Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cats, Quilts & Mrs Bobbins!

This is miss Emmy Lou Lou.

She’s looking a bit stand offish, but in reality she is purring louder than loud and eager to snuggle up next to me at the end of a very long long day.

What is it with cats?

Emmy Lou has extra strength cat radar sense. She can be looking right at you until the moment you point a camera at her. In which case, she turns her head and pretends you are not there.
She is such a sweet girl, adopted as a tiny kitten when I was at a retreat while living in Texas years ago.  Retreat happened in 2000 or 2001, so she is up to 16 years old now.  She has moved with us from Texas to South Carolina where we stayed 5 years, and then on to North Carolina.  We’ve been here 8 years now, the longest I have ever lived anywhere my entire life –and same for her, too!
She doesn’t travel with us to the cabin, but there is always son Jeff here to pamper her in the mornings and evenings when he is not at work, and she is quite independent and doesn’t mind being home alone for a couple of days here and there.
I made it home to Winston Salem last evening,driving home from the cabin on dry roads! It was 40 degrees when I left the mountain, it was 52 in Winston Salem when I got there! Met my friend Lisa for our joint birthday dinners at PF Changs.

Her birthday is the 1st and I was in Texas, My birthday was the 23rd spent at the cabin - -the way I figure it, we get the whole month to celebrate! It was great to sit and talk, sipping tea while waiting for our lettuce wraps to be delivered, discussing all that life has thrown in our paths since we last got together.  We do not do this often enough.
Make contact!  Keep not only in touch, but BE PRESENT in each other’s lives.  It’s really all that matters!
Oh, this is funny – remember yesterday’s snow curtain photo?  Watch this!

I had no idea it would fall as I was standing there doing my little video…one minute I’m catching the drip on camera and Whooooompfff!  There it went!
Oh, and look what is new in the Quiltville Store!
The Big Book of Mrs Bobbins! 
The Big Book of Bobbins: Fun, Quilty Cartoons
Ask and you shall receive!
Since Mrs. Bobbins' inception on June 25, 2008, many quilters have become die hard Mrs. Bobbins fans. So much that they've asked for a Mrs. Bobbins book. Well here it is - The Big Book of Bobbins! It's 112 pages of Mrs. Bobbins' fun, silly, quilty antics!
The Big Book of Bobbins is divided into ten chapters - everything from quilting humor to quilting frustrations. You'll see Mrs. Bobbins use her rotary cutter on a pizza and accidentally sew her quilt to the tablecloth. You'll also get a glimpse at Mr. Bobbins' naivety when it comes to Mrs. Bobbins' hobby, then curiosity overwhelming him as he takes a stab at quilting himself!
Enjoy the Holidays at the Bobbins' - always a quilty treat - and meet Mrs. Bobbins' friends and beloved cats. Top all of that off with current events and a road trip to a quilt show, and you have The Big Book of Bobbins!
But we must warn you: As you laugh through the pages, you may notice that Mrs. Bobbins reminds you of someone - YOU! Which may just be why so many of you have requested a book be made... [wink wink].
I sat and laughed myself silly as I was thumbing through the pages last night!
Each page is precious, and we can all so relate!  This book would be great not only for YOUR own coffee table, but as gifts for quilty friends.
I can see the looks on the hubby’s faces as they realize that we are ALL THE SAME.  Haha!
So, there are 23 copies in the store for right now.  I’m keeping the 24th copy for MYSELF!
The retail price is $19.95 and since I know I am competing with big box Amazon I have listed them at $18.50.
Go get one while they are still there!
There will be this today!
I sat and opened MORE envelopes last night –oh so many great greys!  How many grey string quilts can one person put in one book?  Maybe I should do Bonnie’s Big Book of Grey??
I have to tell you, I so feel the love in each and every envelope.  One envelope came with not one but TWO of my favorite Lindt Chili Chocolate bars.  You guys.  Thank you. Thank you so very much!

The stories behind the fabrics, the photos of your completed Quiltville quilts, the challenge to use up the ugliest fabric in yours stash that you included with your grey "just because!" and the quilted chicken pincushion, and all of the hand written notes of encouragement.  I am so very blessed to have you not just as my readers, but as my friends!
And yes, you should see the Hubster and Son roll their eyes when I open each and every one! 
Quiltville Quote of the Day!
When we are feeling down, it's hard to look beyond our own problems and find the beauty that is out there. But it is there! Look outside yourself!
Vintage string star quilt from my collection. Of course, everything goes better with cheddar!
Happy Wednesday, everyone!
And oh, there is a great giveaway being posted TOMORROW, so be sure to come back so you don’t miss it!

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  1. A very wise friend once told me that you get to celebrate your birthday for as many days as your age so enjoy. There has to be some benefit to getting older! When my MIL was alive we used to get a check for 10 times our age, that was a reason to celebrate getting older.

  2. Yes there is beauty everywhere. This morning early as I left the house to walk my dog, Lucy, I looked up and there was the almost full moon shinning brightly in the sunlight!

  3. I wish I had started your scrap saver system when I started quilting 27 years ago. I have to pull out what I want from it being folded on shelves and try to get it back neatly. Now I am trying to do it, but still need to dig when doing a scrap quilt. It must be so much fun opening all your packages of strips. I am sure your family thinks we're all crazy, but you are very loved, and if you ask for something, your fans are going to try to help. It's like some birthday love, that just keeps coming. It's great. It will be neat seeing all the great projects that they end up being. Have a great day!

  4. I am so grateful that you weren't under the snow curtain when it let loose. That wet snow is very heavy. In this neck of the woods those snow curtains are a regular winter occurrence, and we know to stay clear of them. Your kitty is a cutie and looks great for her age! Ours is almost 15 yrs old, but she won't be getting a learner's permit when she turns 16. lol

  5. Thanks for posting this beautiful picture and quote, I needed it today. I fell better all ready.

  6. Maybe you could call your book 50 Shades of Gray. LOL

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM EST

    Instead of 50 Shades of Grey you could call it 50 Quilts of Grey...from Sharon in VT

  8. I can hardly wait for the grey quilt. Bonnie's Friends Grey Quilt would be a good name.

  9. New to your blog. I have enjoyed reading. What a surprise to see home is Winston Salem! Me too :) looking forward to more inspirations.

  10. Anonymous3:51 PM EST

    Can't comment on your FB page - not a member - but per your "private summers" problem: Keep a wet washcloth in the freezer & apply to the back of your neck when you feel a hot flash. That helped me, as did holding my breath multiple times & thinking "cold" thoughts, for some weird reason. I could often stop a flash in its tracks that way. I refused to eat anything unusual or take any kind of pill or supplement. Went with old-fashioned cold to the neck and simple mind-over-matter breathing control. This, too, shall pass!

  11. You are always a light in my day Bonnie! When you feel frustrated I pray for you!

  12. love Mrs. Bobbins! I certainly can relate. :-)

  13. Love to see Miss Emmy Lou Lou. I've missed what has happened to your Oscar kitty. Have fun in Texas. I put a return address label on any thing I might take out on the plane as well as one inside my luggage so if it gets left behind it has a chance to get back to me... Like maybe on your hexie baggie.

  14. Nice one. great job
    Instead of 50 Shades of Grey you could call it 50 Quilts of Grey...from Sharon in VT

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  15. Emmy Lou looks just like my Gaby Cat. She even has her own Facebook page andshe's a naughty girl who has way too many nip parties when we go out of town. Thanks for all you do for us Bonnie. I've been watching quilt cam archives in the wee hours when I just want to relax.

  16. LOVED the video! What a hoot! My neighbour across the alley has a metal roof...and every once in a while..."Avalanche!" "Mrs. Bobbins" looks equally hoot-worthy...but alas, with shipping, it would be about a bazillion dollars Canadian... :-( Thank you again for your Quilt Cam, which keeps me company (even in re-runs) when I am stitching bindings (a lot of those, lately!)

    As for cats, my Miss Pookie is the same. No matter how sneaky I try to be with the camera...Sigh.


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