Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quilt-Cam! 1/14/2016

Welcome to Quilt-Cam, everyone!

We’ve got the night to play away and I think I’ve got it all together this time.

Bonus triangles? Check!
Neutral squares?  Check!
Large triangles? Check!
Neutral rectangles? Check!

And I even un-stitched and FIXED the one basket block that I got all wrong last time.  Let’s hope that this time I actually come across like I KNOW what I’m doing. LOL!

Oh, it’s all in fun, and we have a good time no matter how it goes, right?

Tonight I wanted to share with you a lovely little hint!


Guide your thread off of the cone stand!

This little great idea comes from HomeEc Mel who writes: 
Thanks for quilt cam. We, hubby and I, are sewing away on projects for a breast cancer fundraiser tomorrow night. Last quilt cam you mentioned a problem when sewing with cone thread coming off the cone right. I have the same problem. The photo is my solution. A wooden spool with an eye screw that has a small piece cut out so I don't have to thread it. Makes the machine think it's coming off of a regular spool.
Not only does it work, but it gives a purpose to those lovely little wooden spools we collect and don’t know what to do with!

The thread guide problem can also work if you run the thread from off the cone holder through an extra hole in a bobbin and put the bobbin on the spool pin – but THIS is much more cute!

While I have your attention here I wanted to let you know about a new addition to the line up of great books in the Quiltville Store.


Old Quilts, New Life by Sarah Fielke!

Old Quilts, New Life features 20 stunning quilts designed by passionate quilter, author and designer, (and my friend!) Sarah Fielke. Sarah has selected 10 beautiful quilts from The American Folk Art Museum and created two designs inspired by each quilt - the first, a sympathetic interpretation of the original piece and the second, a more contemporary creation. 

Old Quilts, New Life showcases these stunning quilts - each one accompanied by step-by-step instructions so you can create them at home. The book takes you through the history of the quilting tradition and explores the techniques and styles employed by quilters over the centuries. From the beautiful simplicity of an Amish quilt to a striking, graphic Text quilt, there is a quilt here to suit all skill levels and styles.

If you are inspired by vintage quilts as much as I am, you are going to need this book.  Retail price is $21.95.  I’ve got it listed for $20.00, and I’ve only got 20 copies in stock right now.


I’m ready to sew!  Are you?

These cute little basket blocks are also found in my Addicted to Scraps Column with Quiltmaker Magazine, check your March/April 2011 issue for the pattern.  

I’m sewing tonight on my 1950s Necchi Supernova Ultra.  I just love her minty green color and that classic Italian styling!  She hums so sweetly.  I’m looking forward to spending some more time with her tonight!

Click the arrow on the screen to start the feed and we can sew together!

Other exciting things going on around here:

The giveaway for Catherine Redford’s new Modern Machine Quilting (For your home machine) is still going strong!  Did you enter?  If not, click to THAT POST and leave your name and email address by clicking the blue “add your link” button at the bottom of the post to be entered to win.  Just your name and address, leave the other fields blank.  Your email is safe with ME that way!

I’ve got some other goodies coming up soon as well, so stay tuned so you don’t miss out!

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  1. Hi Bonnie from New Zealand. It is great to catch quilt cam live. It is 3 pm on Friday afternoon here and I am working on fixing 4 four patch blocks I had the wrong way round on my Easy Street then I just have the borders to do. Only taken 3 years! Then I plan to make Allietare. I'm hoping it won't take so long!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Bonnie from Judy in Indiana. I am sewing my "Allietare" top together tonight while following along. I also have been sewing up a past mystery "Double Delight" as a leader/ender while on my Allietare journey. I love the idea that I am completing two patterns at one time.I really enjoyed your trip to the antique mall!

    Judy Clayton

  4. Anonymous9:20 PM EST

    Please check your audio microphone is on. Checked sound on my end and is fine. Hope I get to hear you.
    Bonnie in Wisconsin

  5. Still not connected to you after half an hour. I think your sight is overloaded. Lol
    I've also noticed it takes longer to just read your blog with All on there to pull up, just so you know. I don't care.
    Catch ya later.

  6. sitting in Howell, Michigan trimming cue 4 so that I can move onto clue 5.

    Love watching you on quiltcam!

  7. I'm cutting more 1930's Farmer's Wife Blocks out. I didn't get my Handcrank out of hiding to play. And I didn't find a Treadle for my Birthday. :( The baskets are sew cute! You are cracking me up talking about Funerals.

  8. Just sent you an email of my bonus triangles quilt from Grand Illusion. It was when I looked at the picture I sent you that I noticed I did one block wrong. All quilted and finished so will live with it. Life goes on.

  9. Hey Bonnie and all you quiltvillians in quiltville land! Excited to see quilt cam on tonight..missed some, had to fly home from work so I could watch as much as possible! Allietare is still in the unfinished but finishing zone for me. Life, meaning work, for this dispatcher has gone into high gear with fire season coming into full bloom. I promise though..I will get back to it, one square and one leader ender at a time. Its a lovely quilt, and addicting for a first timer! Love watching quilt cam too..THANK YOU!

  10. Hi there.......from Sequim, WA.
    Fun..this time I get to see this in real time.

  11. Hi Bonnie, This is Susan from the Lake Gaston Piecemakers. I am working on the mystery quilt and consider myself a Bonniac. Love quilt cam and everything you do

  12. Probably too late to ask.... I am so interested in finding my own treadle. ... what do I look for? Thanks.

  13. I was screaming at my screen when I saw you were going to sew the HST on wrong.lol Glad you could unsew it so fast and redo it. Loved watching quilt cam tonight.

  14. Just wanted to post a comment that the Sarah Fielke book you just got in is an amazing book. If anyone has doubts, it is a winner! Thanks again for all you do, Bonnie!

  15. sue McClellan suemcclellan.65@gmail.com

  16. Living this. Colleen from ponca city ok

  17. Lauren Bacall good name for machine from 1957
    Loving this. Colleen from ponca city ok


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