Sunday, March 24, 2013

Travel Safe, My Friends!

I’m on a quick layover in Chicago ----next stop --- HOME!

A quick bite to eat and a walk to the next gate and before I know it I’ll be home in my own bed,

Sometimes good things happen when you show up at the airport at the ghastly hour of 4:15am.  I miraculously got bumped up to first class!

I know why --- those pro-travelers who have higher status than me know better than to take a flight that has them needing to be at the airport by 4:15am –they stayed in bed leaving my lowly little upgrade to go into effect.

And I slept more than 2 hours of the 3.5 hour flight.  YAY.

This little photo was taken last night of the teaching staff as we went off to our dinner cruise!

In my email upon landing was this great collage of photos taken last night on the dinner cruise…..what a fun memory!

portlandOR_mar2013 321

Everyone is going their separate ways today ---Gudrun Erla is heading off to Minneapolis.  I hope to see her the next time I head there to visit family!  Debbie Caffrey is headed home to New Mexico while Jo Morton is headed home to Nebraska as is Diane Harris.  Beth Ferrier makes her home in Michigan while June Dudley wings her way home to Colorado.  Peg Spradlin and her hubby Darold were wintering in Arizona and drove up to join us in Portland – and they are headed home to Nebraska!

((I sense a Nebraska theme, don't you?!))

And miss Julie Herman is on her way home to Southern California sunshine. ((Not photo'd -- she had a fun evening planned with her hunky boyfriend Lawrence, and who can blame her for ditching us old ladies!))

Thank you, Julie of Jaybird Quilts for bringing so much joy and sharing your exuberant spirit!  It was so great to have your class next door to mine and I hope our paths cross again soon.  You ROCK!

Thanks again for a wonderful experience, Quiltmaker!


ga447 said...

So happy you got first/makes travel easier. Yeah to those going to Nebraska.

andifar said...

It is snowing in NE!

pcflamingo said...

I'm home now in Auburn, WA where the sky is grey, as usual. I thoroughly enjoyed Talkin' Turkey and Winston Ways with you and the Quilter's Quest Mystery with Debbie Caffrey. The Quiltmaker folks really outdid themselves to make the Block Party week a success. Safe travels until you are home again and thank you for all your hard work.

Pat in Auburn (the red wagon lady).

Karendianne said...

Bonnie, what a nice post. Makes me think more about all the hard work you ladies do teaching. It seems to me such a giving act when it comes down to it.

Terri said...

Bonnie - You look great in that purple coat!

Terri said...

Bonnie - You look great in that purple coat!

Kim Andrews said...

When you come see Gudrun, I live about 5 minutes from her. Hope you can make it someday!

Sandi said...

What a great picture of you all, I've had the pleasure of meeting Diane Harris and she is such a lovely lady. I hope to meet up with her again soon.

I wish I had gone to Portland...maybe the next time if it happens again.