Sunday, January 03, 2016

Crabapple Party in Plano!

 Another day to play in the great state of Texas!

We had a great time playing with 1 1/2’’ strips in the morning, and moving on to our paper-pieced tree bases in the afternoon so that we could get these trees together.

There are always some newer quilters who haven’t had any paper piecing experience, or maybe they have and never really learned to enjoy it.  There are only 3 seams that bring this tree base together, and it is a great way to learn some hints and tricks, and fine tune some common issues that quilters have when just getting going in paper piecing.

Let’s face it, you’ve got to make some doozies before we finally get this dance down!

I went along explaining how one earlier time while giving this class, a student had managed to sew her checkerboard tree tops to the wrong end of the tree --

Being quick witted, she qiuckly added “It’s an Authmn tree!  All the leaves are down!”  I used this example as a warning so that those in this class might miss that un-stitching pitfall.

Marti, oh Marti!!

Sometimes it’s just going to happen anyway!

So we called the one on the right Marti’s Weeping Willow!!

((A bit of seam ripper time and it was all right again!))

Checkerboard Chain Gang!

Crabapples of Happiness!

Show us your stuff, girls!

It’s a Crabapple tree farm!

So much fun!

Scrappy Trees grow in Texas!

You will find the pattern for Crabapples in my book Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  Signed copes are available in the Quiltville Store.

There are a great many more fun photos of our day in the slide show.  Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You will be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Crabapples, Plano TX 2016

Today is our last day –a Mystery designed just for this group!  When day is done, this quilt gets whisked off to Quiltmaker Magazine in Colorado so you’ll be seeing it too in just a few months time!

Tomorrow.  HOME.  It’s been a fun week, but I’m ready!


Today’s Quiltville Quote:

The inspiration for today's quote came from this beautiful vintage butterflies quilt shared during class yesterday in Plano Texas. This one belongs to Sandra. I have always been fascinated by what butterflies go through to get to their greatest stage, leaving the safety of their cocoon to spread their wings wide before the world.

Is this a day to spread your wings?

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Such a fun quilt for putting all those 1.5 inch strips to use. I just finished one in reds and it is already hanging proudly in my sewing room. Thanks for another great pattern!

  2. I just love all the scrappiness! The Weeping Willow is Perfect. Brought back memories of my Childhood home. Fly home safely, Butterfly, Bonnie!

  3. Looks like Y'all had a great time! I waved from my side of the screen to Irene... I enjoyed seeing all of the sewing and all of the wonderful vintage machines, especially the little Singer Sew Handy.

    Safe travels and enjoy your family time.

  4. The design on your T shirt in the first photo appears to give the kneeling gal in front of you a crown of royalty. Love it.
    Thanks for all you do Bonnie. I appreciate the inspirational words on your blog posts.

  5. Susan Beard9:32 AM EST

    I should have paid attention to your schedule! I have a crabapple with the parts done and I could have assembled it with you long distance.


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