Thursday, October 01, 2015

An Evening in St Charles!

How better to cap off a wonderful day than dinner out in historic St Charles, Missouri!

We were already on this end, after hitting O’sewspersonal quilt shop followed by the antique mall – it was  merely a hop, skip and a jump over to the historic district in St Charles.

You know how I love history!

This little town began to boom around 1770 and you will find several federal style buildings that were once homes now functioning as shops and eateries all up and down the main street.

We were in for a special treat – Oktoberfest was being held in the park right along the river and though the parking was a madhouse, we got to enjoy the sounds of oompa polka bands playing.

Let me tell you, you have never enjoyed an evening until you have sat on the outside veranda at the upper level of a restaurant listening to a polka band play “Sweet Caroline …... Buh buh buh!!!”  And of course we had to sing along, who wouldn’t?  Who couldn’t??


St Charles street scene as evening fell!


How fun is this! Imagine the history!

St Charles was founded in about 1769 as Les Petites CĂ´tes, or "The Little Hills" in French, by Louis Blanchette, a French-Canadian fur trader when the area was nominally ruled by Spain following the Seven Years' War.
Love these little dormer windows on the houses!
St Charles is the third-oldest city in Missouri. For a time, it played a significant role in the United States' westward expansion.
We found the quilt shop!
The Quilted Cottage!
The area was settled primarily by French-speaking colonists from Canada in its early days and was considered the last "civilized" stop by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804, which was exploring the western territory after the United States made the Louisiana Purchase. 

The city served as the first Missouri capital from 1821 to 1826. Cool!!
They weren’t here, but I stopped for a photo anyway!
Next time, Quilted Cottage!
Me and Dan’l Boone!
Yes, the same Daniel Boone that Boone, North Carolina is named for.  This guy got around.  Just Sayin’!
We had our dinner here, at Lewis & Clark’s!
Four of us enjoyed dinner.  Kevin, Mary Ellen, myself and another gal from the Circle in the Square quilters –and I am ashamed to say I can’t remember her name for the life of me, but it was such a great end to a wonderfully busy day!

The name of this group cracks me up because I get this image in my mind of a round peg in a square hole!  Ha! 
So this is the day.  It’s October 1st!  This is the day that I finally wrap up my book draft and make my deadline.  One pattern left to finish.  Hooray!
Over the next available time in between trips I’ll be making sure all of the quilts are minus threads and pet hair, attaching all of the forms and identification tags to each. I’ll be shipping them off by the last week of October on their way to photography.

All of my illustrations will be logged and uploaded to my C&T box.
We are getting there.
I will say this has been the most involved difficult writing process I’ve ever had to do – I think because my travel schedule was so busy.  I’m grabbing time here and there in between things and that seems to draw the whole process out.  But I am getting there!
I guess this part of the post is more a pep-talk to myself than anything else. Let’s getter done!!
Oh, and if you will check the C&T Website and click on the KANSAS CITY STAR image on the page, you can find that my books are back in print in the warehouse and available to shops! So tell your local shops to get them back in stock.  

This has also been a long process.  When I knew the warehouse was closing, I bought ALL available copies to tide me over.

 Once the acquisition was complete, they had to go to reprint because there were NONE in the warehouse and it has taken some time.  But they are THERE, plain as day, in the warehouse and available to shops and distributors and we are back where we left off.
As always, books are available signed by me in Quiltville’s Store and I appreciate your support by buying directly.
I’m sure I’ll discuss this and more during tomorrow evening’s Quilt-Cam!  Still shooting for 9pm Eastern.  FRIDAY!  Be here!
Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Singing along, eh? Reminds me of a magical night in Tuscany! One of my favorite memories of that trip. I hope the cruise will be restful for you.

  2. My DH and I visited St Charles last summer....and they were having a festival then too! Cute cute quilt shop and a great little Lewis and Clark museum down by the river. Have a great time!

  3. I've been there a few times when we lived in the midwest. It is a very fun place to visit and just LOVE the quilt shop and cozy cafe's. The best! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Darlene P. joined us for dinner in St. Charles. It was fun, wasn't it?

  5. Anonymous10:58 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, it's fun to follow your stories of your travels. I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your book "Leaders & Enders" (personally autographed)... I'm working on the Texas Braid (all cut out) sewing the first dark/light strip and working on my tumblers for the L&E ... I am enjoying the whole process! I have several more picked out from this book that I want to make. You inspire me with your great ideas, zippy energy and HUMOR! You're the best!! :) Pam M. FdL WI gramapama10@gmail.com

  6. Great post, I lived in St. Charles as a baby. Loved learning about the town, will need to visit next time in Missouri. Thanks

  7. It looks like you're having a wonderful trip in St. Charles. I see you met up with Dan'l Boone. Handholding already...oh my, he does get around!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip, keep on postin' and travel safe.

    Loretta McGinn

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Looks like a wonderful place. Can't wait to see the new book! Very exciting. I'll keep working on my tumblers as I finish another UFO. Hope you get a little cabin time soon for some R&R. Carol K in PA

  10. I love St. Charles.... that isn't the quilt shop I visited... the one I was in was downtown...mmmmm did I miss this one or is it new.... Looks like lots of fun.

  11. Sarah Hill8:29 PM EDT

    St Charles is one of our favorite historic towns. Visited the quilt shop there years ago. Sarah Hill

  12. Oh I used to live 15 minutes away and sure do miss old towne! So many lunches and festivals there and they used to do an outdoor quilt show with quilts hanging down from all the store fronts. Thanks for the memories!


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