Thursday, October 08, 2015

A St Thomas Day Trip!

We had a beautiful day yeserday in St Thomas, Virgin Islands.

But let me tell you, it was hot hot hot and humid!

It’s hard for me to imagine this little island getaway as part of the USA…but as soon as you hit port, you WILL see American flags flying --

And much to the delight of my 50 cruisers who had either AT&T or Sprint as their cell carriers….they were able to check their email, text messages and phone calls to home because they had coverage here!

God Bless the USA!  Ha! ((All of that stuff is important you know?!))

And then there are people like me who have Verizon, and have to wait until we reach our lunch spot to have access to the free Wi-Fi to check in off ship!


A group of us at lunch at Jen’s CafĂ©!

It was also a good thing that St Thomas is part of the USA ---because I had a job to do while here:


Photo by my friend Irene!

At the Post Office!

The night before I left of this cruise, I got a crazy package (The package wasn’t crazy, but the TIMING was) with some flow sheets for a pattern release that I needed to go over and send back ASAP.  The only way to get these proofs gone over was to do it on the plane, and in the hotel in Port Canaveral – and I was SUPPOSED to leave them at the front desk in Florida to go out with the morning mail the day we left for the ship, but did I remember?  HECK, NO!!  So I have carried them all the way to St Thomas to send them off back home.

At this rate I’ll probably beat them back home, but either way, my tech editor will be getting an envelope post marked Virgin Islands!  If the package is late, I have a second copy that I can just scan to her when I hit home, I don’t have a scanner or a printer on board.

Once this package was sent off, the burden was lifted and we were free to shop, to explore, to tour – which included a crazy open air taxi ride for 20 of us up a steep mountain road –where they drive on the LEFT!


But oh, it was so worth it!


St Thomas is best viewed from the top!

And it is much cooler up here too!

From here we took another crazy ride in our crazy open air taxi down to the beach for some surf and sand time.


Who’s YACHT is that?!


We didn’t care – just wanted to cool off in the water.

My feet as the waves roll out!


Three of us with toes in the sand!


This smile says RELAX!

It’s also the smile of someone who didn’t re-apply sun screen often enough and is regretting it this morning, but it was STILL worth it!


Bye Bye idyllic beach!


Hello, huge ship back in port!


Dinner at Johnny Rockets!

We decided there was not enough time to get cleaned up for “Fancy Dinner” by our 5:30pm seating time so we opted for a casual meal at Johnny Rockets at the back of the ship. What is more fun than 1950s music and dancing servers?  It’s fun to dress up for dinner.  But every once in a while, it’s fun to go grab a burger and fries and sing to the oldies along with the staff.


Farewell, St Thomas as dark fell and we sailed off toward St Maarten!


Open Sew in the Evening!

Our gals were busy at Open Sew last evening from 7:30pm to 10pm.  If you asked any of them if there is enough sewing time while on a cruise, I am sure each and everyone would tell you YES!!  They were boistrous and giggly and sharing fabrics they had picked up at the quilt shop in St Thomas.

Today we are in St Maarten and I know everyone will be having an awesome day.  I’ll be checking in with them at tonight’s Open Sew to see just how everyone spent their day!

If you ever thought you MIGHT like to take a quilting cruise, but were worried about spouses and husbands and non-quilting friends or family members, there are EIGHTEEN spouses along on this trip and all are having a grand time.  For more information on my future trips, click the Alaska Cruise 2016 or the Mediterranean 2016 tabs at the top of the blog for more info.  I’d love to have you join me in the future!

Much love from St Maarten --

((And PS...it took 3 hours to upload this post, just so you know! Ha!))

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  1. 3 hours? faster than snail mail but still....too long in our microwave speed society....love the selfie!

  2. That must be a great trip!!
    There is a Quilt Novel by Carol Dean Jones : Sea Bound: A Quilting Cozy
    It's a story about a quilt-cruise.
    (There are 4 or 5 others that she wrote.)
    Best wishes!

  3. thanks soooo much Bonnie for sharing your day with us in such wonderful Bonnie styled detail.. and spending 3 hours to share it with us all :) I wish I could be on that cruise too! Esp the pic with all the sewing machines looks totally awesome.. would love to see more in process pics like that if you ever do take "bird-eye view" photos much for this type of class! lol
    Thanks for all you do for us.. YOU ROCK! Kathi

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  5. The photo of St. Thomas are great, but I have to say, seeing the sewing room on the ship is super great. Sail on and sew on!

  6. Singing and Dancing Waiters and waitresses. I got that at Texas Roadhouse on Tuesday. So Fun to see what fun you are having. Sunburn, white legs and all.

  7. I enjoy following all your trips and some day I'll be there with you. With all your travels you should check for a scanning app for your phone. They work great in a pinch and I've scanned and sent documents as PDFs frequently from my phone on the go.

  8. There's is a quilt shop in St. Thomas? Please share details. :) Love St. Thomas - hoping to go back there soon.


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