Saturday, October 17, 2015

Snow & Other Shenanigans–Quilt Camp Style!

Can you see the snow?!

It’s not sticking here, but it is in the mountains!

Look for the little white flecks that look like dust…uhuh!  It’s snowing!

All of this added to the festive nature of Quilt Camp, and the ladies have gone giddy.

There are manay shenanigans happening, including this one from last night:



My quilts have been hijacked by a bandit!!

I’ll let you know how that turns out, so stay tuned!

Ms Hunter,
Your quilts are being held hostage!
Sing your favorite song with Karen on the piano
and you might get your quilts back.

The Quilt Bandit!

((This is hysterically funny!))


How can a magazine help keep you organized!?

This is Karen’s little trick.  She had some time her first evening here, and so she sorted her pieces for her Split 9 Patch units ((From the free patterns tab!)) like this:


Between the pages!

Just flip the page and:


Another block, ready to be sewn!

I thought this was ingenious.  She also had taken a second magazine, and placed it around the first to enclose the open side so no blocks would go wandering.  She tucked the whole shebang into a gallon zip lock bag and her pieces stayed put until it was time to sew them together.

See the things you learn at Quilt Camp?  All while watching for amazing moments like this that take your breath away:



Make that two bucks, the small one is a forked horn!

Love from Maine --

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  1. This retreat looks like so much fun. I've always wanted to visit Maine and what a perfect time to have a Fall retreat, when the colors are at their peak. The face coasters are hysterical! Thanks for sharing your photos and great stories.

  2. How fun! Beautiful deer!

  3. That magazine idea is great!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. What a beautiful venue. Snow always make me think Christmas too. That gal with the magazine organizer idea is brilliant.

  5. Wi Quilter1:34 PM EDT

    Face coasters? someone isn't getting enough sleep!!,actually you all look a little scary-really great for halloween-if you have to hold your heads like that to keep your face coasters on you could end up with some very sore necks. Sounds like you are all having a blast-keep up the good work!


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