Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Antiquing My Way Home!

It was this kind of day yesterday --

Bright with blue skies, a bit of a breeze and temps that were TRYING hard to reach 50 degrees.

It was a perfect day for a long leisurely drive up I-85, made longer by many pit stops and poke-abouts along the way!

I haven’t had a solo day to wander for a while, and though the drive in itself would have taken me about 3 1/2 hours door to door, it took a good 9 hours for me to make it home by dinner time.

“Stop off at Cowpens, South Carolina and check out Main Street, the whole street is lined with antique shops!” said one commenter on Facebook.

And off the beaten path I went!


Oh, I was glad, but I was taking my time!

I love these stitcheries, and I have adopted several of them on different trips.


I love the sentiments!

As I edited down more than 100 photos I took yesterday for this post I tried to think how I could make this as cohesive as possible without just dumping EVERYTHING in a slide show.  I think the only way to do this is to break it into parts and stretch it out a bit!

Of course there were QUILTS!  Oh so many quilts --

And machines, too!

Shall we start with the ridiculous??


Are you kidding me?!

The scenario goes like this – “Oh look! Little black box, a little black box! Machine inside! Look at the price tag - Heck, no!”

For this price, that bobbin case better be gold plated! Someone needs an education. This machine BETTER work for that price.  And it wasn’t in exceptional condition.  It’s going to sit there a good long time.


Too much for this one too, though I love the styling!

1950s Brother zig-zag, made in Japan.


This one caught my heart!

But although the hand-wheel turned, the needle would not move.  It’s badly frozen and it will take some doing to get it functional again, that is if the shaft isn’t bent.

If I had my choice between the Brother above, and this one – it would be THIS one.  Straight stitch only means the feed dogs are nice and close, best for patchwork piecing.  The vintage zig-zag machines often home “straight stitch” position at far left in the foot with the zig-zag only swinging to the right in the early machines.  Something to think about if you want to adopt a vintage machine for doing straight stitch patchwork.

Pity on this one…that paint job is amazingly excellent!


I learned to sew on a Kenmore like this!


Oh honey!  $150 is too much for you in this condition!

I gave a good check out to the cabinet.  This is an older machine with a wooden pitman rod, the rod that makes the petal move.  QUIET movement where metal rods can be clanky.  But the table was too shot to make it worth the $150 either.  Poor thing.


A White Embossed Beast!

I have never sewn on one of these, but I am intrigued by them.  They look quilted!  Beautiful.


A little crinkle finish 99.
Think again!


What’s in here?

Oh, honey!  If you want to sell this machine, don’t pile stuff on top of it to the point that we can’t get to the machine!  Especially BREAKABLE stuff!

You just may find that the machine inside is worth far more any any of the junk on or around the machine hiding it.


There is a beautiful 201 inside!!

This beauty was found wandering the Depot in Concord, NC.  The asking price is $175.00 which I find a bit high, but the cabinet is not in BAD shape, and if you’ve been looking for a 201, this could be the machine for you.  Notice that the spool pin is missing, however.


Plan on 2 hours to wander through here.

It’s HUGE!


This one.  Oh, This one!


Check out the Celtic Decals!

This is the first time I have come across these decals “in the wild.”  I love the fancy S for Singer there on the machine bed.  This is a 128 machine, shuttle bobbin, and electric. 

The electrical wires are toast.  Really in bad shape.  And they were asking $80.00 for the machine.  I waffled on it and decided to wait.  If I got it, I would pop the motor off and treadle it in my 3/4 size treadle cabinet.  But I already have a couple of lovely 99s that I prefer to shuttle bobbins.  And that is how my train of thought worked when I decided to pass on this one.


Oh.  My. Goodness!

This is what was waiting for me when I arrived home!  TWO USPS tubs of mail, for me from YOU!

just took one look at the dining room table and cracked up! In other words, be careful what you ask for! I put out a call for leftover grey strips from the Allietare mystery. I had no clue that so many would respond! There is no way that I can individually reply to every single letter, so please take this as my blanket thank you and I can't wait to sew these strips up into a fabulous quilt!
Oh, I think my mail person hates me now. She spent forever on our front porch scanning everything that needed a barcode scanned!  Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Oh, Emmy Lou!
I spent the evening in my new comfy chair opening up wonderful Scrappy mail! Emmy Lou is giving me the stink eye, she thinks she should be the only grey thing that I am paying attention to! You guys, I am just so overwhelmed with the outpouring of strips! It is fun to see the actual greys that you used in your own Allietare quilt. I am feeling the love!
So how about a bit of Quilt-Cam tomorrow night, Thurs, Jan 14th?  I’d love to spend some time sewing with you.
Time to tackle all the book orders that have come in while I’ve been gone, and get this day going.
But first:
Quiltville Quote of the Day!
Today is the day to pay it forward. Your small acts of kindness may go unrecognized, but that's okay. Just don't stop being kind. You never know what it might mean to someone else.

Have an awesome Wednesday, everyone! This bit of 1950's loveliness was found in Dallas Texas a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. How fun seeing those vintage machines! Reading your post is like traveling down those aisles and discovering treasures with you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I sure enjoyed wandering through the sewing machines with you; thanks for posting the pictures! And what a good idea to call all the gray scraps together. But I do feel for your postal carrier. Does she perhaps need a little nap quilt?

  3. Ha ha! It must be like Christmas all over again with the grey strippiness coming in the mail. I cannot wait to see the quilt that comes out of that. Guess I'd better be building my own grey stash so I'll be ready to make my own version because I know I will love it, as I do all of your quilts. Looking forward to quilt am. Enjoy your at-home time.

  4. Anonymous11:22 AM EST

    I really appreciate how you think out whether to buy a machine or not. Sometimes I really have to fight with myself over all the details involved in a purchase. I now have 13 vintage machines and have used all but a couple. Thank you for sharing your escapades with us! Mandy Laseter

  5. I have a few machines that need to come out. Maybe my converted Handcrank can play tomorrow while I watch Quilt Cam on the Eve of my 50+ Birthday. You found some spendy treasures, and got a LOT of Grey Mail! Your Kitty matches the greys. I had to throw in a few that weren't in my Allietare, like the fairy frost one.

  6. I am jealous of those machines out here 500. Is the going rate for featherweight...if you can find them. Never mind anything else

  7. You are so generous to us that we are only too happy to respond when we have the opportunity to return it to you! It is a joy to be able to send you a few scraps and think we might actually have a piece of our fabric in a Bonnie Hunter quilt! What a thrill.
    Ellie Lively

  8. I found a 201 in that same cabinet last spring at a garage sale for $25.00. Did the happy dance. Then found a bench a couple months later. I love sewing on her! Sewed my allietare on her, she just hums. Enjoy sewing your grey strips, can't wait to see what you do with them. It was a pleasure to pass some on to you. Thanks for sharing your shopping excursions!

  9. "....and that is how my train of thought worked when I......" Is one of my favorite things about reading your blog. I like to learn how you look at things, whether they are old quilts or vintage machines or threads for quilting or needles or whatever. Thank you for sharing o much with us! You are a treasure!

  10. LOLOLOL ... "Big Dan Morgan came a galloping in. Said he got Cornwallis in the old Cowpen" .... song from the American Revolutionary war!!!! You were right there... what a great antique mall. I never ever see anywhere near that many machines anywhere around East Tennessee. Thinking folks keep things that still work and use them here in the South Appalachians of e. TN.

    Love walking through the malls with you :)

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  11. Hi Bonnie. I Have One Of Those Crinkle Finish White Rotary Machines. Mine Is The Martha Washington Version With The MW As Part Of The Cast Iron Bed. You Will Laugh, But I Am Always Torn To Piece With Her Or One Of My 301'S. Such A Dilemma To Have. If You Ever Get The Chance To Sew On One I Think You Will Be Delighted. Toni (As In gf Cookies Baked In Small Cast Iron Pans) Toni.stanek@suntrust.com.

  12. Found your comments very helpful. Always wanted to buy a vintage machine but how to decide if the price is reasonable. Thanks.

  13. Just read one of the extra posts -July 17,2008. Amazing, in a sad way. Yes, we've all been led by the thin propaganda but I do believe we are all beautiful . It's only the eyes of the beholder,just like a quilt. I'm thankful you are as healthy and happy as you can be. Thank you,Miss Bonnie, you give such pleasure to so many.

  14. Bonnie that Modernage machine looks like it's in bobbin winding mode, that could be why the needle wouldn't move. I'd always choose a vintage Brother machine. I have 17 of them and they all sew a perfect stitch. Very few of the vintage Brothers are left homing, none from the 50's that I've ever seen but I have one from the late 60's. And I love my 201! Wish I had found her in a #42 cabinet like the one you saw.


  15. Anonymous5:15 AM EST

    Thanks for the sewing machine wandering tutorial. I have been thinking of adding one like my grandmother and great grandmother had... when my new space is completed. Methinks your mail carrier deserves a thank you quilt!!

  16. Anonymous8:15 AM EST

    I think we're all hoping that when you finally get around to using the gray strips, you post a ton of really close pictures of your blocks, so we can all squeal, "Oh wow, Bonnie used my fabric!" :) Looking for your donated fabric in one of Bonnie's quilts...kinda like waiting to see if your Powerball numbers were picked?? LOL

  17. Anonymous8:55 AM EST

    Oh, I think my mail person hates me now. She spent forever on our front porch scanning everything that needed a barcode scanned!

    Bonnie-just make her/give her a THANKYOU quilt


  18. I have a 1952 Necchi I purchased at a second hand shop for $35.00. I love my vintage machine!!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Love to see your Antique Mall wanderings and so tickled when you stretch your finds out over several posts. You do us a great service by letting us know what is an unreasonable and just SILLY price on some of these machines and what to evaluate; your thought process is helpful too when you decide to leave a machine behind. The cross stitch samplers with great sentiments were special to see. So glad you had a great response to your request for grey fabrics. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  21. I mailde it yesterday sorry I am late sending it but my husband was in the hospital.
    I only found 1 grey material . Hope it arrives soon.
    Was shocked to see the high priced machines and so many in bad shape.
    Love your post and pictures.
    Happy Quilting Bonnie.
    Yoka Bazilwich


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