Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Quilter’s Dream Retreat, Indeed!

This is how things are when you get 112 quilters from all over the Pacific Northwest and Canada together in one place for a long weekend Quilting Bash!

Retreat is held twice a year at Camp Arnold, owned by the Salvation Army.

What a great facility!  We are having an amazing time!

The retreats have been going strong for close to 20 years now, and have been in this location for just about that many years and they have seen the camp change and improve with new facilities, great meals and the most beautiful landscape!

You can find out more about future retreats on the website HERE.

Last night I had to run upstairs to get some “Over the top” photos of just what goes on here!


Look at them sew!

The rule is – no vehicles or people on campus until camp opens at 10:30am….but when 10:30 am rolled around, in they flooded with tables and mats and chairs and bins and bags and cords and design walls – everything you would want or need for a long weekend away of quilting with your best buddies and new friends-to-be!

They came, they claimed their stations, the set up shop and got right to sewing….no time to waste!  We want to squeeze every spare moment of retreat time out of this weekend!

I spy Quilty Jammies!  HA!!

My favorite thing is the big board ironing stations set in a daisy circle!  SEVEN!  These stations are on their own electrical circuit so that we don’t blow the power for the rest of the gym.

Check out all of the quilts and works in progress up on the many design walls!

Sew on, ladies!!

These photos were taken about 6pm last night –some of the ladies were out taking wonderful evening walks, and there is even a massage therapist on site, ready to work out your kinks and tight muscles for hours of sedentary stitching.  Oh, and did I mention there is a quilt shop here too with hundreds of bolts of fabric at sale prices?  And the treat table?  ENDLESS!  We won’t go there…..my jeans are already too tight!

Every corner is set up for productivity!

My weekend project!  Small string blocks!

I’m having fun with these!

And just when I think I’m sewing myself out of my scraps, some quilter walks by and deposits more snippets on my table…oooh!  New to me scraps – bring it on!

Well, until this happens --

And then I know it’s time for bed!

But before I lumber off to dreamland, I need to take one more pet on Mary’s featherweight:

Oh sweet baby!!

But this is where you will find me tonight – our last night of retreat.  I’m going to stitch myself silly and make some good memories with new friends I hope to see again some day!

If you have a chance to make a Quilter’s Dream Retreat, you best be prepared to have the time of your life!

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  1. Amazing what it takes to get our stuff into a retreat space- a home away from home. The conga line video showed how much fun you're all having.

  2. Love your string quilt blocks Bonnie . IT must be so much fun to go to a retreat. What a beauty you are seeing on never saw a red one before. Have a save trip back home and happy quilting, Yoka B

  3. wow, what a great venue and spectacular group of sewing enthusiasts! missing my retreat this year....sigh

  4. You have me grinning ear to ear this morning.
    Daughter and I are still working on scraps after four years ! ! !

    hugs 'n smiles,

  5. I live between Toronto + Niagara falls. Id luv to sew with bonnie in a class /workshop. Only 40 minutes from CanAm border so either wld suit me. What is yr tour schedule 2016?
    Quilt happy, maggie kwltr@hitmail.com or daxylvr@gmail.com


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