Friday, January 01, 2016

Talkin’ Turkey All Day Long!

It was a fabolous day in Plano, Texas for meeting and greeting and reconnecting with the best quilters that Texas can offer!

Even folks you meet for the first time feel like “Mi Familia” when we start chatting and discover that we lived in nearly the same place growing up, and remember certain things about that area that we hadn’t thought about in many many years!

Those of you in the California Bay Area, please think of me next time you pop by a Togos eatery and enjoy a #9 with the works for me, will ya?

It was a wonderful day for sewing up a bunch of scrappy string blocks, and adding some easily pieced flying geese units to make Talkin’ Turkey blocks, with not a turkey in the bunch!

They stitched, they trimmed and they kept on sewing!

There was much chatter around the cutting tables!

Pressing matters were discussed at the ironing stations!

And EVERYONE oooh’d and ahhhh’d at the vintage machines!

I think this was the first time ever in the history of a workshop that the vintage machines ouitnumbered the plastic modern models.  18 vintage machines humming in a class of 30 quilters!  It was awesome!

Allison’s Singer 404!

I’ve long touted the wonderful qualities of the 404:  Front needle threading instead of sideways like the 301, yet it has the same motor and gear driven beltless workings for ultra smooth stitching and loads of speed and power.  It is also a slant needle machine, aluminum body so it is light eioght and easy to carry.  It takes a class 66 bobbin so you get about twice the amount of thread if not more than you would on a featherweight or 301 bobbin.  I love this machine and have two of them at home.  it is a straight stitch only machine, which is what I prefer for my patchwork.

Check out the box she has for it;

Great case!!

See the cubbies?

THESE drawers go in them!

What a find!

Another machine actually went with this case, but after a friend adopted that machine, Allison in all her resourcefulness repurposed it to haul machines AND supplies back and forth to class.

I’ll have to be on the look out for a case like this!  The only problem is – they usually come with a bonus machine inside!

There are more photos to share.  I’ve added them to the slide show!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Talkin' Turkey, Plano TX Dec 2015

And if you thought today’s post was going to be an Allietare clue -- -it happened last night! Click HERE!


Today’s Quiltville Quote!

What you focus on and say effects not only yourself, but every one around you.  I am making an effort to stop the cycle of negative speak.  Sometimes I am completely amazed at what is written in the comments section on this blog alone.  Really?  You said that here? 

As someone told me yesterday, venting is highly overrated, especially in a public forum.  Watch your words.  They reveal your thoughts and have direct impact on your attitude and therefore your actions.  Break the habit.  Let’s talk about our joys through this new year!

I have a word that I want to focus on, but I want to write a post about it, so that will likely happen this evening. 

Right now I’m headed to breakfast, and then back over to Fabric Fanatics for workshop #3 of this series – It’s a Mad City Mama workshop day from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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  1. Anonymous9:48 AM EST

    Thanks for a wonderful day in Plano and for another great mystery.

  2. Love my $20.00 404 in a Singer #65 cabinet. Has a peg sticking out of the inside of the base thst is the foot pedal.

  3. Teresa Sherling10:07 AM EST

    It was a great class and a great way to end 2015 with friends. Thank you for doing this!!!

  4. Looks like everyone is having a great time! Safe travels--for the entire year. I haven't made much progress on my "mystery" (that is no longer a mystery LOL) but have printed all instructions for later. Trying to finish UFO's (microwave pot holder for bowls)and hopefully do some machine quilting tonight. I so love reading your blog. Not only am I "addicted to scraps" but also reading your blog is the first thing I do when I turn on my computer. Be happy--sew happy!

    LoAnn Trowbridge

  5. Well said, Bonnie! I, too, want to focus on the positive this year and I'm also contemplating my word for the year - I wonder if it will be the same as yours ;o) Have a wonderful 2016!

  6. Talking Turkey is on my long list...it looks like a fun scrap-busting quilt! I really liked your thoughts about trying to stay positive, and it's one of my goals too. Do you ever notice that the people who are most openly critical about others can't take any critiques directed at them. All of a sudden they become "sensitive".
    Have a great New Year!

  7. So true!! What you say affects others, both now and later. I have noticed that once a negative comment is posted on a blog, all that the next commenters can do is reply to the negative comment! They forget all about the original post! And they go on and on and on and...just repeating the negativity. So good to see so many vintage machines! I have to say, they are the reason I visit your blog. Well, I do like to see the quilting too.

  8. WOW! Some things really do bring you right back home! Togos #9 with Swiss is my all time favorite!! Next time I'm home in Pleasant Hill, CA visiting the family I'll pop over to the Concord location and have one for both of us. :o)

  9. What an awesome day of Talkin' Turkey with you Bonnie!! Thank you for the reminder to redirect our thoughts. "Your reaction has reach" is a quote that often helps me bite my tongue Then "is it helpful?" or "is it kind?" follows. Thank you for featuring my repurposed sewing machine case. If I come across another I'll hold it for you. Many thankful hugs, Allison on Plano, Texas USA

  10. The anonymity of social media has indeed contributed to people saying things they would never say to someone's face. It's terrible. Words do hurt. Maybe this could be the year of being encouragers versus criticizers? I'm in! Thanks again for your inspiration, Bonnie!

  11. What a great time all the quilters must have in Plano. Our daughter loved in Plano. THE Turkey block is beautiful. Thanks Bonnie fir posting some of THE sewing machines the vintage ones. I do not know much about iT. . Will be looking for one and a cabinet. I use a quilters dream Elna and iT is not a dream.. Like you i want to make this year a positive year. There are too much negative things in the world and good news is so much better. Have fun and save travels. Happy New year.
    Yoka Bazilewich

  12. Yes, Bonnie! We learn by repetition. When we repeat bad things, we teach ourselves bad things; conversely, when we repeat GOOD things, we learn good things -- good things like being thankful, like seeing beauty in the world around us, etc. It's kinda like fabric scraps -- some folks see trash; you see a beautiful new quilt! Why? Because, by constant repetition, you've TAUGHT yourself to see the scraps in that way!

  13. Sorry if this is a redundant question, but where can I get the "Talkin Turkey" pattern? Is it a book? I look at the free patterns page but didn't see it. Thank you in advance. :)

    I love looking at all the machines form your workshops! So interesting and the history! :)

    Happy New Year!

  14. Anonymous9:59 AM EST

    It is in String Fling. I noticed the book on several tables in the pictures so went to the store and checked. Sure enough there it is. Not sure if it is anywhere else.

  15. I'm joining in on "thinking words twice,speaking them once"and Happy New Year to all. I know from telephone Cust Service work-anonymity encourages rash words. Even overheard words can hurt. I try to follow my Mom's words(we've probably all heard)nothing nice to say,say nothing. I love your kindness and contributions to all of us. I'm sure we all feel like you are a genuine friend. rjc2cam(at)gmail(dot)com


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