Thursday, March 07, 2013

Quiltworks in Cypress, TX!

Our class on Tuesday was held in the very spacious classroom ((complete with cushy office style chairs!)) in Quiltworks Quilt Shop in Cypress, TX ---a suburb of Houston.

No huge blinking sign on the front of the building….but who needs words? You can plainly see by the wide open windows just what is going on inside!

Quiltworks is owned by a trio of sisters:  Henri, Linda and Connie.  They’ve been in business for about 4 years now and business is GROWING!  They specialize in Pfaff sewing machines and Handi-Quilter quilting machines ---and oh! The FABRIC!  over 4,000 bolts of fabric!

TX_Mar2013 138

I loved the industrial almost warehouse feel of the building with its concrete floors and spacious aisles to wander.  Every genre of fabric desired was there on display arranged in rainbows of color for browsing, petting and purchasing!

TX_Mar2013 119

Displays hang from the open bean ceiling, with lights highlighting every nook and cranny.

TX_Mar2013 120

Beautiful sample quilts!

TX_Mar2013 121

Machines on display --- come give them a test run!

TX_Mar2013 122

Individual patterns hung near rows of fabric provide inspiration for creating those dream quilts waiting to happen!

TX_Mar2013 123

This was a wonderful shop to wander!  And the staff was friendly and welcoming!

Of course, I felt right at home with this:

TX_Mar2013 124

A Victoria! 

Missing only a shuttle, bobbin and slide plate….I gave it a gentle turn  of the hand crank……she turned smoothly --- it wouldn’t take much to get her running!

TX_Mar2013 125

Aren’t these decal’s GORGEOUS?!?

Many thanks to the staff at Quiltworks for the use of their classroom space and for providing such a happy atmosphere for us to create, create, create!

This morning we start our festivities at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show ----today’s class?  Pineapple Blossom!  You can find it in the free pattern tab at the top of the blog.  Still one of the best scrap quilts ever, and one of my most popular classes even after almost 7 years of traveling and teaching.  I’m looking forward to a fun day with the ladies, the scraps and the show!


  1. Awesome looking shop, and that Pineapple Blossom looks like a blast to make! Have a great day, Bonnie and Quilters!

  2. Hi, What an amazing store!!! I lovve - lovve the houses in a garden quilt!!!

  3. That does look like a wonderful store!
    Pineapple blossom is still on my "someday" list. *sigh*

  4. Anonymous9:57 AM EST

    OK, now let me see .... I can find this Cypress TX place easy enough on my car navigator thingie. How long does it really take to drive from E. TN. to Cypress? lol.

    What a great fabric filled wonderland of a shop.


  5. Very jealous! My closet and best quilt store is 2 hours away. It would be like a dream to wander the isles of this store.

  6. Oh my, I did not know Quiltworks was in Cypress. I do have to visit when I get some time..Thanks Bonnie and sorry I missed you in Baytown. I was in Seabrook not far from you. Next time...Judith, Texas

  7. Bonnie, I, too, love the open "bean" ceilings!! Cute slip of the fingers! Yes, if only this was closer to my home. Might be a good reason for a warm vacation. Warmer than the snow and cold of Southern Alberta. But I do have some very good LQS in my area.

  8. I am going to have to visit there when I visit my mom in a few weeks. If you are ever back in the area, you should visit GRS fabrics in old town spring. They have hundreds and hundreds of MODA fabrics and most are now out of print. I love finding new shops near my parent's house.

  9. That pineapple quilt is also on my bucket list! I love it..how fun!

  10. I'm just down the road from there. Actually I'm in between 2 great shops. Quilt Works and Quilters Crossing in Tomball. Now if only I would complete something. LOL

  11. Hello Bonnie,

    Just spotted this post. The machine is a Jones machine in disguise. If a company put in a large order for machines Jones would put their brand name on it. If I'm not mistaken it is exactly the same model as the Cestrian that you posted some time ago.

    I've used a Jones machine like this very recently. Great little runners.



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