Friday, January 08, 2016

Who Wins the Quilt Sampler?!

Here I am in Simpsonville, South Carolina!

A mere 3 1/2 hour drive from home through drizzly rain –who would think a south westerly drive would have the temps climb about 5 degrees higher than it is at home in Wallburg, NC?

Let me tell you – for this cold blooded girl who hates ice and cold and snow with great disdain, 5 degrees warmer is HUGE! Especially if it pushes the temps from 45 to 50!  50 is nearly BALMY!  So bring it on, South Carolina!

I am excited to be drawing for the winner of this fabulous issue of Quilt Sampler.

I had a great time visiting with the gals at Happiness is Quilting, and I know you will enjoy reading about their shop in the pages of this issue, and the quilt that they have designed for this issue is also going to knock your socks off!

I’m also SO happy with how the Linky for giveaways is going.  The spammers aren’t participating!  Your email address is safe, and it doesn’t clutter up the comments section and you don’t have to scroll through everything to get to the bottom before adding your entry.  It’s a win win win all the way around.

So let’s do this thing, shall we?

 1115 entries! 
For a 2011 magazine!
I love you guys, you get into the spirit! Ha!

Who is #618??


WILMA!!!  Hooray!

Wilma, I’ve sent an email to your gmail address given.  Get back to me with your snail mail address and I’ll pop this magazine in the mail to you upon my return home from South Carolina!  Congrats!

For those of you who love the giveaway anticipation – I’ve got something special going on in the MORNING as well, so be sure to come back and check out what is up for grabs!


This is what I drove through today.  Yucky and grey!

Oh, that reminds me – Allison asked how to know when to use the word GRAY or the word GREY –in my book, and the way we were taught as children is that GRAY is a surname, as in Lord John Gray from the Diana Gabaldon series.  GREY however is a color.  One a NAME, one a color.  Anyway, that’s my take on it!


My digs for 4 nights!

This is a driving trip for me, which means I can pack the van and bring what I need.  I plan to get loads of work done on some looming deadlines while here.


I packed a folding table!

I love this table with its adjustible legs because it takes up nearly zero space in my car, but I can raise or lower the table based on whether I am sitting to sew, or standing to cut.

You can see I brought my 301 mocha long bed…she was begging to come along for the ride!


More green triangles!

And tumblers as Leaders & Enders this time!

I have one row ready to add on, and who knows, maybe I’ll be able to add a couple rows by the time this 4 nights worth of stitching time is behind me.

I didn't’ stop at Mary Jos today –I got a late start and with the rain I just wanted to push on.  But watch out on TUESDAY! I’m planning to stop on my way home.

And with that, I’m off to sew!  Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. I have two of those tables and love them! Goes with me on vacation all the time. So versatile.

  2. Congratulations Wilma!

    What a fun carpet you have in your hotel room Bonnie.

  3. Anonymous7:36 PM EST

    could you post something about the table like brand name so we could look for it. would love an adjustable table to go up and down. thanks in advance
    betsy K K

  4. Gray or grey -- it's the difference between English and American. I just don't remember which is which!

  5. I just got one of the exact same machines - the 301 mocha long bed. It was in desperate need of a cleaning - inside and out. I didn't need another machine, but with all the accessories, original book, zigzagger and buttonholer I felt the need to rescue it for the small amount it cost. Lot of work to get all the greasy dirt removed on the case. And then - caked dirt in the bobbin assembly and in the bobbin case?? And straight pins and one sewing needle in places inside the case that was a mystery how they got in those places. I oiled more than once and ran her slowly at first til she sounded like she should. Then a good polishing with a product that was supposed to take off oxidation. BUT...still spotty here and there. I'm looking at this machine and seeing candy apple red! I need to check and see who does that sort of thing. I also like your school bus yellow machine Bonnie!

  6. I just thought the Gray/Grey was an American vs Canadian spelling thing like colour/color! Good to know.
    My tumblers have fallen off my radar in exchange for four patches from another challenge. I am hoping they will soon be done so I can pull those tumblers back out of their box.

  7. When I was a child my gray crayon spelled it gray so that's the way I learned it. A couple years later when I saw it spelled grey I thought someone just didn't know how to spell. It will always be g-r-a-y for me and anyone who spells it differently just doesn't know how to spell. After all, a crayon definitely should know how to spell it's own name. LOL!!!

  8. Have fun stitching. The hotel digs look so inviting. I have that folding table. If I use it for my machine, it bounces. Good idea to Cut on it. Tomato/Tomatoe. It's a new neutral.

  9. There's a table on Amazon that looks very similar. Search for "Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table".

  10. I'm happy to see I'm not the only one looking at that carpet for inspiration! I took a picture of my carpet in Hawaii! because I thought it would be a cool scrappy quilt...

  11. Anonymous10:20 PM EST

    Gray is the American spelling and Grey is the British or UK spelling. I was helping proofread a book and had to look it up. Congratulations Wilma on winning! Have fun teaching in SC Bonnie and have fun working on your green triangles and your tumblers. I sewed a few tumblers and have been doing some four patches as Leaders and Enders. I love the concept of sewing two projects at once. Thanks Bonnie for the inspiration. Safe travels.

    Joyce Frazier

  12. I've been taught that it's GrAy in America, GrEy in England, and, if we're getting really silly, GrEhy in Canada. :)

  13. Hello Bonnie,
    First congratulations to Wilma on winning.
    Looks like you have a nice setup, I have that same table got it at Wal-Mart for under $40.00 for the lady that was asking you to post about it. And now the reason for the comment to you Bonnie is not sure is you know it or not, but the new season of Foyles War is back on Netflix and I was wondering if you ever watch The Red Road, and Reign if not they are very good.
    Well back to the mystery.
    Good Night

  14. I think I have the same table. The size is great. I have a question about the "No Name" quilt. I love the quilt but also the quilting design. Can you share the name of the design? Betty

  15. Where do you get these tables???

  16. Anonymous10:01 AM EST

    I definitely need to know more about that table! The size and the fact the legs are adjustable are exactly the needed details for our little winter get-away!!! Puh=leeze share!!!!! Thanks.....Doreen

  17. My daughter laughs at me when I spell it grey. Gray is the traditional spelling in the US but I read so many British Murder Mysteries that I'm starting to spell everything including my colours :) in the British manner.


  18. I spell it both ways gray and grey, never sure which is correct - but I do have a second home in Canada (British Columbia where my husband was born) and we spend a lot of time there...

  19. Anonymous12:58 PM EST

    I just have a suggestion. For the Mystery Quilt, the printer friendly, I just wish your pictures would be in one area and the instructions to print would be separate. I do like your pitures but for printing, I would rather just have the instructions. I am talking about the personal pictures of where you visited.
    My email is: ruby0347@yahoo.com Blanche Haskins
    Thank you.

  20. Great hotel set up with your longbed mocha 301! Glad you made it safely and appreciate the gray/grey explaination too. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  21. The most important question is: Did you get to stop at Mary Jo's??

  22. Bonnie, where does one purchase a folding table with legs heights that adjust? Or is there a brand name? Didn't know such a thing existed. Hope MaryJo's is fun when you get there.
    Wendy - mzdetail@gmail.com

  23. Diana Gabaldon spells Lord John's name Grey. Think it's just what most said US/UK spelling. But the really important thing is that it's a great color and a great book / tv series!!
    And Bonnie, you are awesome no matter how you spell or what you name your adorable quilt!
    You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks.

  24. Not sure where your idea of gray vs grey is taught, but most leading grammarists say there is no distinction except dialectically. Both mean the same and both can be noun, adjective or verb. About 100 years ago the US began to use gray while other English speaking countries continued using grey. Today the US uses gray about 3/4 of the time.

    I love language.


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