Sunday, October 18, 2015

Quilt Bandits and a Whole Lotta Fun!

We woke up to snow this morning!

It actually started falling yesterday afternoon, and it was coming down pretty good, but it was still too warm for much to stick until temps dropped cold enough to save a bit for us to enjoy this morning.

The sunrise was magnificent, and I bet anything that all you see here will be gone by 9am.

Retreat is coming to a close by noon today, and all of our Happy Quilt Campers will be headed their various destinations – some home to Vermont, to Massachusetts, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire, not to mention from the four corners of Maine, and me from North Carolina!

I have had a wonderful time with these gals, and they have worked so hard and accomplished so much.

Did I mention we had two projects running at the same time?  Each retreater could choose one of two projects, either Talkin’ Turkey from String Fling, or Split 9 Patch from the Free Patterns tab.  Some are doing both – using the Split 9 patch as their Leaders & Enders while putting Talkin’ Turkey blocks together!  ((It’s a win win, and we’ve got converts to the Leader & Ender train! Hooray!))


Remember this ransom note??  Hahahah!

It all started after my lecture!  As you knew, temps have gotten chilly here in Maine, though the days are still crisp and beautiful.  Comments were made about it now being a “Two Quilt Night!” due to temperatures in the 20s in the wee small hours.

At the end of my lecture, I invited everyone to pick a quilt if they so desired, and sleep under one of my quilts for the duration of Quilt Camp.

I have never done this before, but since we are a small group of 20, there were enough quilts to go around, and you should have heard the excitement and the quilt claiming going on!

This served two purposes for me…it allowed the folds in the quilts to have a chance to relax for a few days, being laid out flat on beds!  Not to mention what a quilt does to a hotel room to brighten and soften!  We love quilts on beds!

Reason number 2?  They’d come back to me this morning FOLDED and ready to pack up, so I didn’t have to refold them all MYSELF!  Ha! 

Quilts on beds!  Awesome!

This is Hawk’s Nest from Scraps & Shirttails II
and Pineapple Crazy from String Fling!


My bed!  with Scrap Crystals from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Jamestown Landing from String Fling!


Winston Ways and Narragansett Blues have found a cozy home!

Both from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Zuckerwatte from String Fling!


Bricks in the Barnyard from Scraps & Shirttails II!


Lazy Sunday from MORE Adventures!


Midnight Flight from MORE Adventures!


Blue Skies from String Fling!


Smith Mountain Morning From Scraps & Shirttails II!

As for the Quilt Bandit?  I’ll likely be singing after breakfast today before everyone leaves, just to make sure I get my quilts back!

It was a really fun thing to do…letting the quilts be dreamed under on a chilly and a little bit snowy October weekend in Maine at Quilt Camp!


Oh yeah, this has been an awesome ton of fun!


Birthdays were celebrated!

I also love how coincidences happen – they are all around us, if we just take the time to notice them!

Faye (on the right) had a room mate that was unable to come.  Ramona (On the left) became Faye’s room mate!  They BOTH have birthdays TOMORROW!  Isn’t that the coolest thing? They are sharing this birthday trip, both of them – together – and we’ve been celebrating their birthdays all weekend long.

Happy Birthday ladies!  It’s been one to remember!

Love from Maine –

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  1. What a 'cool' idea..and thanks for sharing the photos with us. There are a couple I've not seen before..guess I need to order some more of your books. No snow in central IL, but it was the first frost.

  2. I don't know if you've addressed this before but thought based on your comments about your quilts and creases that you might be interested. The woman that lives next door to my mother in Florida has about 40 quilts that she has made over the years, most hand pieced and quilted. She actually put herself thru college by selling quilts. She showed me some of them when I was visiting my mother a couple of years ago. I noticed that she was folding them the traditional way and told her that the creases would set less if she folded them on the diagonal. We folded several and she spent some time folding the rest. She found that in addition to minimizing the creases that they take up less space. She was very happy with that result and I was wondering if you ever tried this?

  3. Happy Birthday Ladies! What a fun way to celebrate the day, with quilters.

  4. Very enjoyable (is that a word?)!! I felt like I was almost there.

  5. I really enjoyed the quilts shown on beds! Lucky ladies to get an extra quilt to sleep under on a cold night. Wish you safe travels home.

  6. Anonymous10:49 AM EDT

    The second quilt comes out tonight for the bed. The furnace may have to go on in Ontario, Canada.
    I also noticed some beautiful quilts I haven't seen before.
    Safe travels to everyone.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to share your photos with us! Looks like fun!

  8. First, Happy Birthday to both of the ladies!
    Second but just as imp as # 1 ~ How generous of you Bonnie to share your quilts with the retreat ladies on a cold snowy night! I especially enjoyed your quilt show pics of the quilts displayed on beds! The ladies must have been so cozy sleeping under your beautiful quilts & had such wonderful sweet dreams!

  9. Bonnie, What a great idea for your smaller group to be able to sleep under one of your quilts. I am sure they loved it, for the extra wamth as well as the awesomeness. I am sure it will be one of their favorite things of their quilt camp retreat. We did see a little bit of snow spitting here in central Maine. Not ready for it yet that's for sure, too cold. Have a safe trip home.

  10. Anonymous6:38 PM EDT

    Loved seeing all the quilts! Like a couple of other commenters have said, there were a couple I had not seen before....
    Safe travels to all on the trip back home....
    Sandra B.

  11. Thank you Bonnie, for letting me sleep under Midnight Flight, one of those quilts I have been wanting to make for a while. I was so surprised to find it on my bed. I was even more surprised when the "sparkling" brownies a la mode were delivered to Ramona and I. Funny that we have the same birth date and shared the same room...had to be. A wonderful Quilt Camp with you, Carol and Dan. Reunited with old friends and made new ones. You are such a blessing to us all, quilters and non-quilters alike. Thank you for your generosity, patience, and humor. We love to have you in Maine...next time I hope it is a little warmer! lolol

  12. Indeed, how generous of you to share your quilts with the retreaters. I really need to do a retreat with you.
    Maine is one of my favorite places and as always, have enjoyed seeing your photos.
    Have a safe trip home!


  13. How wonderful of you to share your quilts with the ladies there. BUT, that is what quilts are for, to snuggle under, and they look so pretty on the beds!

    Soldotna, AK

  14. What a great thing for you to do. People follow you like a rock star. This will be a memory they will never forget.

  15. What a wonderful thing for you to do.... Even if they made you sing!!,

  16. Oh my stars what a beautiful quilts on THE beds. Amazing .
    It is hard to Pick just one they are so interesting.
    Thank you Bonnie for sharing each day with beautiful pictures.
    You must have had a lot of luggage.
    Have a save trip back and happy quilting!!!

  17. What a wonderful retreat! That sounds like such a glorious venue even with snow.

  18. Oh Bonnie! I never tire of reading about your kindnesses. Just when I think you've done it all, you find a new way. How generous, brilliant and special to allow the ladies of your Quilt Camap sleep under your beautiful quilts. Your pictures are always wonderful, but seeing all the beds wearing your qiults was just the best.

    Thank you for being you!

    Loretta McGinn

  19. OH how wonderful to sleep under one of your beautiful quilts!! What a fun time you had, wish I was there, it is on my bucket list to one day I will attend one of your retreats!

  20. I love the top you're wearing in one of the photos. It looks like a bargello quilt top. :)

    Also, this past weekend was my quild's quilt retreat. I precut over 1,000 2" squares and asked the 70 quilters to use them as leaders/enders to make 9 patches. 304 nine-patches were made!! One person was even ambitious and generous enough to start putting them together with 5" squares. I had your Leader's and Ender's book there on display next to the shoeboxes of squares. Still have squares leftover for next time. I'm calling it a great success!!


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