 8:30pm after a long day – sore, but smiling and happy.

Last night after I went to bed (I just couldn’t stay up past 11pm!) 3 more friends arrived to spend the night and all head out back to Boone for more snow boarding fun today.

Only Snowmageddon 2016 arrived in the middle of the night, and I awoke to 6 inches with more coming down – it is absolutely beautiful out there, “and since I have no where to go, let it snow let it snow, let it snow!”

Clearing off cars and getting ready to head out!

Snow was being brushed off of vehicles and snowboarding and ski gear being loaded while I fired up the griddle and got pancakes and bacon going for 7!


Sadie looks on!

Sadie is NOT a fan of snow.  She didn’t even want to go out to do her morning business, poor thing!  She hates water, and since snow is frozen water, she got back to the door as quickly as she could.


Yesterday’s batch of grey goodness!

The grey string blocks are coming along!  I am really loving the combination of all of your grey strips together.  Thank you again for the overwhelming abundance. These are going to be so fun!


Bins of shirt parts!

This is the weekend that I promised Mona that we would start our Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilts out of recycled shirts!  She is going to come up later and we will begin sorting and cutting and getting ready.  I have enough fabric for us BOTH to have one, and it will be fun to sew them together.

I’m starting to feel like I have too many irons in the fire as far as quilt projects go, but some are for home, some are for on the road, and some can be worked here at the cabin together with my friend. 

Do you want to join us?  You’ll find the free pattern for Scrappy Mountain Majesties under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.  We’ll start cutting 8 1/2’’ squares in lights and darks, match them up, slice them into triangles and start sewing the large 1/2 square triangles together.  I’m not sure how far we will get this weekend, but sew along with us if you want!

Jason and his friends will be back this evening, staying the night and heading back to South Carolina tomorrow morning.

I’ll be throwing a roast in the crock-pot!

I wonder if I can twist arms and get everyone around the table for a game of Farkle??

I tried to catch some of the show action to share:


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Day by day I am finding this to be truer than ever. Remember when you were young and when there was something you did not want to see or hear you would close your eyes, cover your ears and sing lalalalalalala? Yep, it still works when we are older! Walk away, don't look back, leave them with your silence.


Antique basket quilt, hanging in my entrance way at home! I absolutely love the texture of the Baptist fan quilting on this one.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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  1. The quilting on the basket quilt is beautiful. I'm with Sadie, I do not like the snow. We are supposed to get 2 feet over the next few days. Plan to sew, sew, and sew some more.

  2. Stay warm and safe... sounds like you won't be lonely at the cabin.. Enjoy

  3. Today's quote is so true.

  4. Great quote. It's one of the reason's I'm not on FB, twitter, etc, so that I don't see all that 'negative' talk. I'm more peaceful that way. Enjoy the snow (and the roast).

  5. What a beautiful picture!!! Enjoy your sew day(s) and have fun sewing!!!!!

  6. BJ fron NJ10:40 AM EST

    Enjoy your snow day! We are supposed to get hit tonight and tomorrow. The crazy cat forecast says bad storm (my cats are antsy and nervous) but the worst will be the wind.
    I'm enjoying your quotes.
    To everyone in the path of the storm, stay safe and warm, keep your cell phones charged and go slow when you go to dig out.

  7. I love the snow and so very beautiful on your mountain! I made a mountain majesties quilt for my sister for Christmas and it turned out beautiful! love that pattern! thanks Bonnie!

  8. wow you have a lot more snow than we do here in TN... snowmagedden is only just starting this morning! Have fun sewing with Mona! I will be alternating playing in the snow with my grandson and working on my Little Monkey quilt

  9. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. I told my husband this morning that we will have to read Bonnie's blog today and see the "windows of the world". Appreciate all the photos you share.
    I completed a couple of Cindi Edgerton's projects and now am continuing sewing blocks on Allietare.
    I also have started a Scrappy Mountain with my Daddy's shirts who passed last November and am adding some of my husband's shirts, the two special men in my life. I think I have enough to make two quilts so each of our daughters will have one. Any helps on the Scrappy Mountain will be greatly appreciated.
    Have a wonderful week end and enjoy your birthday.

  10. Love your quotes of the day!!

  11. Thanks to you mentioning it on occasion, I got Farkle as a gift for the family this Christmas. Maybe we will be able to play during the snow storm here in CT.

  12. Those grey strippy squares are gorgeous. This from someone that is very tired of grey cloudy skies. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Now, I'm off to sign up for the Craft U course. My treat for finishing up a few tedious tasks.

  13. Really appreciate the addition of the name of the author on your quote posts. It's nice to know who actually gave us the thoughts you've been sharing.

  14. Anonymous11:46 AM EST

    A very happy birthday to you on the mountain. Enjoy the company of the boys and the sewing with Mona. I love to see the pictures when she and Beanie join you.Poor little Sadie's feet look frozen. I also love the Scrappy Mountain Majesty quilt. I made one for my grandson out of Goodwill shirts and it just brightens up his room! I so enjoy your quotes on quilts too.

  15. Happy Birthday and enjoy your time quilting!

  16. Sadie is so photogenic! This is her best picture ever!
    Happy birthday Bonnie and Happy Snowy Mountain Majesty!

  17. Hey, send our snow back! LOL. At my little corner of Alaska we've had only about 6 inches all winter. In a place where we have only 5-6 hours of daylight this time of year, snow helps litghten things up.

    Love your grey blocks. Though I sent you a bunch, I still have a lot. I made a grey and purple quilt many years ago and I had lots left, plus I just love grey.

    Happy Birthday! Today is our wedding anniversary - 28 years.

  18. Anonymous1:26 PM EST

    Whee! In your string blocks picture - 11 o'clock position - center light gray with white leaves - I recognize that fabric - I'm sure I sent you some! Glad you could use it! Those blocks are AMAZING!! Who knew just gray could look so great? Our Guru Bonnie, that's who! :)

    Happy Brrrrrrrr-thday!

  19. What a beautiful way to spend your birthday! Happy Birthday!

  20. Happy birthday, Bonnie! Looks as though you are celebrating in style--Quiltville style, that is.

  21. Enjoy your Birthday and stay warm!!

    I did Scrappy Mountain Majesties last year from Civil War Repro fabrics. I Love it. Thanks for ALL the wonderful patterns you share with us :) I'm working on Jamestown Landing now.

  22. Happy Birthday Bonnie. I have Scrappy MM on my list to make also, and plenty of shirts to chop up. Amy from VA

  23. Happy birthday, Bonnie!!

  24. Happy birthday, Bonnie!!

  25. Happy Birthday Bonnie from the snowbelt of northwestern Pennsylvania. We get pounded with lake-effect snow from Lake Erie all the time, so 18" in a storm is normal for us. Your excitement about snow is so different that our ho-hum attitude. Enjoy it while you have it!!

  26. I hope you do not get too much snow. We are being told that this storm is really life threatening in a lot of places. I would love to da a mountain majestic with you and Mona, but already have a bunch of different blocks kitted up to do.I will be off work tomorrow,afternoon, Sunday and Monday. I hope to get a lot done. I took my tumbler quilt to the long armed thursday. It is really big and I can hardly wait to get it back I started it in June and did most of it as leader and ender.

  27. I hope you do not get too much snow. We are being told that this storm is really life threatening in a lot of places. I would love to da a mountain majestic with you and Mona, but already have a bunch of different blocks kitted up to do.I will be off work tomorrow,afternoon, Sunday and Monday. I hope to get a lot done. I took my tumbler quilt to the long armed thursday. It is really big and I can hardly wait to get it back I started it in June and did most of it as leader and ender.

  28. Happy Birthday Bonnie!
    We share January 23 -- I will spend mine snowless, 50 degrees and sunny in the Houston area. But I can stay in and sew just the same.

  29. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! Mine is on Sunday. We have snow on the ground, but we aren't due to get more than a few inches. We've had the cold here in Minnesota, but haven't had to contend with the massive amounts of snow. I love the gray blocks. Have fun sewing with Mona.

  30. Happy Birthday and wishes for many more! The cabin looks like a postcard. Good to be snuggled up warm and toasty there.

    Sadie's photo is great! Our Dobie/Lab hated having her tummy wet...so like Sadie ... out and then in with lightening speed :) Silly girls


  31. Happy birthday Bonnie. May you have many more in good health.
    Cold here too in FL.
    Love to look at the snow it brings such peace to the soul. What a gorgeous basket quilt the quilting is awesome.enjoy your sewing days.
    Yoka Bazilewich

  32. Happy B-Day. The snow is pretty but I will enjoy it from your picture from here south Texas.


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