Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Bonus Class Afternoon!

And they are off and making blocks on a bonus sewing afternoon!

When we got the announcement that we would not be stopping in Coco Cay due to rough water following hurricane Joaquin, as it was not a safe place to put out tenders from the ship, the phone tree started to send messages to all of the quilters that class would begin yesterday afternoon at 1pm.

I can’t say that there were many grumbles at all!  Most of us ARE here to retreat at sea, not sit without machines on a hot and sweaty beach getting fried!

Everywhere I went, every quilter I passed was so excited to have an EXTRA class day on the ship  and we were out to make the most of it.

This means that I could break our project down a little bit further so there would be no stress, no rushing, just a lot of fun and easy sewing and being with each other, making new friends.


We come from all over the USA and Canada!


We’ve got friends traveling with friends,

Cousins traveling with Cousins,

Sisters traveling togeher ---

We all understand the need to feed the fabric through the machine!


They came with strips ready to stitch and subcut into small units.


Friends that stitch together, stay together!


Blocks are happening!


So super cute!  They only need 100!


Leader & Ender projects have come along to play too!


And we’ll be doing it again TODAY!


Because today is our first official FULL DAY class day!


And there are oh so many more little fun blocks to make!

Our class project is Garden Party, the cover quilt form the May/June 2015 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.  My extra thanks to Quiltmaker for supplying us the 50 copies needed for our project during this cruise.  I thank them for their support, as do my students!


It’s currently about 6:30 am.  The internet is so slow that I will set this post to start uploading, go take my walk around deck, have breakfast, and by the time I come back to shower it MIGHT be ready to hit send on…whatever it takes, we will work with it!

Also…some of you may have noticed the little slide show that plays part way down the right hand side bar of this page…just below our Tumbler Leader & Ender Challenge side bar button, and above the facebook badge.  That little slide show is my instagram feed!  Click the photo and you can keep up with the “in between” photos I’ve been posting of our trip that might not make it to the blog.  You don’t need an instagram account to view those posts.  Just watch the slide show in the blog side bar and you’ll know if there is something new to check out.

Okay – I’m hitting upload and headed out for the walk.  Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous9:43 AM EDT

    I would so love to be doing this. I never have been on a cruise. Enjoy today!
    Can't wait for more pictures!
    Deb Killen

  2. gotta keep my comment brief...fingers itching to be at my machine! keep calm and have more fun! gracemth@yahoo.com

  3. You have the BEST life, Bonnie!!! Enjoy!

  4. I would love to be there...if it weren't on a boat! How about a beach retreat? :D

  5. Looking like a fun trip!! Have a great vacation!!

  6. Gotta say I would opt for the sun, sea, and sand. Hate to be stuck inside with all that out there!

  7. It's so nice to see how much fun you are having. I would say "wish I was there" but then I would have to get on a ship and be surrounded by a zillion gallons of water. Not my thing.
    I love to see what's happening, though.
    Your little towel buddy is just a hoot. Is it different every day?

  8. One day I will get to play and sew with you again. Maybe not on the SEA, but I will! QM is the BEST to give you 50 copies to share! Garden Party looks FUN. I can't stat another project now though, the Mystery is coming...

  9. I couldn't agree more regarding heat, sun, humidity, and sand. Not my thing either. Much prefer the mountains.

  10. Cruisin'& quilting! Envious!

  11. well, aren't you the cute little bunny laying on that bed!

    I'm so impressed with the color combinations of all the squares in your extra class. I am so awful with color combinations, no matter how hard I try. I would never have thought of the colors used, and yet they are perfect. I just love them!

    Loretta McGinn

  12. Those blocks are looking awesome! Have fun at sea with the sewing machines!


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