Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Good Morning, St Thomas!


We arrived in St Thomas this morning, and I’ve got 50 cruisers plus 18 spouses and friends that are ready to disembark and have some island time today!

There are many excursions to choose from, something for everyone.

I’m going with a group on the 5 star Island tour which sounds right up to my liking with 2 hours of shopping time, and 2 hours of beach time.

That’s about all I can handle…...let me tell you, it’s hot hot hot and humid here in the Caribbean!

As always I am amazed by the crystal clear water – the sheer aqua color of it.

It’s just gorgeous here!


Our pilot boat leaving us as we pull into port.


This was my view on this morning’s walk before breakfast.

There is just something thrilling about spending days at sea (Remember, on Monday we were supposed to stop at Coco Cay, but weather was not permitting the tenders, so we sailed on!) and finally coming back up on land.

I imagine those who sailed for “the new world” from Europe centuries ago – nothing but water for months on end, and then they finally see  land.  I wonder what they would think of this kind of “pleasure cruising!”


Enjoying some solo balcony time!


Our workshop day yesterday was a blast, and everyone got so much done since we had a half-day’s head start from our day at sea before.


We get a break today and tomorrow while we explore the beauty of St Maarten.  Evening open sew happens from 7:30 to 10pm, so there is still plenty of time to work on our projects after our tour day has ended and we have found ourselves back on board the ship. 

Our next full day class days are Friday and Saturday.  We’ll be back in Port Canaveral early Sunday Morning --

Time is flying by so fast!

Love from St Thomas -

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  1. put some of that weather in your bags and bring to maine...please???

  2. I used to watch sunrises most mornings from our deck facing ESE, but I'll let you in on a secret. The full moon rises are quite spectacular as well. Our view usually had the moon rising over Tortola. As the moon would rise, 1 to 3 orangish reflected circles would appear on the surface of the water between BVI and USVI. Last note, if I woke before dawn, I would often see the lights of cruise ships going by in the Atlantic as they bypassed STT heading for islands further south. Thanks for the memories! Have a great time on your trip with all your friends.

  3. Sounds lovely! I was wondering.......does everyone set up their stuff (fabric,etc) at a specific machine on day 1 and then just leave it all there and use that machine during the whole trip? Or do they pack up everything after each sewing session, then set up at a different machine next time they get a chance to sew?

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  5. Anonymous12:50 AM EDT

    What is that big white hexie looking thing that the woman in the middle row of photos, the one furthest on the right, is holding? It looks like the woman behind her is holding the same thing. Keep relaxing, Bonnie, you need it. Don't think about tomorrow or Sunday until you get there! ;-)


  6. Laurie, aren't they irons?


  7. Hi it looks to me that the white things are irons held base up to camera,Sylvia


  8. Enjoy St Thomas. Don't miss the Caribbean Amber Museum and the statute of Jack Sparrow. Almost as good as Johnny Depp! haha

  9. I was in the Navy, and spent much time in the Caribbean, not much pleasure in THOSE cruises! But, the water. I do miss the water. I have never slept so good as when I was out to sea.

    Enjoy your time!


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