Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! Hello, Maine!

I have arrived safe and sound in Rangeley, Maine!

All luggage is accounted for, and flights were on time and nothing out of the ordinary caused frustration or held up my arrival.

The colors here are absolutely stunning!

The last time I came during October, I had missed the peak of the season by about a week, and the trees were nearly bare.

This time, autumn is holding nothing back and showing me her full regalia of color!

As I am out where phone connections are slow, and I can't seem to get connected to the Wi-Fi, I am sending you just a few shots to whet your appetite.

Doesn't this just make you want to dig into the autumn colors in your stash and piece up a fall splendor quilt to capture this beauty?

Retreat starts tomorrow, with the ladies arriving at noon to set up. Our split 9-patch workshop starts at 1:30.

Oh, it's going to be a great weekend to be in Maine!

Yes, even with the threat of snow in the forecast.

I think I will grab a quick nap before dinner -

Love from Rangeley,


  1. Wow--just wow--on the spectacular fall color!

  2. The colors are amazing! Oh to be in New England! Lucky you!

  3. Lovely! Enjoy! Judy in VA

  4. Lovely! Enjoy! Judy in VA

  5. The colors are fabulous! Down here in the south we may get our first frost this weekend too. Enjoy the beauty and the fun retreat time. I know all the participants are going to!

  6. Gorgeous. Have a wonderful time. I know all the quilters will enjoy the workshop


  7. Sounds like you have some time to rest and even sleep a little late! Take advantage of that. I love New England in the fall - sooo pretty.

  8. Did you pack your new home knitted socks Nancy's husband made you?

  9. See if there is a Mardens store around you. The prices are great for name brand fabric. I loved it this fall when I was there. Some of them do not have fabric so when you check make sure. Sure hope you get to go to one!! diane36580@gulftel.com

  10. OH BONNIE---thank you sew much....this is what I remember as a child.....I have been in Arizona (JANUARY) will be 40 years---the higher elevations get similar colors from Aspens, but these are simply awesome!!! I gotta snatch these to a folder to look at regularly :-) --wippysplace@gmail.com

  11. I think this is one of the most colorful autumns in a long time here in New England. The maples are just gorgeous right now. Snow and all, very happy to be living in this beautiful part of America.

  12. Just gorgeous! I live in Northeast Ohio and our forecast looks just like Maine's. I love the Fall. It's my favorite season. I'm not ready for snow!! I haven't taken my screens out yet! I guess winter is coming early this year. Have a great time!

  13. Eveline h.4:09 AM EDT

    Absolutely beautiful colors. Enjoy your trip

  14. Perfect time to be in Maine! Have lots of fun!

  15. So glad the trees are in full color for you this time. It is beautiful here right now and you're so lucky the timing was right. Rangely is a beautiful area, I am sure you are loving it. There is a Mardens in Rumford that has fabric it's the closest one, and then there is Portland if you flew there, you may be able to hit it on the way back to the airport. I am sure the ladies at your classes can tell you of places you might want to check out while you're there. Have a great trip.

  16. We spent 5 years in New Hampshire and loved the "Fall Foliage." One day I was driving up main street toward the WW2 Monument and looked up to the fall colored trees and sky and thought, "So all those calendar pictures of Fall in New England were REAL!! Not touched up to make the colors more vibrant!!" It was a glorious moment.


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