Saturday, March 09, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Off to Indy!

6 instructors in a limo van on the way back to Indianapolis from Bloomington!

Of course there is more luggage on the van than there are people because this is the way we roll.

The only place for my trunk show bags is the front passenger seat!

A fun evening is planned with dinner reservations for the 6 of us.

Fabulous weekend. Terrific show!

Happy, tired, and looking forward to tomorrow's flight home--


  1. That sure looks funny Bonnie! Have a lovely evening and a safe trip home tomorrow!

  2. Awesome ! I'm from Lafayette so your trip reminds me of home


  3. Awesome ! I'm from Lafayette so your trip reminds me of home


  4. Have fun...I love visiting Indy. Safe travels home

  5. Hello Bonnie,

    Surprising what you can load onto a car seat. I had a sewing machine covered with a sleeping bag and strapped in with the seat belt on the back set last week. Not a treadle, I hasten to add, they go in the boot.

    I think I've just worked out what a trunk show is. I always just thought of elephants.


  6. Bloomington, INDIANA!!!! I've made a fool of myself in a previous post - I was yakking in my comment about Bloomington, Illinois! Oh well, not the first time. Anyway, thanks for the eye candy and photos of all those gals having a ball!


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