Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Day to Get Here!

Airports full of early morning travelers, headed to wherever they are going.

It seems I’ve spent more time in airports lately than I have spent at home!

One of those things I love to do is  to really people watch.

Humanity is an amazing thing.

As I stood in line to board my flight, there was a Chinese family – an older mother, a daughter perhaps in her 30s, and you could tell they were on a long journey.  Passports in hand they made their way up to the gate agent who scanned their tickets, all the while, an older man – probably the husband of the mother was talking to them rapidly in Chinese –hands were waving “Goodbye, I love you!” Smiles and last farewells as the mother and daughter made their way, soon out of sight down the jet bridge.

The father stayed there waving until they were gone, and his smile became bittersweet as he slowly lowered his hand once again to his side, turned and walked away.

There is a story here – be it in Chinese or French or Italian – families, friends, cherished ones.

Love is the one driving force that makes this crazy life we lead so worth it.

And no matter what our differences in nationality, belief systems, financial status, education level, career choice –all of those things that we use to categorize ourselves and separate ourselves into our perspective identities, one thing remains.



Hello, Seattle!

So these were the kinds of life moments that I observed while traveling from Greensboro, North Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia and finally to Seattle!

There wasn’t much of a story from there – my ride, Mary was right where she said she’d be when I deplaned and made myself to the baggage claim.

My bags were quickly delivered and off we went to grab a bite to eat, talking quilter-style all the way.

This weekend I’m at the Quilter’s Dream Retreat ,a twice a year gathering held at  Camp Arnold, a Salvation Army camp near Eatonville, Washington.




My goal for yesterday was just to get here!


And it was all worth it – all of that travel!


Dining hall and office


My bungalo is here!


The gym!

The retreat holds a total of 111 quilters this weekend, including myself!  I’ve got 3 workshops going, with 50 students each.  The others will be working on their own projects for Open Sew, and it is bound to be a great time.

My only job today?  Meet & Greet everyone who is coming in!  We met some at dinner last night- One gal from Canada, a couple from Oregon and other points in the Pacific North West.  Oh, this is going to be fun, alright!


I sewed last night!


Some simple string blocks!

It’s all I had time to grab during my 24 hours home!

The goal of course, was to keep me up past 9pm West Coast Time so that I wouldn’t wake up at the dreaded 4am thanks to my body clock thinking it was 7am. 

I made it until 5am.

Hey, it felt like a total sleep in for me and I am up and raring to go….

Quilters arrive at 10:30.

Let’s get this party started!

Love from Camp Arnold --

PS...internet is also very slow here!  It took me another 3 hours to upload this post, reminiscent of the cruise!  But we got it done!

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  1. That looks like a wonderful place for a retreat! I'm glad you managed to grab something to sew. String blocks are always so relaxing to make, and they look so happy when they are done.

  2. How wonderful, I can almost smell those trees from here. Hope you get lots of walking time in. Have fun

  3. Talk about going literally from one end of the country to the other in a week. Looks beautiful, have fun.

  4. Wow. Three workshops. At once? Having trouble figuring out the logic of how that works. More power to you! Sounds like a wonderful place and event.

  5. Have a wonderful time there in the great Pacific Northwest! I'm sure you must be tuckered out. Thanks for sharing the beautiful surroundings!

  6. wow....like speed dating with sewing machines!!! eat those wheaties gal!

  7. I am on my way! Just coming across on the ferry from Whidbey Island. Be there as soon as I can with the traffic. Can't wait to meet you in person! I am so excited, giddy as a school girl.

  8. So jealous it looks beautiful have a fantastic time.

  9. Welcome to the Wet side of the Evergreen State. Wish you were on the DRY Side, That's where I am. Have a great time, that Featherweight looks ready for you to stitch away any spare time.
    Big Waving from my side of WA.

  10. Welcome to the Wet side of the Evergreen State. Wish you were on the DRY Side, That's where I am. Have a great time, that Featherweight looks ready for you to stitch away any spare time.
    Big Waving from my side of WA.

  11. Camp Arnold is beautiful. Our preacher gave a sermon about how she loves to travel and people watch. Wondering what stories they have to tell, did you ever think you would be a world traveler?

  12. Anonymous12:10 AM EDT

    Your people watching observations reminded me of 1 Corinthians 13 know as the love chapter.
    Verse 8 says Love never fails. If you read the whole chapter in context, you will be blessed.

  13. Glad to see you smiling Bonnie!
    Keep on stepping high and remember ... You chose this journey- some people done get a choice. You do!
    Go get em!

  14. I am originally from that area and the pictures made feel nostalgic. Was it raining? It used to rain all the time when we lived there and I used to love sewing inside when all my family were home with me, hearing the rain on the roof knowing we were all safe inside working at something together. Happy quilting, wish we were there. nanny_of_phillip@yahoo.com

  15. I love Seattle. And I sure do "get" the man waving to his family getting on a plane. It's how I feel every time my adult children come and go. Love them and miss them. Have a wonderful retreat! I enjoy so much reading your travel, and marvel at your stamina! Go, Bonnie, go!

  16. That sure looks like a great place.the water and THE trees are so beautiful in your picturers.
    Hope you ave a wonderful time Bonnie with lots of walks inbetween.
    Happy quilting,Yoka B

  17. I great up in Tacoma... beautiful state.. lots of rain. I must say that I'm incredibly "longing" as I look at what you all are doing -- sewing and relaxing and having fun.. these are the things that epitomize quilting as a "hobby." Have a grand time.

  18. I so enjoy your blog. Your photos, your thoughts and reflections and especially your "quiltyness" are really special. I don't know how you have the energy and stamina to do all you do, but I'm so grateful that you share these travels of the heart and mind with us. Thank you for your unselfish generosity.


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