Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winston Ways All Day Long!

Can you make a spectacular quilt with just two units – a simple 4 patch and half square triangles??


Have you ever seen such a happy joyful face?  This is how it feels to be spending the weekend with 120+ quilters plus staff and instructors at an exclusive Quiltmaker Magazine event!

And Im going to throw in a plug here right now at the top of this post…..if you were unable to get into Portland because it was sold out – if you were unable to get into my classes this coming July in Hershey,PA for Quilt Odyssey because they are ALREADY sold out --- why not come on down to Winston Salem, NC August 8-11, 2013 for Collaboration Celebration with Mickey Depre and myself? 

Click HERE for more info – it’s going to be a ball, spaces are filling fast, and you won’t want to miss it!

Our class yesterday was overseen by our new class mascot:

portlandOR_mar2013 253

This is Liz and her new tin pooch WINSTON, named after our quilt!  He was actually up for adoption at the local Safeway grocery store, and being the mom of a black-on-white Dalmatian, Liz just had to pick this up to take home for her front porch…..it’s a rare breed you know, a tin white-on-black Dalmatian!

portlandOR_mar2013 273

He proudly became our official block tester!

More photos of our day are found here:

A couple of the photos are blurry --- but what the heck!

It’s almost 11pm as I write this and my shuttle to the airport is picking me up at 4am. 

So without further explanation – I’m headed to bed and headed back home after a few hours of shut eye ---

Thank you Quiltmaker for another fabulous event!  Thank you Creative Crafts Group for providing such a great opportunity ----I’ve loved every minute of being here!


  1. Good morning Bonnie!
    Winston Ways looks like a great quilt. Which book is it in? I don't see it in the free pattern section on your blog.
    Safe travels home today. Boy, your internal time clock is going to be messed up by tonight, best of luck with that.

  2. OH such beautiful work everyone did! Thank you for sharing Bonnie!

  3. Anonymous9:22 AM EDT

    Thanks dor showing the b locks... Never would have thouhgt of a more pastel combo. But. It works very well.

    I was thinking,if I do the quilt ( read when I do the quilt lol),I would like mine in Fall Colors. Yur post has proven that just might work out great.

    Looks like a fu wild almost nutty bunch of great ladies!!!!

    1. Anonymous9:24 AM EDT

      IPAD TYPOS ... These little IPAD are great for some folks, like my daughter. She has lenr me hers bec. John hasbeen in hospial. But I am going To buy Laptop...not anIPAD. hlad she let me try hers. For awhile.

  4. Thanks again for a really fun day and a great class. I wish I had the camera out when I got home. Unloaded everything from the car to the front porch & went in to say hello to Arlo, said Dalmatian. Then he looked they the storm door at Winston.....the expression on his face was priceless.

  5. It was a GREAT Event and I am so glad I got to go and meet all of you fabulous teachers! Quiltmaker just outdid themselves. So much FUN, how do I go back to 'real life"? I WILL finish my Midnight Flight! Thanks again for everything you did to make it so FUN!

  6. As I read this, I am wondering when the dates for the next event in Portland will be posted so maybe some of us who didn't get into your classes this year will know when to start looking for next years' event?

  7. Hi Bonnie - is that block in one of your books? I'm in the UK, so I'll never get to one of your classes - I must get some more of your books xx jane

  8. Love the block, and it looks like you all hade a great time! Is it in one of your books?

  9. Where are the Quiltmaker blocks retreats going next?

  10. I love the lady who has the wagon for her portable stash! How cool of an idea is that! Quilters are so inventive!

  11. I was wondering also where to find the pattern for Winston Ways. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I have a wonderful husband too, like the gal in a previous post. He usually takes me to a quilt show for our anniversary each year and he does all of my cutting for me.

  12. Winston Ways (The Block Only) is found in a previous issue of 100 Blocks by Quiltmaker. The quilt will be featured in my next book due next spring.

  13. Bonnie, is Winston Ways only the one blocks? AMazing! I have started collecting blocks for this quilt. It is going to be my next leader ender project. Thanks.


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