Friday, January 15, 2016

A Plethora of Vintage Quilts, Part 2!

Yes.  There were that many quilts.

There were SO many quilts, that rather than lump them into one big long slide show without commentary, I decided to opt for two posts rather than one.

Less IS more, as they say – and how can we fully appreciate anything with wide open eyes if said eyes are glazed over on over-load?

If you missed yesterday’s batch, you will find them HERE.

And perhaps, like watching LAST YEAR’S Season of Downton Abbey before this one let loose so that you didn’t forget anything and were ready for the new, you’ll want to flip back and re-familiarize yourself with those quilts because they ARE wonderful!

How about we start off with this simple 1950s churn dash?  I love red and pink together, especially as we move toward February and valentine’s day.  This is just sweet in simplicity.  While MOST of the blocks hae red either as the main design or as background, there are a few blocks that deviate from the theme, and I think that is what makes this one interesting.


Even red on red!

Check out the green gingham, second row up on the left.  Yep.  Bias on the outside edges of half square triangles.  Likely cut that way so she could make the best use of the fabric!  Two of the connecting squares are on straight grain, and two are also on bias.  I just LOVE this.  Do what you can, make the best use of the fabric, and get it done! 

And oh, that fan quilting!


Old Grey Goose!

Or at least that is what I was told this block was named.

Got another one for it?


Wonderful blue print sashings with all of these great butterscotch blocks!

But look at the second row up on the right!  LOL!

I’m going to say the maker left it there on purpose.


A primitive pink Dresden!

Or is it leaves in a breeze?


Fabulous 1940s fabrics.

And a very free spirit with applique placement!


I think this was one of my favorites!  Snowball!


It reminds me of one of THESE!!

I know my little brother had one of these, as did both of my boys.  My, how toys have changed!  But the look of that snow ball quilt brought this old child's favorite right to mind.


Meticulously pieced! 

Some careful placement, and some not..it’s a good combination! 

And definitely not boring!


who can resist a vintage random 4 patch?


Not me!

And I think I’d love to make one.

One 4 patch at a time, not quickly strip pieced.

But enjoying each little unit coming together at its own pace.


This one was stuck in the window!

And I couldn’t get it down.

Fairly shredded in places, it still speaks of a love of patchwork and scrap fabrics in that fabulous streak of lightning setting.


Oh My Stars!


Isn’t this fun??

I love these little low contrast babies.  At first I didn’t even think it was the same block, but it is.  My favorite?  second row up, second from the right, red background. Very fun!

And with that exclamation I think I just decided on what I shall name my recent string star project.  “Oh, My Stars!”  See?!  Sometimes if you just let things happen, it will come!


What a fun double wedding ring!


I love it when the rings are squashed and almost square-ish.

Some high contrast, some low contrast arcs.


Woolly bear paw!


Find the odd bits!

First row, left – triangles awry!
bottom row, second and third blocks in, on and upper row on the right –fabric substitution.  A few blacks were sewn in likely due to lack of more background fabric.  But these are the bits that give this quilt life and sparkle.  Don’t let uniformity stint your creativity!  I love this.

Also the bottom block on the right..the sashings are lighter than the background and that changes the block completely.


Oh, so loved!


Sweet blossoms!

As I’m sitting here typing up commentary between these photos, there is one thing that comes to mind.

ALL of the stitches.  ALL of the hours spent doing something that we love so much.  And as quilters, don’t we know that most quilts that are made are not made for ourselves, but as a gift of love for someone else.  So I am thinking of not just the maker, but wondering WHO the recipient was.  And how these quilts must have been cherished with the wearing out.


This was a favorite find!


Sort of Ohio stars, sort of not!



They look like snow flakes!

Almost a “Rolling Stone block” but simpler!

Remember what I was saying yesterday about how quilt makers from an earlier time often grouped “like kinds” together? Check that out in this quilt.  Instead of scrambling everything so it was “planned randomness” ((Don’t you love oxymorons?!)) they grouped the ones that use the same fabric together in rows, or partial rows, next door to each other.  So fascinating!


Close up.

And that red and black for sashing is PERFECT!

And yes, the yellow is paint on the floor, not borders on the quilt.


Yellow and army green!

Accented with a red border and black binding.


More great fab quilting.

This was not made by a beginner either.

Templates, fabric, scissors, needle, thread….and time.  Lots of time!


A fun and woolly 25 patch!


Some blocks are planned, some are random!


But the most fun of all is the BACK!!


Check it out!

Neutrals & greys!


And last, but definitely not least!

Kaleidoscope of Strings!


Can this be more fun??  Weeeee!!

It was an awesome time spent wandering.  And I can’t wait to do it again, in another place, in another town on another adventure.

Speaking of adventures:


Hello, Hillsborough!

I took a little road trip with my friend Jen yesterday to check out a featherweight she was interested in adopting – her first vintage machine ever.  Oh, was she ever excited! And I was happy to go with her to check it over so she knew what she was getting.


Beautiful 1951 centennial!

This machine was in immaculate condition, I don’t think it was ever sewn on much, if ever.  It purrs as if brand new.  All attachments included, even the manual.  She was very happy with her price, and we left there smiling and chatting about what a wonderful machine this is.  I should have caught a photo of her with this little black box in her arms, but sometimes you can’t catch EVERYTHING in a photo.

Trust me, her smile was ear to ear!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

We all fear change to some extent. We like things the way that we like them, but without change we stay who we are where we are. This change could take you to places you've never been before. Embrace it! Vintage album block quilt found in McKinney, Texas.

As for me, I’m packing the van and headed to the cabin for the weekend.

I’ll catch you from there!  Have a great Friday, everyone!

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  1. Thanks for showing all the quilts. Soooo many! I don't think all of us have access to see so many vintage quilts. Also glad your friend found the featherweight. It looks beautiful. I'm piecing on mine currently. They make such a sweet sound.

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM EST

    Bonnie, I think you are reincarnated from the maker of one of those quilts! Cheryl

  3. Thank you for sharing all of those beautiful quilts! It's always inspiring to look at other quilters work!

  4. Your friend was lucky to have to help her with the machine since you know so much about them. I saw an interesting sewing machine in a antique store, and took a picture, not sure what it is. It was electric and the wheel was real low on the side, not where it usually is. Not sure how to share a pic with you of it??? Anyway, have a great day, I need to go get some sewing time in. Have fun at the cabin!!!!

  5. Bonnie, you came upon some real beauties on your trip. Thanks so much for sharing. How fun for your friend to have a fun featherweight. I was told mine was barely used also and I love it and the way it sews. Have a wonderful weekend at the cabin.

  6. The sorta Ohio Stars remind me of a school of fish. Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing these lovelies!

  7. Loved these quilts! You are the best for sharing them all with us! I love reading your comments and observations. GORGEOUS featherweight!!

  8. Bonnie, do you think the makers that put the like colors together just added more blocks as they made them or used all the fabric they had at the time?

  9. What about Snowballs for this years Leader/Ender challenge?

  10. O MY STARS! Good name choice Bonnie for your latest star quilt.

  11. In the 1930's Farmer's wife, that Old Grey Goose block, they called it Old Maid. I've made one called Double Z for my Loyal Union Sampler by Jennifer Chiaverini. So many Quilts to savor today. I never have the nerve to spread them out and get a good look at them when I go out thrifting. No Treadle came to live at my house for my Birthday. :( It was a great QuiltCam last night. I love those little baskets.

  12. Thank you so much for Quilt-Cam! It will be so fun if you can do it again next week. I always learn so much and enjoy the conversation. You are such a wealth of information and wisdom. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh my oh my I'm almost giddy over all those quilts, thank you for all you the inspiration!!! I'm off to stitch !

  14. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful finds :)

  15. How wonderful! Never have seen the amount of quilts
    you come across, I think I should head south of Michigan.

  16. Awesome vintage quilts. You see things i never would have noticed Bonnie. How in THE world can you see if some blocks was cut in a different way? I sir here looking with a magnifying glass in hand looking at all THE quilts. Sad that they are all on sale. I still ave my first quilt i made in 1992 iT was a scrap quilt that i made without a pattern. My dogs lat on iT often. Have a great quilt weekend. Love you picked " oh my stars" i use iT often instead of oy vey.
    Yoka Bazilewich

  17. I loved all the quilts you showed. Wish I could trail along after you sometimes in your hunts. The scrappiness blew me away!
    Linda Johnson

  18. You are so lucky. I went to 4 antique shops last weekend and found only 1 quilt. Thanks for sharing.


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