Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Announcing the 2016 APQ Quilt-Along!

 I am once again joining in the fun with American Patchwork & Quilting’s APQ Quilt-Along!

I had so much fun last year with the Go Four It project, and I’ve been wanting to do a quilt along this year’s theme, so I am jumping in with both feet.

What is the APQ Quilt-Along?

As we did last year with the Four-Patch quilts, we actually have multiple projects (two in APQ, one in Quilts and More, and one online), all with one theme—this year it's plus-sign quilts. We are calling the quilt-along “It All Adds Up.” We are using the same hashtag as the first two years, #APQQuiltalong.

Meaning that this year we will focus on “Plus” Quilts – blocks that look like they have a plus sign or a cross in them!  To get you started there are several great projects in the new-on-the-news-stands issue of APQ Magazine:


On News Stands Now!

Here are the "It All Adds Up" quilt-along projects:

Plus Postage!

1. "Plus Postage" quilt from designer Susan Ache 
Instagram: @yardgrl60
Instructions will appear in the April 2016 issue of APQ, officially on sale 2/2/16.

Grand Total!
2. "Grand Total" from designer Pat Bravo 
Instagram: @patbravodesign
website: patbravo.com
Instructions will appear in the April 2016 issue of APQ, officially on sale 2/2/16.
Easy Addition!

3. "Easy Addition" from designer Brenda M. Ratliff
websites: justabitfrayed.com and pinkcastlefabrics.com
Instructions are in the Spring 2016 issue of Quilts and More, on officially on sale1/19/16.
Free Plus Pillow Pattern!

4. We also have a super-easy plus sign pillow from our HowToSew.com site.
Now, I’m here to tell you that this pillow looks great as it is, but can you imagine doing those large pieces in STRINGS?!  That’s just my Bonnie-take on it, but you can deo it however you want!
The plan is to encourage each other in our own chosen “PLUS” style quilt project!  Here are a few more to inspire you:
natural beauty

As for me, I’ve done some searching.  Remember THIS quilt from back in 2014?
TN_Apr2014 218_thumb[1]
I wrote about it HERE.
I may do something like this! I’ve always wanted to.
One similar in yellow!
Vintage Red Cross Quilt

So classically simple!
During this weekend’s snow event I cut reds!
I cut neutrals!
I treadled strip sets ready to press!
I got THIS far!
I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing yet.  But that’s okay.  Often if I just jump in and go with it, it turns into something I love along the way.
While I won’t be giving out directions for my project, likely until it finds a publication to land in at some future date, you are welcome to watch and follow and come up with your OWN “It All Adds Up” project thanks to the projects listed above, or one of your own bucket list quilts that incorporates the PLUS theme somewhere along the line!
As for me, this is likely to be a “Cabin sewing project” over the next several months.
I hope you will join me!  It’s a great way to keep busy and inspired after our Allietare Mystery has finished, and we don’t release another Leader & Ender challenge until July.
While I’ve got you here, I want to remind you of Quilt-Cam tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern!  Maybe you’ll be ready to sew “It All Adds Up” blocks by then? Join me here on the blog at that time and we can sew together.
The January Quilty Box giveaway also ends this evening, and I’ll be drawing that winner tonight!  Did you enter yet?  Go HERE and follow the directions.
Quiltville Quote of the Day!
Sometimes we carry around our hurts- Like the proverbial pearl they start out as an oyster with a small irritating grain of sand. Little by little we build on them until they are big and hard and impossible to let go of.
You may never get that apology you feel you deserve, but only you can let it go and find peace. It likely isn't even bothering the person who caused you so much hurt.
Forgive them and move on. It isn't easy, it may take more than one try, but you are worth it!
Miniature birds in the air quilt, paper pieced and hand quilted by me 2002.
Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous9:47 AM EST

    I think I spotted my mailer in your latest photo of the gray strips that had arrived. If you found a stack wrapped in Glad Cling Wrap, that was from me. I'm relieved that the strips look like they got there OK. It was my first time to mail fabric like that & I was worried that the mailer would get torn, scattering gray strips all over some post office! Wouldn't that have confused them.

    It was fun to share some of my stash with you. I think "Stone Soup" is the PERFECT name for a quilt made with all the donated strips that color. Brilliant idea to name it that! Takes me back to hearing that book read aloud on "Captain Kangaroo." :)

    Happy sewing!


  2. Oh yes, a plus quilt has been on my to-do list for a long time. Maybe this will be the year I finally make one!

  3. I have a Plus Block quilt started so it will be fun to play along. Love your scrappy red and neutral strips. Looks interesting!

  4. Red 9-patches are always useful....and Lord knows I have lots of RED in my stash!

  5. I see a scrappy plus quilt in my future. Thanks for the heads up. I can get my strips ready while I wait for February 2nd. Yea for Scrappy quilts!

  6. There's a particular plus-sign quilt on my bucket list. I take this as a sign to get on it! Thanks for your hard work for the quilting community, Bonnie.

  7. Anonymous4:14 PM EST

    I LOVE the neutrals and reds! I've been wanting to do light to medium grays as my neutrals, with reds on a quilt for a long time. I was thinking Jacobs Ladder, but
    maybe I'll do a plus sign quilt instead. Say, you wouldn't have any grays you'd like to share (or reds) would you?
    Sewquilty, pmccartney@gmail.com

  8. I love that 2014 Red white blue block with 4 plus in it. I'm not sure though what the easiest way to piece it would be.

  9. I am catching up with old Quilt cams and have been watching the nine patch piecing that was happening early 2015 and so I'm quite excited to join in with this Plus block QAL. Thanks for the inspiration and enthusiasm!

  10. Here is a PLUS patten I have made
    From the designer THE COLOURFUL FABRIHOLIC


  11. Loving the reds and neutrals. Can't wait to see what becomes of them!

  12. Great quote Bonnie!! I'm going to use Garden Party and Talkin' Turkey as my plus blocks projects. Thank you for all that you do to enrich our quilting community. You are loved, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  13. My plus sign quilt will be called "think positive!" I will piece or applique those words in a sea of plus signs.

  14. I made a Natural Beauty quilt for my daughter and son in law for their wedding! Great pattern that I made much larger. I've had fabrics set aside that same plus sign pattern for quite awhile now. Best time to get it out and use my GO ! Cutter for more 2.5" strips. Go, Bonnie!


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