Friday, March 15, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Browsing my way home!

I am on my way back home from spending sew time and an overnight!

We really had a great time – and I'm sorry that the time was so short, so I hope we can get together and do it again as time allows :-)

Of course I had to stop a couple of places on my way home – I had never really explored downtown Greensboro before and found myself at Mary's antiques downtown.

The shop was fascinating – full of lots of architectural antiques – doors, windows, knobs, latches, handles and all other kinds of building details.

But sadly – not a single sewing machine was in sight!

And only one quilt.

Still – it was lovely to see the scraps in this quilt known as anvil or hovering hawks.

I just love indigos no matter how or where I can find them.

There is a nap in store right now!

And then – there will be quilt cam this evening. :-) We are going to give Google plus a tryout!

See you at 9 PM eastern –


  1. what a gorgeous quilt ! looking forward to Google Plus Tonight.


  2. Wow Quilt Cam tonight! I can't wait since i did not get in on the last one. the Blue quilt is very nice, of course some of those Antique places don't ever have machines but lots of dishes and such. At least you found one quilt!

  3. Cute old quilt! Very similar block to your Playing with Jacks, isn't it? Though I like your version with the third fabric in the diagonal squares even better - always better w. more variety.

  4. What a nifty old quilt! Love the plaids-maybe from the mills in North Carolina? Did it go home with you and if so, can we see it on quilt cam????

  5. So pretty!~ You find the greatest treasures.
    I am trying to get hubby out the door to dinner, so I can get back.
    Please, please, please say hello to the gals in HOMER, Alaska. They are retreating at a B&B there and I may not be here to say a shout out to them. I just got off the phone with FRANIE. She is going to get them to tune in. THey are scrambling to get "online". :)

    1. Thanks for ALLLL you do Bonnie . Sure hope you got a good nap. Luv ya.XO


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