Friday, October 16, 2015

Take A Walk in the Woods!


Several of us broke away yesterday to take in the beautiful fresh air and the unbelievable colors that are peak perfect here in Rangeley, Maine.

We’d been sewing for hours.  Dinner wasn’t until 6:30pm – so before it got dark, we donned our jackets, hats, gloves and headed out.

A whole string of us cackling our way down the street, circumventing the edge of the golf course where sea gulls and Canada geese had flocked in  to land in pockets, watching us with curious stares on our way.

The air – it smelled so good!  How can I describe it? That smell of birch leaves, wet and yellow on the forest floor, mixed with the scent of balsam fir, ever green?




Why can’t we bottle this and keep it?  No, candles and sprays and bags of potpourri can mimic, but never match the distinctive smell of a forest floor as the world quiets down in preparation for a long winter to come.


Let’s take a hike, ladies!

After this selfie!


Yellow branches canopy overhead.


Late afternoon sunlight dapples us with its touch.


Don’t forget to look UP UP UP!


Smile, ladies!


I love this photo…I’m taking up the rear!


Hi, Christy!!


All of this color!

There HAS to be a quilt in here!


I love this mossy green on the gray rocks too.

Soft, yet hard.


Thank you, Mingo Springs Trail!

You were the perfect re-energizer so we could get back and sew our brains out!

There will be loads of late night sewing happening tonight!

Love from Maine --

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  1. Anonymous6:25 PM EDT

    Did you see the rock with the face in it, near the far side of the pile, just under the long flat rock? Creepy! Love the wonders of nature!! :D Chris Gray Augusta GA chrissybluebird@hotmail.com

  2. Looks like a little sleeping man, with chubby legs curled to the side.

    Its 'the little people'....you remember them Bonnie GGG

  3. I'm glad someone else saw that too. Looked like a chubby baby to me. Wish I was thereto hear the leaving crunching as I walked through.

  4. I saw that face instantly too, but oh those wonderful fall colors, yes there is a quilt in there. You Bonnie will find it!!!

  5. Hi Margaret, will also be seeing you next week when I attend the retreat with Bonnie as our guest! I too am anxiously awaiting for the day I shove off. Can't wait to meet everyone and make some new friends! Hopefully we will have some beautiful fall weather to greet Bonnie. Things are gorgeous right now. Strips are cut, leader/ ender ready, show n share in a bag, and ready to go.

  6. Nothing better than a walk in the woods with friends! You are very eloquent in your writing, Bonnie! The autumn leaves and colors are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures!

  7. Gorgeous woods. IT must be amazing to walk through that. We only have a beach here to walk but iT looks different every day. Thanks Bonnie for THE gorgeous pictures. IT brought many memories back. I used to live in a narure reserve. Happy quilting l, Yoka

  8. Thank you for sharing your walking adventures! You inspired me to get my own Fitbit in April. I couldn't imagine getting 10,000 steps in a day but I have kept at it and now my new goal is 15-20 thousand a day. Thanks Bonnie!

  9. Ad there's our Ramona! Not only has she won ribbons with her wonderful quilts, but did she tell you she has won many ribbons with her oxen as well?

  10. Anonymous2:52 PM EDT

    What a lovely box of delightful sewing items!


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