Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Yesterday was THE DAY!

Guess what started yesterday at Craft U??

My online course is live!

And I forgot until part way through the day – I haven’t had a chance to watch much of it yet, but I can say that the folks at Craft U did a good job of taking this Nervous Nellie and made her look like she knew what she was doing! HA!

I’m posting this for those of you who may have purchased my workshop, to REMIND YOU that it’s time!

You simply need to log into your account at http://craftonlineuniversity.com/ and the workshop will appear in your dashboard.

The videos are there for you to download, the download button is at the bottom left of your screen.  Those with slow internet connections may do better to download it to watch it than to try to stream it.

There are 6 lessons provided – it is supposed to be a 6 week series, but I know some of you who are going to want to watch it from beginning to end all in one binge!

I suppose that is okay too.

There is also a link to download the pdf copies of your patterns and your “homework”  though how much you decide to do is up to you – there is no one grading you!


It’s a scrappy good time!

The comments that have come in through facebook and email have been very complimentary!  I’m glad to hear that!

What I don’t know for sure is if you can still sign up even though the course has started already.  I’ve sent an email in, but as it’s not quite 7am here on the east coast, the powers that be are likely still fast asleep or beginning to start their day, so I’ll let you know.

In the mean time – if you wanted to try, click the registration icon in the upper left hand corner of the blog (visible only on a real computer, not mobile devices)  and see if that will allow you to enter your code for $30.00 off.

Remember, you own the courses, so download them and save them.  Burn them to a DVD or upload them to your cloud service so that you will always have them if something happens to your computer.

No sewing happened here yesterday, and likely not today.


But THIS is coming along!

I’m only working with the neutrals now, so I realized with this last trip that I was carrying WAY too much leftover stuff in my busy bag.  That is getting a clean out today before I fly to Maine tomorrow.

A wide variety of neutrals in all different prints and styles and shades are required to keep this from being a monotonous job, so I did spend some time cutting some more neutral hexies when I found a moment of time to do so.  I will be making FOUR elongated triangle corners to take the hexagon medallion to rectangular shape.  Whether it then gets borders or not remains to be seen. I am designing as I go.

 I have a feeling there are still years to go on this one!

I was talking to my friend Irene yesterday – I did a little hexie mini workshop session on the ship this past week during evening Open Sew, and though those hexies are the same size as I use, 3/4’’ per side for a hexie that measures 1 1/2’’ across the widest center point, the kits were using 2’’ squares to cover the hexies.

While cutting 2’’ squares is definitely easier, it leaves A LOT of bulk behind the hexie, and if you are hand quilting, you aren't going to want all of that bulk in there. And then, who wants to go back and trim from behind one by one by one? Not me!


Tracing to cut from 2 1/2’’ strips!

I’ve mentioned this before, but instead of sending everyone to the archives ---I took my 3/4’’ per side hexie shape, drew it on to template plastic.  I added a 3/8’’ seam allowance all the way around because 1/4’’ around is too shallow and doesn’t like to hold the papers in if you are thread basting without stitching through the paper.  At any rate, I like a wider seam allowance when I do English paper piecing.

Here you can see I have traced my enlarged template on top of 2 1/2’’ strips with common sides touching.  It goes very fast.  I stack up 8 layers of fabric at a time and quickly cut them with dress making shears.  I only need to mark the top layer.

I would not be able to get a hexie die in the size that I prefer for my accuquilt, nor do I want one.  I really enjoy sorting through my strips, picking which ones I want to cut, and cutting them with scissors.

Scissor cutting takes me all the way back to when I was little, working with construction paper of many colors.  It’s elemental.  Not everything in quilting NEEDS to be rotary cut, or die cut.  For me, since this is a hand stitching project, hand cutting is part of the process. 8 layers at a time.


And I’ve got a nice little stack to show for it!

Yes, there are some 2’’ squares there, they were from the end of the strip sets when I couldn’t get another hexagon, and will be joining my 2’’ squares bin!

Plan for today:

Mail to the Post Office!  I got a day of reprieve yesterday as it was closed due to Columbus Day!

Book quilts to FEDEX!!  They are going for photography!  Hooray!

Books also being shipped to Washington State where I will be teaching at a retreat after I get back from Maine!

I suppose I should do some laundry?  I need to pack my suitcase AGAIN, but this time with warmer gear!

Oh the list is so long, I just need to think on one thing at a time.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Just don't sweat the small stuff.......and in reality it's all small stuff.
    You'll have time to spare,

  2. I'm hoping that we can still download your Craft course when I get home in a week. It doesn't want to go on my phone!

  3. I'm hoping that we can still download your Craft course when I get home in a week. It doesn't want to go on my phone!

  4. I've been cathin up on your posts Bonnie-
    I'm way behind.

    No whinning!

    Sorry had to say it! Lol
    Bless your heart...
    You always manage tk do so muh and get it all done.
    I wondered years
    When I sawyour prebooked calendar online for years in the future...
    i said well she must have a plan.
    I admire you

  5. Anonymous11:28 AM EDT

    We can still sign up today! I just did!! Thank you Bonnie :-), and the coupon worked, I looked in August to find it...

    Kim Olsen in Oregon


  6. It's a great Course. I watched 3 yesterday after I downloaded them it was better. Almost like being in Bonnie Workshop! Safe travels to Maine and Washington, my Home State.

  7. Bonnie, I used to work for an airline. Many employees had 2 suitcases packed inhtheir trunks, one for hot weather, one for cold. That way they could jump on a flight at a moments notice. This might work for you. Have a good trip.

  8. Anonymous4:58 PM EDT

    It does still work! YES!! I downloaded the course and watched 3 of them. Bonnie, it is so worth it to get this course. So many good patterns and tips from you. I will probably never be able to attend one of your workshops, but I have 6 right here available to me on my computer! Thank you for sharing this with us. Pam M FdL WI gramapama 10 at hotmail com

  9. I watched the first video and was really pleased. But I think I'll need to contact Craft University for some help because the viewing quality for the copy of the video I downloaded is not very good. My Mac Book Pro automatically plays it in QuickTime. Maybe that is the problem? The video is very pixelated unless the viewing screen is very tiny. If anyone has had (and solved) this problem, please let the rest of us know.

    But Bonnie, the content of your class is excellent! I'm off to attempt my homework.


  10. I watch craftU on my ipad and it is VERY steady and clear, hope you can get better reception soon

  11. Hi Bonnie, I just watched the first class and thought it was great. I downloaded it to my computer and it was very clear. You did a great job. Now I think I will go in and make a couple of those blocks. Thank you for all you do.
    Carole in Arizona

  12. Bonnie, Your supplies list includes NexCare Flexible Clear First Aid Tape. What width should I buy? 3/4 or 1 inch?
    Thank you

  13. The first lesson was great and clear. I streamed it but also downloaded for later.
    About those hexies ---- Are they marked for cutting the fabric?
    where is the 3/8 inch seam on the side where they touch?

  14. Good class and easy to follow. Did I miss the four patch instructions? I
    saw the cutting of the strips, but not the actual sewing of the patch. My beginning quilting niece asked me about this. I showed her how to do it.

  15. I watched all 6 in a row while piecing, a real Bonnie junkie! I thought they were great and will definitely watch them all again.

  16. I downloaded all the lessons and had time to watch the first one! You did a wonderful job... just like being in class with you. Can't wait to find time to watch the remaining classes and make some blocks!


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