Monday, October 26, 2015

Sewing up the Scrappy Trips!

How many Scrappy Trips blocks can you make in a 3 hour workshop?


And they are so fun you just can’t stop!  The proverbial potato chip, you can’t make just one ---and because EVERYTHING goes, you’ll find yourself wanting to play with more and more and more combinations, sewing up the fabrics and having a great time doing it.

If you haven’t made one, you need to!  If you have made one, but haven’t done another in a while –choose a different strip width and experiment!

You will find the free pattern for Scrappy Trips under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.


Two quilts, two different strip widths!

The small quilt with the red border has 16 blocks that were all gifted to me by many different quilters –the blocks play beautifully together because they are EVERYTHING!

The quilt with the green border was made using a bunch of 2’’ strips instead of 2 1/2’’ as given in the original pattern –because I HAD those strips to use.  I like the 9’’ block size!  The 2 1/2’’ strips will give you a 12’’ block size. 

Like them smaller?  Go with 1 1/2’’ strips and see how fun a Scrappy Trips quilt can be!


Press them out, girls!


Yep! they are having a strippy good time!


Daughter, Mother, Sister!

Great retreat memories being made!


All of our blocks laid out together!

See!!  EVERYTHING goes!


Great job, ladies!


I so love this photo!


But I love this wild and crazy one MORE!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Scrappy Trips, Quilter's Dream Retreat, WA 2015


Thank you for a wonderful retreat, ladies!

Here I am with Yo, the power that IS behind the retreat.  It’s been going strong for many many years.  On my other side is Mary, who has taken care of my every whim – including letting me borrow her featherweight so I could sew in the evenings along with everyone else when class time was done.  I LOVED feeling a part of this retreat!  Next to Mary is Vickie, a lady whose sense of humor knows no bounds and will leave you in stitches!  Together they make up quite the wonderful team!


And special thanks to this talented lady!

For years and years Margie has been in charge of making all of the name badges for all of the retreaters – just this retreat alone there were 112 name badges to be made!


Laure has her whole collection for the many times she’s attended!


MY Name badge for this year’s retreat!

Next year’s Spring Retreat is nearly full with a waiting list, and the badge making will start again.  I can’t wait to see what they will come up with for the theme, and design for the badges!

Again, thank you for including me and making me feel so welcome during my time here in Washington.

This morning Mary is picking me up to get me to the airport – we’ll stop for breakfast on our way and I’ll be off toward North Carolina, and in my own bed tonight.

Love from a drizzly wet Pacific Northwest!

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  1. Love seeing all those Ladies, with you and all the fun they've had. One of these days I'ed love to go to a retreat, you've made so many quilters very happy while you've been teaching the scrappy method of quilting. Right at the moment, I'm sitting at my machine, looking at my horde of scraps, wondering what to do next. LOL I've made enough blocks to make many quilts, but I don't want to stop making blocks is there "therapy" for the over blocking quilter.
    Well think I'll go find some more scrap's to cut up.
    Thank you Bonnie for being the light to so many Quilters.

  2. thanks so much for sharing what looks like it was a fantastic retreat! Love thos pix--esp'ly "those Wild and crazee gals" ;--))) I like the different sizes of strip widths too--I wish you'd come to CT for a retreat....I'd be there in a flash . hugs, Julierose

  3. Thanks Bonnie for a fabulous time. Yes, some very special memories were made and will be forever treasured. You are truly one very special lady. It's so neat to read your blog and look at the photos and be able to recognize the faces and say, hey I was a part of that group. Safe travels to you. Quilty hugs and a huge thanks for all you do for us quilters.

  4. I love the Name tags they made. Great Idea for a future Retreat. What fun it will be in 2018 when you come back and Retreat with our Pacific Northwest Quilters. I'll be there with Bells on! I hope you got that Upgrade on the flight out.

  5. I hope you have been keeping up with Diana's Golden Needle Facebook page to see all of the beautiful Scrappy Trips blocks that have been donated to her Girl Scout Gold Award project! I think that she has donated about 50 quilts already due to all of the wonderful people who have donated so many blocks, backings, finished quilts, long arm quilting services and even cash to help her with her project. For those who have not seen Diana's Facebook page "Diana's Golden Needle", it is worth your time to check it out and see what this delightful young lady is doing!

  6. Anonymous2:45 AM EDT

    What wonderful name badges! Wish I were as creative. The best I can do is copy another's idea, but with so many ideas, it's hard to pick just one!



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